Entrepreneurial success five

what kind of entrepreneurial results are considered to be successful? How to succeed? In fact, every day people think about this type of problem, the key lies in how you straighten out their attitude.

5 steps on the road to success:

2 shows "70% of success in life comes from the show."

3 failure "unless you want to go, not afraid of embarrassing failure does not mean to try again, you will never succeed."

4 work harder "success: willing to do what the average person is not willing to do

everyone runs, but everyone is not willing to run for an hour every day. Success is not about doing what ordinary people can’t do, but what they don’t want to do. In a deeper sense, it is to develop the habit of some ordinary people do not want to develop. This is the habit of wanting to do everything, and he will bring you success. >

Doors and windows entrepreneurs are most concerned about business skills

as a primary business friends, you must hope that their entrepreneurship can be balanced. Door and window industry in recent years is very fire, investment in this industry is also good. For the first time to open the door window stores for entrepreneurs, how to make the store profit is entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the following Xiaobian finishing six the best shop profit method, for your reference.

1. vendor manage inventory

2. management and customer relationship

3. fiducial mark

this comparison tool for the discovery and analysis of the operation method of other enterprises better. It is said that after a careful study of the response system of an enterprise, an American hospital has greatly changed its emergency services. Another hospital has improved the patient’s hospitalization and registration system after studying the hotel room reservation system.

4. intersection

This is

at the final destination midway will another transport of goods from a conveyance to the logistics distribution center. Wal-Mart Store Inc in the United States is to take this approach: the focus of the goods in the strategic storage center, and then to its affiliated stores.

5. customer contact center

The establishment of a technology infrastructure through a quick answer customer questions center

6. according to customer requirements

this requires a flexible approach and end manufacturing method according to a pattern, so as to meet the special requirements of each market products and services to develop, the ultimate aim is to ensure that every customer to find he needs reasonable price of goods.


Chengdu fresh electricity supplier why nine loss in Chengdu

electricity supplier’s hot development, for many people to create considerable revenue. But the market is always in a state of change, Chengdu fresh electricity supplier development bottlenecks encountered, nearly 90% of fresh electricity supplier is facing the loss of the status quo. Recently, the fruit vertical electricity supplier every day, a large number of offline stores closed down the news spread throughout the circle of friends, but also attracted widespread discussion in the industry. Fresh electricity supplier has long been regarded as the electricity supplier in the field of blue ocean, attracted many companies have reached this area. However, there are very few successful cases, but the closure of the closure is constantly emerging.

every day to close the door line shop

7 26, Ms. Li was a circle of friends in Chengdu, an orchard closed shop every day, the article was surprised: often to buy, Zha suddenly to close the door? And another citizen Ms. Wang more depressed, I bought a 300 yuan card, there are no use of the more than and 200!"

in fact, as early as a few days ago, every day on the orchard came off shop storm. Orchard relevant person in charge of each day, its stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places will be closed. At present, every day in Suzhou orchard only a transit station, only a few stores in Chengdu.

while a year ago, the orchard every day about 50 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen five big city, orchard every day CEO Wang Wei’s goal is to make every orchard in 2015 built about 100 O2O store. At that time, the line is regarded as the face of the orchard every day, but also its O2O business every day home warehouse.

it is understood that every orchard is one of the largest fruit vertical business currently, completed in May 2015 by the Jingdong led a $70 million C round of financing, start the implementation of three O2O strategy, one of which is the main "2 hour service", with fruit juice and fruit based, users online orders, O2O distribution model the line store.

for the closure of the store, every orchard relevant responsible person said, just to upgrade the service, not the negative O2O model.

high input, low birth fresh O2O future slim

fresh electricity supplier has long been regarded as the electricity supplier in the field of blue ocean, and fresh O2O, it is the blue ocean blue ocean. However, when the tide receded to know, most of the players are "naked". According to AI media consulting data show that only 1% of the current domestic fresh electricity supplier market can be profitable, the existence of a huge loss of 7%, the proportion of profit and loss of about equal to about $4%, while the remaining 88% have a slight loss.

rarely profitable on the other side, is the high cost of fresh electricity supplier. According to the recommendation

Eight indicators to guide the investment to join the shop

nowadays, many people want to do business, want to have their own stores and their own career. So many people choose to start from the chain stores, because the franchise management model is relatively mature, so the person that join in is very much, today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the eight aspects of open stores should pay attention to.

A Guide: the election of


two guide: identify the brand

in your chosen field, look at your choice of the chief’s own brand is high, brand credit is reliable, the best selection of some well-known brands to join this brand is often more reliable, public awareness is high, easy to develop business in the local. In the choice of the brand should be based on their actual ability, do not blindly chase the famous brand, relatively speaking, it will be very expensive, but also do not look for the kind of free to join, but not a bit of fame brand.

guide three: see Zhiyingdian performance

The number of outlets and the operating performance of

to see the leader, according to the "measures" requirements in the Chinese leader territory has at least two more than one year of operation outlets or established by its subsidiaries, holding company outlets, and at the same time the true disclosure of more than one year of business performance, in general, the number of outlets can see whether the project real market prospects, it is easier to investigate the real profit situation, it is easy to judge their own whether to join the project.

guide four:

joining mechanism

guide five:

sound training system

as chief should provide a sound management and marketing, technology and industry knowledge and professional training, and to provide follow-up technical guidance and training services to the franchisee, the unified quality standard which is conducive to the franchisee can be better to master to continue operation. A leader is only the surface looks good, he did not improve the training system, so as to who should take special care.


Beauty shop to join the local market is the key to development

beauty industry is a product of the development of people’s living standards, with the ability to continuously improve the female consumer nowadays, beauty industry usher in the development of the peak, but foreign brands continue to suppress, as if entrepreneurs want to invest in the beauty industry, how to survive? To borrow the industry’s argument, the local brand to promote the development of China’s beauty franchise industry is the biggest, is the integration of traditional Chinese medicine into the beauty products and services, and truly open the market for health beauty.

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Direct joining the franchise and the choice of a good

said entrepreneurship, the way can really be very much, as investors, naturally need to choose a more suited to their own entrepreneurial way, so as to be able to make their own business development. But at this stage the market we can see all kinds of projects, these projects provide a different choice of business for all investors, the most important is the direct joining and franchise two; as for investors, they would be more tangled in the choice of investment mode, is the choice of direct joining good, or franchise?

in our investment options, still need to consider more factors, each kind of investment, it has its advantages and disadvantages, we have no way to compare certainty to say what is good, what kind of way is not good, we can do is combined with their actual situation, to choose the way of investment for ourselves, so that we get more investment in favor of their own development advantages.

direct joining such a model for many small investors, they choose more appropriate, direct joining is through joining form so that investors can set up shop, but the limitations of this model is relatively large, we are in the business process in the store or by the various press headquarters, we can not for their own business to make too many changes, and in store operations, many restrictions of style and is subject to the brand, for all of the franchisee, this is a very difficult thing.

especially for more understanding of the industry of the people, even if they can see the market profit point exists, also can not be timely for the store of the development of the transformation; must obtain the consent of the headquarters, so that these investors are likely to miss the opportunity. Of course, there are certain advantages to join the camp, that is, the process of entrepreneurship will be relatively simple, we can get help from all aspects of the headquarters, and the cost will be relatively small.

chartered permission management in fact allow investors to spend big cost to directly buy a brand; investors by way of franchising, to obtain a complete brand management and development authority; such a model for start-up costs are relatively high, is a good choice but also have rich experience the entrepreneur, because in the franchise mode, we can adjust and develop various aspects of the brand, and if we have a brand franchise, but also can develop their own brand franchisee.

relatively direct joining, this choice can have more in the direction of development, at the same time it joined the way has a relatively high demand for costs for investors, and if we choose the franchise, so for our human resources, and we.

A pregnant baby store location what trick

two-child policy open, pregnancy and infant supplies market demand alarming, hot consumer market capture, I believe the business will be good to open a pregnant baby supplies store. And a pregnant baby shop, the first step is the location problem. Store is directly related to the quality of the store business is good or bad, so sloppy.

in a maternal and child supplies chain of stores, we must first choose a suitable location. Followed by the relevant business methods. Maternal and child care chain stores in the initial investment in the problem of the novice will feel overwhelmed. Below, I will introduce to the novice to explain.

due to prominent position and obvious, it is easy to be found and find customers. Maternal and child supplies the chain store, to facilitate customers to operate, the surrounding conditions are favorable for good especially with the development of modern urban civilization, consumers have a higher demand to the environment and geographical position. This requires the articles of chain store location is most important sites surrounding environment to join the health of maternal and child supplies.

novice want to open a good baby products chain, market research is essential, only to understand the needs of the market, the market can go deep into the actual shop. It is also hoped that every one like to add to the maternal and child care industry friends, pay attention to maternal and child supplies store chain pre investigation.


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College students dream of opening tea shop monthly income of tens of thousands

small in the university often with the dormitory to what industry, everyone all sorts of gossip discussed for a long time, some say Malatang, some say open tea to open, and we are now the baozi Inn, is to work in the company, then ambition is airily, but some people are said to do, a college student he always wanted to open tea shop, after graduation really opened and a monthly income of million!

high school had dropped out of school to work by misfortune

at the age of 18, Tan Lijun family, the father is a successful businessman, doing the sales of home appliances business, thrifty, virtuous gentle mother, brother had married outside, at the time when Tan Lijun lived a life in light of heart from care.

until the third year, there is no warning of the blow made him almost collapse: his father failed to invest, derailed, followed by the divorce of their parents. This allows the stubborn character of Tan Lijun’s inner struggle, the rebellious nature of his choice to drop out of school to work, determined to resist reality in this way.

however, work is not easy, in nearly a year of school life, Tan Lijun has done different jobs: do a dishwasher in the hotel, in the mall issued leaflets, the longest work is done in the local water heater sales. Perhaps affected by the family environment, Tan Lijun is particularly good at discovering business opportunities.

he had a love to play the game, have a good level of experience in many games, after dropping out of him while working side by game and selling game account recharge way to make money, actually every month to get two million yuan, it was less than twenty years of Tan Lijun, this is already a fortune the. Later, through the tutorial, Qin Lijun also successfully admitted to the University, the thought that life can be good, but the frustration comes again.

start from scratch entrepreneurship credit

just go to college, do business with Qin Lijun joint relatives Juankuan escape, let Qin Jia joint with million of debt, father of the house mortgage payments, mortgage crisis in case for mother……

a series of blows once again let the family into a hopeless situation, their parents are saddled with such debt, I am also very distressed, I hope to do something, at least to their own self-reliance, no longer a burden to the family." Tan Lijun thought.

"but at that time the game prepaid business has been better than before, so I do not know what to do, to help a friend to start a website." It is in the process of helping his friends, he sprouted the idea of entrepreneurship, and the elite school loans, more determined his confidence in their own business.

"I was on the web site to see the elite school loans, recommended

The lovely snow Italian ice cream franchise praised by people

has the characteristics of delicacy join the project choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the lovely snow gelato project, open her own lovely snow gelato stores, undoubtedly, is very business choice!

lovely snow gelato can not only produce monochrome and color ice cream, but also make rainbow ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, pasta gourd waterfall ice cream, ice cream, ice cream and other jungle Edelweiss more than and 10 different shapes of hundreds of ice cream, let consumers eat is awy, firmly grasp the consumer taste.

how about a lovely ice cream?

in addition, lovely snow gelato with unmanned operation, automatic vending; intelligent storage, automatic coin, automatic production; human-computer interaction, intelligent identification notes function; voice prompt function; lovely snow gelato without storefront, without decoration, multi point operation, automatic intelligent completion; Android compatible system implementation the robot operating system, a new experience is the best guarantee of powder countless riches.

the first step in the success of entrepreneurship, is to choose from the beginning of the lovely snow ice cream. In the food market, food business opportunities. You are also very exciting? So, what is still hesitant? Hurry up!