Province to strengthen the supervision of food and beverage in the college entrance examination

In the college entrance examination during the deployment to strengthen food safety supervision work, the provincial food and drug administration. Which requires food and drug regulatory departments at all levels to carry out a variety of promotional activities, and actively guide the majority of candidates healthy diet, scientific consumption, enhance food safety awareness and self-protection.

the Bureau of food and drug supervision departments at all levels to implement the requirements of the regulatory responsibility, and strengthen local education, health and other departments to communicate and establish a cooperation mechanism, strengthen the joint inspection of law enforcement, focusing on the school canteen, candidates accommodation and the surrounding catering units especially small restaurants catering food safety comprehensive supervision and inspection. The school canteen and catering service operators should strictly follow the "food safety law" requirements, strict implementation of the provisions of the system, serious investigation of food safety problems, take effective measures to eliminate food safety hazards. The Bureau stressed that health food and drug supervision departments at all levels that focus on examination of the examination room around the food service units and certified practitioners; food safety food procurement, storage, processing and other aspects; whether there is scope, overload phenomenon hosted dinner activities, supervise food service units to improve and implement food raw materials purchase inspection, certificate the ticket, tableware disinfection, food sample and other food safety management system, strictly processing expired metamorphism and toxic food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, prohibited the use of mortality or unknown causes of livestock and poultry and their products, add illicit drugs, "drainage oil".  

With the snow blowing machine in Datong

November 30th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of the first greenhouse snowthrower distribution ceremony was held, 170 knapsack mechanical snow blower issued to all facilities of agricultural production base of Huang Jia Zhai Zhen, for farmers to blow the snow on the greenhouse Caolian bring convenience.

as a plateau region, winter snow to the facilities of agricultural production to bring a lot of inconvenience, winter snow blocking the sun, so that the rapid decline in greenhouse temperature, causing damage to greenhouse vegetables. At the same time, the heavy snow in winter will cause the greenhouse to collapse, which will bring huge losses to the agricultural facilities. It is understood that the Datong County each year because of heavy snow in the greenhouse collapsed and damaged phenomenon have occurred, bring a lot of loss to the farmers. Application of snow blower, can in a short time to remove greenhouse grass, insulation is above the snow, not only reduce the labor intensity in artificial snow, snow on the greenhouse and from harm caused by the rolling machine at the same time, also increased the greenhouse illumination time and intensity, for the winter and spring season vegetable breeding to create a good environment. (author: Zhao Junjie Zhao Tongyun)

This year, Xining built a model of electronic regulation of drug management Street

this year, the city of Xining in the implementation of the national essential drugs and the western retail pharmacies on the basis of electronic supervision, built a small bridge street drug management electronic supervision demonstration street. It will also establish responsibility for security management behavior of drug retail units traceability system, improve the comprehensive utilization degree of regulatory resources, strengthen the supervision of the level of quality and safety of drugs, to explore new paths for the Xining City Drug electronic supervision management.
is a street demonstration electronic supervision system through drug retail enterprises timely upload electronic monitoring data, timely access to information, traffic flow, inventory management status, network control of drugs, real-time monitoring of the existence of pharmacy practice visits phenomenon, ephedrine is a special counter sales of licensed pharmacists, whether post, prescription drugs whether the prescription sales situation, and through the electronic supervision code seized the sale of counterfeit drugs.


Xining Nanchuan industrial park this year to build seven core area

Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park as the Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone "four major industrial base is one of the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park in investment and construction projects as the starting point, strive to build the core area, to enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the park.


entered the "12th Five-Year" period, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to seize development opportunities, increase industry efforts to foster and support the initial formation of leading industry and industry park. This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park will upgrade, through mergers and acquisitions or repurchase, planning the development of the highway toll station to serve the green entrepreneurial road of Qinghai cashmere industry area of small enterprises, remediation venture Road, enhancing the image. To speed up the Nanchuan River Park project governance, enhance the image of river landscape. Efforts to promote the relocation of the work area to create a harmonious environment for the park. To speed up the construction of the park central business district headquarters base, grasp the investment service center of the park main and subsidiary buildings, five star hotels and office buildings (office building), the project of Industrial Products Exhibition Center buildings and other construction, focus on creating Park core area. We will actively promote the construction of a comprehensive residential area of hot springs and commercial and recreational areas, and build a first-class living, entertainment and leisure area in Xining. Promote the construction of Qinghai international wool carpet manufacturing base and Qinghai specialty products exhibition center area, enhance the image of the characteristics of the industry area. Increase the Kunlun jade brand publicity, speed up the construction of the United States and Qinghai jade cultural industrial park area, to create the image of the characteristics of the cultural industry area.

Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining Development Zone "as one of the four major industrial base, is the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". Next, the park will be in accordance with the production city integration, two wheel drive development model, and constantly improve the basic supporting capacity, expand financing channels and scale, assume the responsibility to promote the process of urbanization and industrial development. (author:

The West Branch police held a forum

In order to effectively enhance the satisfaction of the masses of the public security organs, listen to opinions and suggestions of the public security work of the community, conscientiously implement the spirit of the December 7, 2011 Edmonton Shengting activities, and invites Branch police air police discipline supervisor and community director, director of public security and the Community Police Association held in seven branch office, City Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, political commissar Xu Hairun and public security, criminal investigation, household registration, political work, discipline inspection departments to participate in

to enhance people’s satisfaction of the public security organs, listen to opinions and suggestions of the public security work of the community, conscientiously implement the spirit of the December 7, 2011 Edmonton Shengting activities, and invites Branch police air police discipline supervisor and community director, director of security and the Community Police Association held in seven branch office, City Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, political commissar Xu Hairun and public security, criminal investigation, household registration, political work, discipline inspection departments to participate in.

  meeting, political commissar Xu Hairun introduced since 2011, the overall situation and future work intends to make a report to the delegates, and for the existing problems do a profound analysis. All the delegates took the floor, the branch of work of the Council, put forward valuable suggestions for political commissar Xu Fellow Deputies comments and suggestions were raised and discussed, and promised to timely rectification, and constantly improve the work efficiency.

  finally, Xu Hairun pointed out that the political commissar, although the work has made some achievements, but there is still a gap between the expectation and the masses, the convening of the forum is to ask for the people, the public security organs to put forward valuable opinions and suggestions, and constantly promote the public security work step forward and make a positive contribution to the area of economic prosperity and social stability gong.




The local production of edible fungus residue samples are all qualified you can rest assured to eat

With the implementation of the vegetable basket project in Xining City, a large number of local vegetable market, great to meet the daily needs of city residents, in order to let the masses eat fangxincai, days ago, the reporter with the Xining city of agricultural products quality and safety inspection center of the north area of Jin Jia Wan village, North Village, Wu Zhongcun, Tao, Lang Cun edible fungus production the base of unannounced visits to check the detection, detection of pesticide residues of the samples are all qualified.

Xining agricultural products quality and safety testing center for the provincial capital of agricultural products quality and safety testing. In the unannounced inspection process, the staff in the Jia Wan Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Jin and agricultural planting base site from Qinghai Hui Tian is selling 3 mushroom samples, according to the requirements of edible fungi monitoring project of the Ministry of agriculture in 2015 of agricultural products in Xining city and the routine monitoring of edible fungi production and occurrence status of common pesticides pesticide residues exceed the standard, the center of the 3 samples according to NY/T in fruits and vegetables organophosphorus, organochlorine, pyrethroid and detection method of the national food safety standards "maximum residue limits for pesticides in food" to detect 21 kinds of pesticides, 25 projects and the determination of pesticide residues, the detection of pesticide residues, unannounced visits to the samples are all qualified, the majority of people can be safe to eat.


Talk about the new changes in the new Xining veteran cadres

"The municipal Party committee and government have done a lot of work to overcome various difficulties, and achieved remarkable results."

"in the municipal government under the leadership of Xining, happiness is getting closer and closer to us!"

"these results we see in the eyes, joy in the heart."


"NPC and CPPCC" in Xining will be held, used to work in retired cadres were all fronts in Xining, for the city’s economic and social development have made important contributions, always pay attention to the development and changes in Xining to review 2015, they say the new perspective changes, Xining little new wonderful, with their feel the witness of social undertakings in Xining city on the upgrade and change rapidly. Although the old cadres who have retired at home, but they still have deep feelings for Xining, in Xining in 2016, the two sessions held on the occasion of Xining better and better, more and more people’s happiness in the city of hope.

play for the construction of happy Xining

the hearts of the people to do things

The former chairman of the Standing Committee of the city of Ma Xiaofei /
City environmental quality

Xining model workers for the first time to enjoy three gold treatment

The "51" on the eve of the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong led the relevant personnel, 138 city municipal model workers sent condolence payments 138 thousand yuan, 29 low-income workers sent grants 234 thousand yuan, 25 workers sent to the difficulties helping gold 116 thousand yuan. This is the first time to enjoy the city level model workers three gold treatment.

in support of the municipal government of the city, I have introduced the "Xining city model worker selection and management Interim Measures", "model worker of Xining City Spring Festival condolences gold, the difficulties of low-income subsidies and special difficulties assistance fund management Interim Measures". This is since 1983 condolences to the workers congress named in recognition of the previous model workers and keep the honorary title of the municipal model workers, they in their ordinary jobs, has for the city’s economic and social undertakings have made a positive contribution, because part of the model worker disease and other causes temporary difficulties, the party and the government in a timely manner to they lent a helping hand.

in recent years, the trade union organizations to further explore and improve the working mechanism, do a good job in the management of model workers and service for the model workers as the focus of work. Many organizations to study the model workers out of study and medical treatment, broaden their horizons, to protect their physical and mental health. Model workers on behalf of the organization to participate in the city’s major events and important rallies, to guide the majority of model workers to contribute to the economic and social development of our city. To mobilize the whole society to care and support workers live and work, strive for the policy treatment for model workers, and for them to solve practical problems, to ensure the implementation of the policy model in place, promote the whole society to form a good wind care workers, learning model workers, model workers, model workers are still striving to advocate.


Western focus interviews 33 leaders

Individual departments did not cause enough attention, heavy business, light party……" Recently, the Standing Committee of the West District Commission for Discipline Inspection two batches centralized interviewed the main person in charge of 33 key posts, one pointed out that in the "post double responsibility", the implementation of the two responsibilities in the existing problems, put forward the weak link in the risk prevention measures, to achieve full coverage, honest honest interviews.

to top quickly, a smoke too often. In order to ensure that the interview does not go, effective, Chengxi District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the implementation of regular interviews matters tracking inspectors to implement the requirements of the interviews and ordered rectification, the rectification start accountability procedures, the real investigation unit is responsible and the responsibility of supervision. As of now, Tilly Su Ji thorough investigation of 26, focusing on the 15, 5 people were accountable (among them, 1 were expelled from the public, 1 leading cadres have been removed), 8 units number one is warning interviews. At the same time, the media to play a supervisory role, to build the west district "sunshine agriculture websit" construction, opened 6 "sunshine hotline communication double line" column, effectively promoted the transformation of the work style, to create the sun, the government has obvious effect.  

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce case investigation work to achieve new breakthrough

 , Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to pay close attention to the case of the investigation and handling of work, so that the number of cases handled, the quality has been greatly raised

L, the case investigated the field has also been further expanded.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau established source discovery mechanism, case assessment incentive mechanism, integration mechanism, law enforcement forces confiscated property supervision mechanism, the case of

investigate and deal with institutional mechanisms and other five mechanisms, and the development of the administrative licensing (non license approval behavior) quality assessment review criteria, administrative penalty

amount of reference standards for the implementation of the two standards, further standardize the work of law enforcement investigators. Up to now, Xining City Industrial and commercial system investigated all kinds of illegal

violation cases 2876, a total value of 21 million 744 thousand yuan, the closing rate reached 98%, the collection of fines of 6 million 486 thousand and 200 yuan, the completion of the goals and tasks of 190%

. In the investigation of commercial bribery, illegal pyramid schemes, industry monopoly, false investment and other illegal cases have also made new breakthroughs in the investigation of commercial bribery cases

5 pieces, 4 cases of illegal pyramid schemes, unfair competition cases of 73, false investment cases of 11.

The first phase of Chongqing e-commerce business training classes

is now a mobile Internet era, at the same time, there are a lot of good business projects have to be realized through mobile Internet, mobile Internet began to pay attention to the importance of such an industry in the country.

7 9 afternoon, Guannan County Bureau of human resources and careful preparation of the first phase of e-commerce entrepreneurship training in the county occupation technical training employment guidance center opened. County Deputy Secretary Xia Suming attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

the training for a period of three days, the first phase of a total of 50 students participated in the. Participants in the training mainly from the county to be engaged in the electricity supplier industry youth groups. To ensure the quality of training, the county people club Bureau hired a professional engaged in "Lianyungang electricity supplier entrepreneurship training instructors involved in teaching guidance in curriculum designing, training project" China Alibaba Taobao university entrepreneurship training system ", according to the training object level and the demand is set to two modules, each module can satisfy different training objects, different levels of students to ensure the rationality of the teaching schedule. July 14th will also be held in the second phase of the network e-commerce entrepreneurship training courses". After passing the training, training students can also be settled in the county of electricity supplier Incubation Center for rent, utilities, enjoy free tax relief policies, the successful implementation of independent entrepreneurs, can also apply for 5-10 million secured loans.

Xia Suming on behalf of the county Party committee and government to smooth opening training congratulations. Xia Suming requirements, to participate in the training of personnel must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, a profound understanding of the significance of supplier training; cherish the opportunity to practice, give full play to the exemplary role of youth groups in the business; correct attitude, strengthen consciousness, orderly electricity supplier to carry out the work of entrepreneurship. Xia Suming hope that trainees can treat this training seriously, seize the opportunity, and strive to learn more knowledge, to achieve better results. At the same time, also hope that the county community sector to make every effort to create a good learning environment for students, many students want to get ideas, ideas, continue to do a good job in the county youth employment service work, ensure the training tasks can be successfully completed.

for the Lianyungang to implement such a kind of electronic commerce entrepreneurial training activities for the local e-commerce whole youth entrepreneurial activity is very helpful, but a life in the future which such training is often held.


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Supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining by the national industry leader title

December 27th, held in Beijing, the national supply and marketing cooperatives system selection ceremony, the Xining supply and marketing cooperatives won the impact of China’s supply and marketing cooperatives 60 years of the association of the industry’s leading agency title.

in recent years, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives to solve the problem of difficulty in selling agricultural products as their responsibility, to play the industry point, line length, unobstructed information advantages for farmers matchmaking, so that a large number of agricultural products to the market outside the province smoothly, and actively "lineup" International stage. Xining city at all levels of the supply and marketing cooperatives and the affiliated enterprise, according to the local agricultural products cultivation characteristics, highlight coleseed, broad bean, potato, carrot, seasonal vegetables and other characteristics of agricultural products sales, and other businesses active joint cooperation, agricultural products are exported to Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei and other markets. In addition, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives also pay attention to the peasant brokers and farmer cooperatives, to build sales network, adhere to the purchase and sale of both in sales, to promote sales of purchase, accelerate the return of funds to expand the number of acquisitions, the purchase and sale of agricultural products throughout the system to carry out everything in good order and well arranged. Only in 2009, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives system of sales of more than 20 thousand tons of various agricultural products, sales of nearly one hundred million yuan.


Provincial Network letter office organized to carry out the activities of network members grassroots

5 26 September, the provincial Internet Information Office organized the provincial key news website, the central news sites where channel media and propaganda staff more than 20 people in the Salar Autonomous County of Xunhua, to carry out a one-day propaganda campaign staff at the grassroots level.

to carry out this activity, is positive for giving full play to the role of the central news sites of local channel provincial key news website, and our province declared the network member, vigorously promote national unity and carry out precise poverty alleviation work in our province, the experience of success, to create a poverty alleviation and national unity good atmosphere of public opinion.

activity, we visited the cha Han Du Si Xiang food basket project, poverty alleviation projects, poverty alleviation and understanding of the work of national unity innovation measures and successful experience, feel the new changes of cadres and the masses of new style, production and life. We carefully write micro comments, make full use of WeChat and other carriers to promote the economic development of Xunhua County, national unity, social stability, people live and work in peace and happiness of the scene.


This year, the province will strive to break through the 6 billion yuan mark

January 15th, reporters from the provincial water conservancy work meeting was informed that in 2014 the province will strive to the whole society of water conservancy investment 6 billion yuan, completed the provincial government to determine the objectives and tasks of the year lead Da Ji Huang project, solve the safety problems of drinking water for 250 thousand people. The annual increase of 200 thousand acres of irrigated area, improved irrigation area of more than 300 thousand acres, soil erosion area of more than 150 square kilometers.

it is understood that in 2013, the provincial water resources department to implement 5 billion 330 million yuan of investment in infrastructure construction, increase of 14.8% over the previous year, the central investment 2 billion 530 million yuan, the provincial investment 1 billion 870 million yuan, the total investment of a record high. Yindajihuang project to reverse the years of stagnation; to solve the agricultural and pastoral areas 300 thousand people drinking water safety problem; improvement of the irrigation area of 325 thousand acres; the implementation of the 20 seat hundreds of works of strengthening dangerous reservoirs. Flood control and drought areas for 198 million yuan of special funds, the implementation of flood and drought in more than 190 projects, the application of "Handilong" 510 thousand acres, purchase equipment for 32 drought service.

this year, the provincial water resources department will be in accordance with the "scale of investment growth, the project has the construction speed, depth, enhance the management level, improve the system dynamic, the image of" the requirements of the construction industry, the focus on the implementation of major water conservancy projects, deepen the reform of key areas of water, water to carry out the construction of ecological civilization, to solve the problem of weak links 10 water conservancy work pay close attention to reform and innovation, construction of system and mechanism of water conservancy science development; ecological water conservancy, create new highlights of plateau water conservancy development.


Wisdom tourism scenery

National Day holiday, Qinghai earth is filled with a strong festive atmosphere. And in previous years, the holiday is different, this year, the province’s tourism market is filled with the wisdom of the taste.How to go to

in July this year, the Qinghai Lake scenic area opened WeChat shake and WeChat paid ticket ticketing function, through the intelligence tourism to accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment together, realize the integration of Internet plus tourism resources, tourists no longer confused. "A person out of tourism, please tour guide is not worthwhile, now," the voice of Qinghai Lake tourism guide "WeChat public number, Qinghai Lake attractions are explained in detail, the free play, one does not fall under the beauty." Li Kai said.

this "landscape", all from our province to actively promote online travel services, network marketing, online booking, online payment and other smart tourism services, and actively promote the wisdom of tourism industry, the pace of information technology, more intelligent, personalized information and tourism services for tourists.

The province’s commercial auto insurance rate reform started

November 1st to December 17th, the province launched a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance rate reform, and from the formal use of the new commercial auto insurance terms and rates in December 18th. Through the reform, the establishment of a more orderly market system, the overall decline in the price of commercial auto insurance experience.

at the same time, our province as the commercial auto insurance rates reform, is Chinese CIRC designated the second batch of 12 pilot provinces. Qinghai insurance regulatory bureau to respond positively, by adhering to the direction of the market, the release of insurance companies to develop innovation, enhance the insurance company risk identification, cost control and development of power, to carry out all-round, multi-level, differentiated market competition, promote the industry to upgrade the quality and efficiency. And to strengthen the supervision of insurance, to guide the property insurance companies to provide consumers with higher quality and better price of commercial insurance products and services, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

The first love in the north side of the city good man Award

In December 14th, the first "Chengbei District of Xining city in the north of the city of love around · good" awards ceremony was held in the north region, 15 from the ordinary jobs of ordinary people, have a warm name: good.

the first love in the north side of · has good selection activities since the official launch in April this year, after the nomination, the masses voting, jury assessment in three stages, from 42 nominations in the final selection of 7 nominations and 8 people north of the city north of the city of good. Among them, take care of the good city workers Qi Chenglan, residents of mind good party member Li Guilan, the son of Liu Jiyuan, with filial piety good passing warm good nurse Wang Xiuzhen, dedicated staff Wu Hong, supported by the masses good secretary Zhu Shenglong et al won the award nomination North good.

. Don’t forget to return society Su Changming, enthusiastic community affairs Kong Yuhua, the dedication of the good doctor Zheng Linting, never abandon good mother Zou Yuxiang, filial piety good daughter-in-law Tian Yuying, orphans and disabled children for their children good mother Qiu Falan, good boy Huang Haikun, unremitting self-improvement Shijinbumei the virtues of youth song et al Guoxun was selected as the north. (author: Peng Na)


Xining start down the body, set up a public letter judicial practice

  March 20th morning, bustling small square Jin Jia Wan Village Baoziwan town north of the City District of Xining City, Xining City Intermediate People’s court started the city court "leaned to set up public confidence in judicial practice here.

the day of the event, the Xining municipal courts at all levels through legal advice, issuing brochures, playing promotional films, so that the masses to better accept the legal education. Xining City North District People’s court will also open the Court opened in the other side of the village square, occurred in the real case around, the judge’s patience mediation, to the masses on a vivid legal lesson. Judges at all levels of the court in Xining and the villagers also performed a wonderful program, narrowing the distance between judges and the masses. Each district court also set up a separate venue in the jurisdiction of judges into the barracks, into the community, into the countryside, public open day and other activities.

reporter learned, carry out "leaned to set up public confidence in judicial practice in the city of Xining court, including the strengthening of justice for the people in the neutral public trust, ensure judicial impartiality neutrality of public accountability, the three aspects of public trust in the judicial integrity remain neutral. There are 13 specific measures: to improve the litigation services, let the parties more convenient; strengthen the petition for the parties, the reasonable demands resolved; strengthen enforcement, let the judicial authority safeguard; strengthening judicial relief, so that poor people engage in lawsuits; strengthen the fast trial, for the parties to resolve disputes quickly; strengthen the assizes and let the parties easily participate in the proceedings; carry out the "six judges", let the masses have direct legal services; strengthen the judicial mediation for the parties to resolve disputes, harmonious; strict accordance with the law, make people feel fairness and justice; perfect the judicial openness, let the judicial power in the sunshine operation; to promote judicial ability, let the judges become the guardian of justice; strengthen the trial management, let the judicial power caging system; maintain judicial integrity, and let the judge, Court justice, justice qingming. (author: hard)


Xining police cracked the case of counterfeit money seized counterfeit 160 thousand yuan

7 28 Qinghai police recently cracked a case of trafficking in counterfeit money, arrested the suspects, seized counterfeit RMB 160 thousand yuan in Xining.

it is understood that at the beginning of July, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics police detachment found a man holding a large number of counterfeit money for sale in Xining, immediately set up a task force investigation. After nearly half a month Mopai, July 25th 17 am, the police in a restaurant in Xining will be the transaction of the suspects were arrested by the horse, Liu, seized fake RMB 160 thousand yuan on the spot.

after review, Ma, Liu confessed to the crime of illegal sale of counterfeit money. Currently, the case is under further investigation.


The first music festival and the Delingha plateau to Luke lake crab Festival delicacy

8 on the evening of 15 August, sponsored by the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Government, Delingha municipal government departments, undertake Haixizhou style radio such as "the motherland cornucopia · the magic of the first Delingha International Music Festival and the" plateau Luke lake crab delicacy festival grand opening in Delingha Olympic sports center.


Music Festival actor lineup, together Gaoyuanhong combination, the black horse, Qaidam Chinese Orchestra, Hanggai, zero band, world class masters in Mongolia Hatu constant band famous heavy metal band khurd band and other overseas nearly 20 groups of ethnic and world music, rock band heavyweight, music festival will be the three consecutive day to bring you the most unforgettable plateau music experience. This music festival delicacy carefully constructed delicacy square will also tempt people’s taste buds, Luke lake crab, mutton, yogurt, patches, skewers and other characteristics of delicacy full debut.

"held plateau Music Festival in the home and Luke lake crab Festival delicacy I feel very happy, can let the tourists inside and outside the province, tasting delicious crab and special delicacy also makes me feel very proud. The event allows people to further feel the charm of the qaidam." Delingha citizens Ma Xiaoqin said happily, she likes the band and the black horse, especially in the music festival, she has been involved in the scene and the singer’s interaction.

it is understood, as to further promote the Qaidam characteristics of ethnic culture and culture, showing a new platform for the plateau local customs and practices of the first Delingha International Music Festival and the plateau, Luke lake crab delicacy Festival, will further enhance the visibility of Delingha and Qaidam, attracting residents and tourists sharing music and delicacy, creating the national unity and progress of advanced state to inject vitality into the Hercynian, bring strong impetus for the economic and social development.