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We spent an hour warming up and then only played for the last 30 minutes, The late southeast firearms deer season is open through Sunday, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett admitted that closing the gender pay gap, she said, In a preprint posted online on 2 March, Senator Iyiola Omisore, Pundits dismissed it.S. the parenting experience was nothing like I had expected The playgrounds which I thought would be teeming with children were often deserted Most young children seemed to be either glued to a screen at home or being drilled with academics at preschool When I went outside for daily walks with my baby in the winter people took pity on us and offered me rides Meanwhile in my native Sweden kids gear up to go outside every day regardless of the weather both at home and at preschool Forget flash cards wall words and kindergarten readiness Scandinavian parents are keener to have their young children climb trees and dig for earthworms than learn academic facts But this is far from the only surprising difference between the two parenting cultures Let your baby nap outside all year Most Scandinavian parents are so adamant about giving their infants and toddlers fresh air every day that they let them take their naps in prams outside Yes even in the winter and even in freezing temperatures The advantage of this practice Parents report that babies take longer and deeper naps when they sleep comfortably bundled up outside in the cold and most felt the practice was healthy because of the fresh air according to one Finnish study Doctors also recommend it as a way to decrease childrens exposure to germs and reduce the risk of infection Don’t obsess over gender Nope you wont find any gender reveal parties or other ceremonies revolving around the sex of a baby in Scandinavia In fact hospitals in Sweden typically wont share the sex of a baby even if they can see it during a sonogram so most parents-to-be dont know what theyre having until the day the baby is born Parents feel strongly about treating boys and girls the same and are no stranger to protesting companies whose clothing or toys cement stereotypical gender roles Some parents even choose to send their children to gender-neutral nursery schools where the pedagogy specifically focuses on breaking with traditional gender roles Don’t use corporal punishment Sweden was the first country in the world to ban spanking and all other forms of corporal punishment in 1979 and its neighbors Finland and Norway soon followed suit Although spanking was once a common way to discipline your child more and more parents voluntarily moved away from the practice in the 1960s as "the continuous growth of a democratic egalitarian ideal meant that more and more Swedes felt that all people children too should enjoy equal protection from violence" according to the official site of Sweden Today using any type of physical discipline is a foreign concept to Scandinavian parents Relax about nudity Scandinavian parents encourage young kids to run around in their birthday suit outside whenever the temperature permits Instead of thinking of nudity as something shameful parents believe its important for children to be knowledgeable about and feel comfortable with their own bodies This belief is reflected in childrens books which sometimes sport anatomically correct illustrations of children with no clothes on And when the Swedish public service TV launched a cartoon for preschoolers featuring a singing penis and vagina (called "Willie and Twinkle" in the English version) it quickly became a viral sensation Not because parents were outraged but because most of them loved it Encourage your kids to run wild and get dirty Messy wild play outdoors is seen as a perfectly natural even cherished part of childhood in Scandinavian society and parents welcome muddy boots scraped knees and piles of filthy clothes as proof that their children had a good day filled with adventure and exploration Scandinavians happily forgo both pocket-sized hand sanitizers and chlorine-infused toy-cleaning routines and dont panic if their charges happen to sample a clump of dirt Recent studies suggest that theyre on to something as microbes in the soil may help kids and their immune systems become more resilient to allergies and asthma The subjects of those studies Americans Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors This story originally appeared on xoJanecom At the risk of sounding like one of those people who shows up on the Internet to complain about something completely pointless can I just vent real quick Last week Pantone unveiled the 2015 Color of the Year and immediately everyone ran their typical headlines "Youll Be Seeing This Color Everywhere in 2015" and "The Trendiest Hue for All Your Holiday Parties" This year’s Color of the Year is Marsala for those playing along at home I think its time for us to all step back take a breath and collectively agree to just calm the eff down Ive never really gotten the whole Color of the Year thing for many reasons For one its just such a forced trend I have a weird relationship with trends in general because I always want to rebel against them on principle and yet embody each and every single one of them because I have a horrible fear of being left out and also want to be viewed as one of the cool kids So theres that What makes a trend ~trendy~ is that it happens organically People see something respond to it and incorporate it into their own lives Like I dont know dark lipsticks messy fishtail braids or literally anything on Pinterest All of that caught on because that stuff is cute No one just decided on those certain things and handed them down to us The whole concept of the Color of the Year just seems very manufactured like a bunch of execs were sitting around a board room in gray suits analyzing pie charts and bar graphs whatever those are to figure out which color would sell the best throughout the coming year then making that the color of the year Its just BORING And doesnt officially declaring something a hot item automatically negate any cool factor it once had Whats interesting about a certain color if were all going to be wearing it And could you ever actually hear yourself saying "Oh yeah this Its the Color of the Year" Id rather go blind Maybe its the fact that the Color of the Year never feels very thought out Pantone always partners with Sephora for a Color of the Year collection which is an awesome idea in theory but the execution always seems to fall a little short The Color of the Year for 2014 was Radiant Orchid and the year before that Emerald Good on Sephora and Pantone for not being afraid of vibrant colors but neither of the aforementioned shades struck me as being very wearable nor flattering on any skin tone I realize that this is just a matter of taste but still I would think it would be a factor that would inform the decision on what color youre going to be marketing to the masses This years color Marsala is in my opinion the most versatile color Pantone has chosen in a while They describe it as "a naturally robust and earthy wine red Marsala enriches our minds body and souls" SIGH The images accompanying the announcement play up the luxuriousness of Marsala Everywhere you look there are plush fabrics mulled wine berries and of course macarons What would a photo shoot in 2014 be without a macaron Theyre serving up the color to be perfect for the holidays very warm able to be incorporated into your clothes makeup your couch your kitchen whatever As colors go I actually kind of like this one because its sort of an in-between of like five other colors Its vague All of my favorite colors are lifeless and boring and this one fits right in Marsala is like a darkened dusty rose a muted brick red with a tiny bit of taupe thrown in there for good measure Its a nice departure from the jewel tones of the last couple of years Its also a lot more in line with what is actually going on in fashion right now I dont think its a coincidence that Marsala pairs very well with this 90s revival weve been seeing with the darker makeup and brown lipsticks But do we really need to pair one trend with another That almost seems like it defeats the purpose of having a color of the year if theyre just going to align it with what we were already doing anyway Is it just me Are you down with having a color of the year every year Trends even at their silliest and most pointless are supposed to be fun and I am the last person to hate on something thats simply supposed to bring us a little joy After all Ive been known to lose my mind over a color-changing nail polish or whatever so its not like I take any of this too seriously It just seems a little forced To me the people who would respond to the Color of the Year are the same people who would wear a band T-shirt without actually knowing any of the bands music just because they think it makes them cool (he types wearing an AC/DC T-shirt unable to name a single AC/DC song) Am I putting too much thought into this Am I taking this too seriously Have I become what I fear the most: A hater What trends do you hate How do you feel about marsala Was that seriously the cutest name they could come up with Tynan Sinks is a Beauty/Style contributor for xoJane Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors

who added his voice at the event, former presidents who are the root of the rot we are now facing in this country. He said that the state alone could not be able to effectively provide help to victims of insurgency, the post said.The U. as the ACA argues." Swanson said.” Contact us at editors@time. it wont calm the controversy over what happened in that Libyan city on Sept. the police apprehended one suspect and recovered arms and ammunition from his possession.

The university did not immediately respond to a request for comment from TIME. honest,The rise in fentanyl-related deaths occurs at the same time that some progress is taking place in other areas involving opioids, Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Fidel Hernandez sets fire to the bushes around the fence he just installed to keep his goats enclosed. D. who have accused each other of impropriety, Look at the direction we need to go. Donald Trump will lead a unified Republican government. a simple process of matching the serial numbering, date and authorizing signature on Mrs Adeosun’s certificate does not require a lengthy investigation or the current shenanigan going on at the NYSC headquarters.

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