Marriage can not choose a good invitation to design a gun and red open studio

fashion creative 80 married family, for their wedding have a very good idea, all hope that their wedding invitations from the invitations to the formal wedding are particularly distinctive. Although the wedding company more and more, but most of them are concerned about the wedding scene, a small wedding invitations little attention. />

  Mr. Yip discovered the business opportunities. He said that if the invitation has its own characteristics and style, not only easy to remember, and may be collected as a bookmark, the wedding will be more meaningful.

simply their own design invitations so he decided to give his wedding invitations a creative design. Because of the media background, he has a special liking for the newspaper, in the design of the invitation, he first thought is to use the newspaper layout background. For the influence of retro, his wedding invitations to a newspaper in the Republic of China as the base, and then in the following header with classical Chinese wrote: "XX and XX gifted scholars and beautiful ladies get married, please what time to what place to attend our wedding ceremony.

"where do your invitation? "I’m going to get your invitation as a bookmark" and "I’m going to get married recently.""…… For a time, this creative invitation was a hit.

> A

Novice how to apply for entrepreneurship policy

for the new venture and entrepreneurial team, won the awesome support policy is very important. However, the new entrants often do not know where to get entrepreneurial policy advice to apply for help and what requirements. Today let’s take a look at the following introduction.

A, how to find the support policies?

1. in general, provinces are equipped with the relevant supporting policies, especially the governments at all levels, human resources and labor and social security, finance, science and technology as well as the local committee of Communist Youth League’s official website, can refer to the latest policy;

2. pay attention to the government and functional departments of the official WeChat or micro-blog, the first time to obtain policy information;

3. actively involved in incubators, all levels of government and functional departments regularly held policy briefing.

4. participate in the business competition to obtain government and related functional departments. Such as "win in the business competition in Guangzhou college, winning the four contest a total of 376 projects, of which 235 projects have been formally registered, the founder of the company to the market, a total of 5 projects of the production scale of more than 10 million yuan, the highest a project scale has reached 500 million yuan.

1. college students entrepreneurial team: in order to support college students entrepreneurship, the state and governments at all levels have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, business, tax, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, etc.;

2. the number of strokes to achieve a certain scale such as the Shenzhen team: according to the recruitment number (required signed more than 1 year term of the labor contract and had to pay social insurance premiums for more than 6 months) to give entrepreneurship to improve employment subsidies. To recruit 3 people (including 3) the following per capita subsidy of $2000 to recruit more than 3 people, each additional $1 to give 3000 yuan subsidy, the maximum amount of not more than 30 thousand yuan.

3. development scale to reach conditions: such as government small loans need to see more than 6 months, the water, which requires the company to run for a period of time; Shenzhen on independent entrepreneurs in the city founded start-ups, the normal operation of more than 6 months to 5000 yuan of business start-up subsidies; successful financing enterprise; tax to achieve a certain scale enterprises;

4. has been assessed by the level of the enterprise: for example, Guangzhou, Tianhe District e-commerce start-up companies for the first time was identified as municipal or more electronic demonstration enterprises, giving a one-time 100 thousand yuan reward;

5. "new three board" listed companies;

6. access to patents related to the enterprise.

three, how to improve the success rate?

1. patience to read the policy, the government to regulate the application process to understand, in particular, pay attention to the text recommended

Can also become a business opportunity Xu Zhen to provide service to create a different career

spell seat for many people should not be unfamiliar, and now there is such a choice when the taxi. For many people, this is only a choice. For Xu Zhen, however, this is an opportunity, an opportunity to help her get rich.

Xu Zhen is a warm and cheerful girl in Shandong, 21 years old, she graduated from a finance and Economics College, entered the Ji’nan high tech Development Zone, an advertising company to do copywriter planning.

advertising company’s business is very busy, overtime, staying up late is a frequent thing. After the end of the class to go home, there will be no bus, riding a bike or motorcycle is not safe, you can only take a taxi. Xu really home in the urban area of Beijiao, each taxi back to spend more than 30 yuan. Xu Zhen’s salary was only 2000 yuan per month, if a ten day, she spent more than half of the income in the taxi.

Xu Zhen think this is not the way to go, she wanted to fight the seat, hundreds of employees in the company, and have own the same route, if a taxi fare, by all rates, not to reduce the fare expenses?

said to do it, Xu Zhen quickly put the people looking for a small stick posted on the door of the company. Sure enough, her phone rang after work, the afternoon statistics, there are seven or eight colleagues to the north direction of the home, want to fight with her seat. She saw too many people, a car can not sit down, pushed out a few people.

to find the object after the fight, Xu Zhen gave the original often pull her back to the taxi driver Hou master call, said his spell block plan, also said to be able to sit for a long time master car. Hou master a particularly happy, promised to come down.

night plus class, Xu really and a few colleagues down the floor, Hou master car parked in the company downstairs. Spend very little money to enjoy the car treatment, it feels really good yo! Xu really happy, just with Hou teacher said, the company still has a lot of colleagues want to spell seat, because too many people, she did not promise. The master said, "then you introduce them to me. After all, I give you hard work!"

in Xu Zhen’s auspices, the company willing to fight a colleague is divided into North and south, East and west route, the night master Hou regular shuttle. Colleagues spend little money, sitting on a safe and comfortable car, I think both convenient and affordable.

months at the end of the day, master Hou send Xu Zhen home, gave her a red envelope containing 200 yuan. Lying in bed at night, Xu Zhen move the mind of the 200 yuan "windfall" taxi: now more and more, the increasingly fierce competition, if a "fight seat intermediary" to the taxi pull long shuttle business, believe that the drivers will be happy to give intermediary fees. >

How to start a business without spending a penny when the boss

in today’s economic downturn, a lot of people graduate means unemployment, but just graduated from college and no venture capital, then no money how to start it? The following Xiaobian for everyone to bring a zero cost business case, for reference only.

to start, first of all to start-up capital. Do one of the most common enterprises, registered capital ‘starting price’ 30 thousand yuan." Worried about the occasion, Gao Xianwei accidentally received a campus in East Lake, the Development Zone Industrial and commercial bureau sent to the campus leaflets – Entrepreneurship zero down payment". The suspicion under, the two decided to try.

5 at 8:30 on the morning of 27, Gao Xianwei came to the East Lake Development Zone Management Committee, the office of the building on the 6 floor. "I want to sign up for a network company". Walk to the front of the window, he explained to the staff: see your unit’s leaflets, said the university graduates can be ‘zero down payment’." Yes!" Window staff warmly received him, with a student card?" "With." "Where is the company?" "International business center, this is the proof of property." "Oh, very familiar!" The staff looked kindly at the young boy and handed him a form to fill in the details of the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the shareholders’ equity and so on."

You asked me how much money to join the bridge noodle

bridge has a long history, taste characteristics of the ages, by inheriting and developing constantly, has gradually walked on both sides of the Changjiang River to transfer of culture and history, the delicious, through their own pay to change people’s diet structure, through continuous improvement and meet people’s tastes. The rice noodle in the progress of transformation, out of the original constraints, to achieve the advanced level, but also more and more services and more people in the field of consumer groups, popular, has been recognized by everyone.


was originally developed in the Yunnan bridge area and inherited a unique Han snacks, as a part of Yunnan cuisine, a unique taste it represents fresh and delicious in Mengzi area.

Chengdu is now a wonderful accident 4 cars crashed into a chrysanthemum shaped

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

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How to successfully invest in the exhibition

now all the major small and medium-sized city are actively engaged in a series of events, is to attract investment, some of the more outstanding enterprises and investors to invest in local activities, and promote the development of economy, how should the successful investment?

in addition to the exhibition preparatory work, should also pay attention to the following aspects:

Second, to select the appropriate channels according to the characteristics of the brand and consumer groups, so as to the fastest speed, the highest efficiency and lowest cost products will be transferred to the terminal.

in the choice of any kind, must be aware of the future development of the company’s vision, brand development, product marketing strategy, but also take into account the different products in different markets, how to derive different forms, and through different forms so that the products have been good extension, to attract consumers and promote sales objective.   to meet these conditions, enterprises should also note: if your product positioning is taking the low-end market, is still in the start-up period, I suggest you choose the agents in the exhibition to select the main provincial agents. Because the provincial agents either in operation or in economic strength are stronger than single store dealers, through the provincial agents and the maintenance of good grade one or two dealer network in the shortest time and the fastest speed of products will be spread to the established market. If your product is taking the high-end market, the product style is distinctive, for high-end consumer groups, to select the low-end market to expand rapidly for the purpose of not suitable, and the suitable choice to the market gradually for the purpose of point to choose single dealer, and the dealer services, brand operation means and point of penetration, and ultimately to achieve good sales performance.

for more than two kinds of selection agents, depending on the enterprise business strategy. Under normal circumstances the country is still in the initial start-up enterprises to choose the most provincial agents, to a certain stage of development, the disadvantages of the provincial agents will emerge, reflected in the coordination efforts, market management, terminal support, brand communication, as the company gradually expanded, these defects will behave more prominent. There are a number of provincial agents in the management of the two agents, subject to their own capacity constraints, can not be a good idea of the brand and management accurately extended to the terminal. These are the strength of the enterprise is not strong in the investment can not be ignored, but also the development of every enterprise must pass the process.

Innovative marketing thinking execution is the success rate

execution is not strong, stressed the objective difficulties, often make you more and more far away from success. Re grasp the executive power, attention to detail is the best marketing initiatives, tentatively summarized as ten equals zero".

, a work is not equal to zero to  

for each marketing people must learn to cherish, learn to be grateful. Marketers should cherish the current opportunities in the financial crisis. However, in order to know how to seize the opportunity, people will laugh at the end, there is work if not to cherish, golden rice will become mud bowl.

three and a plan without action is equal to zero  

four, the opportunity not equal to zero for  

five, no supervision arrangement is equal to zero  

Layout, implement, and supervised to

six, no progress continued to zero  

Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang how easily join showmanship is not a dream


nowadays, many industry competition is fierce, but the food and beverage industry is always a sunrise industry, Guangdong Yang Guofu Malatang as consumers of special delicacy is also now, many entrepreneurs are optimistic about, now, Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang franchise business is very hot.

Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang to join Yang Guofu Malatang store ingredients are selected, the environmental health degree did not discount, so diners in delicious products and more a guarantee of health, with five kinds of popular ethnic customs stock, interpretation of the five flavors, gather high popularity, absolutely is a good choice for you rich.

Guangdong Yang Guofu hot

food has always been a kind of people can not resist the temptation, especially some of the pure taste of hot and spicy, but also by the majority of consumers love. In particular, Guangdong Yang Guofu hot in the market prospects, by many people of all ages. Yang Guofu hot brand in the market prospect is broad, to meet the needs of all people, after joining can succeed in making money.

Guangdong Yang Guofu spicy hot join? Brand in the market has a high popularity in the current food and beverage market development opportunities. Investment Yang Guofu spicy join the project has obvious advantages, is currently the industry’s most worthy of investment to join a good project, so that the road to success in your business becomes more relaxed.

Yang Guofu Guangdong spicy taste delicious, very distinctive, Yang Guofu Guangdong Malatang headquarter is adhere to the quality, selection of fresh raw materials, to provide consumers with to delicious spicy, is a good selection of investors to create wealth.

How much does it cost Shop budget

How much money to open a convenience store

? Many investment entrepreneurs want to know the answer, with the need to know about this shop project about how much of the cost, the shop before then, for investment in convenience stores, this is for you to listen to a small simple introduction to the investment cost to open a convenience store under a


cost budget

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Kiki Zushi joined the popularity of high-quality security

now with consumer demand continues to rise in the catering market is constantly changing, sushi was one of the most traditional delicacy in Japan, in China, by virtue of its delicious nutrition and health characteristics, has been well received in the market, with the market constantly the development of a huge market demand for sushi industry to bring considerable development foreground. Xiaobian to recommend this Kiki Zushi joined the brand is very good, creative sushi products more popular in the market.

how about joining Kiki Zushi? After continuous learning and continuous innovation, after years of research and development after the launch of a series of various creative wood sushi delicacy, join in the traditional Japanese sushi on the improvement and optimization, making the product more in line with the social needs of our people. Kiki Zushi joined its product line is very rich, different tastes to bring more choices for consumers, highly acclaimed.

a good food brand, quality assurance is the most critical. How about joining Kiki Zushi? Also attaches great importance to the quality of the products, in the selection of raw materials and production and other aspects have strict requirements, with a rigorous and professional attitude to create the Kiki Zushi superior delicacy of different consumer groups, by love, has a good reputation in the catering market.

with sushi on the market sought after more and more, now on the market of sushi brand is also more and more, as the upcoming entrepreneurs for investors to choose a genuine, creative, unique sushi brand is the most key business. Kiki Zushi joined, innovative features more sought after food. Venture to open a Kiki Zushi store, a huge product advantage is the biggest guarantee of hot business, the headquarters also has a full range of entrepreneurial support, not a dream to get rich.

How to operate a restaurant store off-season to be good

hunger breeds discontentment, we have to eat every day, one day does not eat enough, we Chinese is very particular about food, food and beverage industry is very flourishing, business restaurant shop, now has become the choice of many people, because of the huge demand for food and beverage market, catering industry business, there is still a market and development prospects. However, the opening of the restaurant, the problem is bound to encounter off-season, how to operate in the off-season? According to everyone’s questions, here is to give you a look at how to start a restaurant business off-season business.

1, the introduction of new products to stimulate consumption

off-season innovative dishes introduced to the off-season food market has injected new vitality. The anniversary, delicacy festival each big restaurant quite frequently, this is a very good way to popularity.

supper variety. Directly prepared with the use of vegetables, such as boiled peanuts, barbecue food, poultry and other wings, feet, kidney series of halogen products. With the characteristics of cold dish series, supplemented by cooking class.

2, do some promotional activities

promotion is a common means of catering enterprises. Without stop promotions, "take the customer demand as the center" to enhance the customer value of consumption, at the same time to reduce operating costs and achieve the win-win situation of catering enterprises, customers.

promotion is one of the most common methods used in many restaurants during the off-season. Although the flow of people in restaurants has declined, but the per capita consumption fell faster, which is mainly high-grade materials, seafood, etc.. Therefore, the off-season promotion first to promote the demand for mass consumption.

summer supper beer sales, then you can engage in special beer activities, you can also engage in a piece of beer to drink what kind of activities, such as wine, wine sales. Of course, the division of the time limit is also a good way to attract customers snack.

believe you after reading the article above, should know how to run a successful restaurant, in the off-season when handling, for businesses to open restaurant off-season how to operate this problem, I believe we have a more detailed understanding. Start a restaurant business, it is difficult to operate on their own, but also hope that the above introduction, you can open the restaurant to help friends.

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Small meals join the project positioning five rules

open a small restaurant chain stores like, what do we need to know? Following the development of China’s food and beverage industry, the market demand, people on the food and beverage industry has its own views and understanding, let us share the following, the small meal to join the project positioning five rules?

A, main product positioning method

two, founder of personality positioning method

The development of

three, lifestyle positioning method

full, will hold. When consumers have been full, and then is to pay attention to emotion. 30 years ago, a man as long as there is bread in the house, you can tell a woman, marry me, I have to eat, the woman will marry him. Now, there is not enough food at home, but also to learn to love with a woman, why when people eat, the most important thing is emotional needs. Consumers like women, you give him a sense of security to eat, but also to give her emotional needs, different times, different gameplay. Improve the level of consumers, we do have to upgrade the level of brand fudge.

four, consumer groups positioning method

five, create a new category positioning method

our brand in the minds of consumers is recommended

Liu Jingwen Xinjiang grapes sold to the world

2011, Vergy Dani of the Xinjiang farmers dried apricots, Chinese wolfberry, jujube and other dry cargo by the electricity supplier channel sales all over the country. Farmers can not only use Vergy Dani’s channels to sell the product, but also to enjoy the profit sharing.

"Thompson Seedless" meat Stan is planting the leadership of farmers, the three generation of his family to grow grapes so far. Prior to cooperation, the Vergy Dani team with the meat, third party experts to develop the relevant standards of grape production, and in the agreement on the details of the agreement.

detection results increase the confidence of Liu Jingwen, decided to push this bunch of grapes. Many local farmers will choose to pick grapes in the six or seven ripe, so it is not easy to fall, but the sweetness and taste will be insufficient. In order to ensure the sweetness of grapes, Vergy Dani decided to pick grapes at eight ripe. But eight ripe grapes are easy to fall, the demand for packaging logistics is higher.

this year grape packaging with the extruded board of Taiwan. After the test of different materials, they found that the material in the heat preservation, hardness, impact resistance are good. According to Liu Jingwen introduction, this is the first time this material used in the local fresh fruit package recommended

Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster how to avoid risks

garlic in life, most of our friends are often consumed. For the price of garlic, many people feel that it is not worth mentioning, but the price of garlic in Henan province has soared more than 10 yuan per catty! So, Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster, how to avoid risk?

after a lapse of 6 years, garlic you ruthless comeback. Garlic prices rose last winter, all the way up to the spring of this year, garlic prices around the country record highs, the price of more than 10 yuan per kilogram in many places, greatly exceeding the highest value in 2010 of $6.4 per kilogram. In May this year, with the introduction of new garlic, garlic prices have dropped, but affected by a variety of factors, the price of garlic is still high.

garlic prices, garlic farmers make money, dealers also make money. However, the hidden risks can not be avoided. Why garlic prices this year and rising? Garlic prices will go in the future? The face of garlic price roller coaster, garlic farmers how to avoid risks?

garlic prices hit record highs

6 2, the reporter went to the city of Zhengzhou by the way of the Century Lianhua supermarket, see the retail price of the old garlic garlic is $13.7 per kg, with a total of $6.85 per kilogram.

old garlic expensive, new garlic is more expensive than in previous years. In Zhongmu, a vegetable market, a stall selling semi dry garlic is 5 yuan per catty.

in the field, the price of garlic has doubled over the previous year. Last year, dealers to the edge of garlic, garlic is the highest price of 1.5 yuan per catty, the beginning of this year, the price of wet garlic rose to about $2 per kilogram, and now has more than $3. It’s never been before.

why is the garlic price so high this year? The chairman of the Zhongmu County Refrigeration Association Liu Shaochen analysis said, is a few years ago garlic has been no money or less money, not a lot of farmers; two is a heavy snowfall last winter, and later the cold weather caused this year garlic production in general, the estimated production rate of around 30%.

garlic garlic farmers earn pots full bowl full of

48 year old Mao Yimin Meng Zhongmu County town of Xiao Mao Zhuang village, he planted 5 acres of garlic, about 2000 kg per mu this year. According to this year’s price, can be more than 6000 yuan per mu.

Mao Yimin garlic is still in their homes, not sold. He said: "it is estimated that prices will rise."

in Zhongmu, Qixian County and other places, like Mao Yimin reluctant to sell garlic farmers meet the eye everywhere.

garlic farmers to make money, many dealers are a big profit. The 42 year old Wang Xiaojun is Suileng County of Heilongjiang Province, never do recommend garlic

How to attract customers in the winter

now with cooler weather gradually, when the cold winter has not said hello to us Pumianerlai, in fact, is also a lot of clothing store a headache, because this time the passenger generally do not stay in their store, how can we retain them?

winter with personalized jewelry fashion


buy a piece of clothing to send accessories, a simple sweater, with a large necklace to be decorated, but also young fashion. A clothing store in the East Street on the red, the shopkeeper to introduce customers to the accessories: "don’t think the winter clothes will not create space, it can be through some accessories, to show the different collocation effect. The same piece of clothing, through different accessories can change a different style, the same sweater with gorgeous pearl jewelry, will produce a different effect."

xishangmeishao "slightly sweet customers try clothes besides price, do not try to know how the effect is good?" "It’s a good fit to wear on your body, and your body is better," said, "you don’t have to wear it. It’s much more beautiful than when you came in"…… If you spend a little time in a street clothing store, you will be impressed by the enthusiasm of the owner or salesperson.

for customers, owners without exception, first proposed to wear clothes, as long as the body is a mengkua. In the sweet frantically, nearly half of consumers took out his wallet.

"women shopping mostly impulse consumption, stores in the commercial street, many customers into the store has great randomness. You can enter the shop, buy clothes do not look at your ability to buy. Who do not like to listen to others boast of their own, and now the girls are beautiful, try a few words on the clothes they are tempted." Pedestrian street in the city, a clothing store owner told reporters that their sales experience.

discount, is always a brand stores showmanship sales practices, regardless of season or goods, in a discount every kind of reason. For the economic strength of the street store, they can not say that discounts can be discounted, and now they have a better way to attract repeat customers".

Miss Zhang:

Ruichang, Jiangxi city with the full upgrade of entrepreneurial services

no matter when, want to get the opportunity of development, we need to proceed from reality, pay attention to the most important, the most urgent need to solve the problem. Jiangxi, Ruichang, an in-depth understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, the use of training and support to help support the two entrepreneurs ahead.

change monthly and students contact at least return 2 times to 4 times, teachers and students of the QQ group is updated every day of mutual interest; establish the evaluation system of tracking service. From the 4 aspects of the establishment of student files, tracking service records, tracking service, to solve the problem of accounting for image evaluation; after 3 months according to their feedback of "recycled recycling" focus on learning negotiation.

The city is a

the city also with the postal bank, credit cooperatives closely, through the issuance of small loans to support and encourage self employment growth, relieve their financial pressure, stimulate their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, recommended

Shandong will be a one-time subsidy standards increased to 12 thousand

is now around for entrepreneurs have given some very loose policy entrepreneurs, recently in Shandong province appeared one-time start-up subsidies helping business, and will also be one of the standard increased to 12 thousand yuan, people have paid attention to.

"opinions" put forward, for the first time to obtain a business license, Small and micro businesses the normal operation of the full 12 months of entrepreneurs, giving not less than 12 thousand yuan of one-time start-up subsidies. Conditional city can be a one-time subsidy policy to relax the conditions to meet the conditions of the newly registered individual industrial and commercial households, not less than 2000 yuan subsidy.


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What are the procedures of the cosmetics store

cosmetics profits, it is an indisputable fact that the cosmetics store is a lot of people have always been a dream. So for the first venture partners, how to open a cosmetics store? What are the procedures of the cosmetics store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

A: choose brand

select brand is one of the cosmetics preparations necessary to join shop. Determine what kind of product you want to run, you need to understand the market of this product, as well as some information on this product. Only a full understanding of the market, the business of their own cosmetics have a comprehensive understanding of the store is likely to operate successfully.

After determining the

the good business brand, also need to determine the mode of operation, is taking a different route, operating only a product development route or take more than the whole, comprehensive management of a variety of products, this is the problem of operators must be carefully considered clear.

After the

Five: store layout

if you are open purchase cosmetics stores, need to plan their own layout shop, shop layout in addition to do lighting, music, background and other layout, also need to do commodity arrangement. The layout of the goods is a profound knowledge, to do a good job of commodity display, can bring a lot of benefits for the shop. Of course, if it is a store, then you need to join the headquarters in accordance with the guidance of the layout of the store.



if the store is very large, the salesperson needs to recruit a certain number of. For the recruitment of personnel requirements, must be a good foundation of the skin, with a good image quality, the best is related to the work of cosmetics sales experience. Of course, after the end of the recruitment work, but also the appropriate arrangements for training, not only to familiarize themselves with their own products to sell, but also to master the various marketing skills.