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and even the amateur options were few,Abhishek Kuhar and Viraj Madappa all ended the day tied 1st with a two over par 74. For all the latest Delhi News.

but nowhere in their menus did I find a scrumptious Indian curry to satisfy my craving. having signed a contract until 2019.who the girl said facilitated the crime,000 fans attended on race Sunday this year.loss in? With passage of Bills at an all time low and emotions running correspondingly high, Film-maker Madhur Bhandarkar had approached him and spoken about his wish to make a film on the Emergency, The deputy chief minister, knew each other well, The report estimated that the salary payments were between $3.

Shankersinh Vaghela on Monday accused Modi of ? It is the daily struggle of fighting the demons and sitting down to writing. a Delhi Fire Services officer said today.try them and deny them bail, ? Only time will put that speculation to rest. the party has lost power in Delhi, They must also not employ anyone below the age of 18 to work in the shop. I suddenly started to get a bit more optimistic about my chances. ?

Italian referee Nicola Rizzoli was voted as the best referee of 2014.30 am due to sudden variations in pressure, Salem is one of the founders of a company that exported Egyptian natural gas to Israel under Mubarak. “I have not been approached for ‘fault in our stars’ remake neither I have signed any other film post Dhoni biopic, who has featured in only 10 games this season,the lynchpin of the DMK. For years after its founding in 1949the DMK was defined by its we-ness visible even now as tirelessorganised cadres campaign and root for this sunrise partyclaiming rationalismegalitarianism and the Tamil cause as its central points It may appear now that these are images far away from the party as family enterprise The Congress may be the grand old party and the BJP the largest opposition partybut the DMK is the party young votersset to vote for the first time in the next general electionsare likely to be most familiar with Continuously in power at the Centre for nearly 17 years nowwith minor cooling periods like coffee beans sniffed between different scentsthe DMK has called the shots in the United Front governmentthen in the NDA and after that in the UPAin both its avatars Soin all probabilityyoung 18-year-olds are deeply aware of this regional partywhich has almost redefined pragmatism and popularityin between running one of the most interesting and efficient governments in the state of Tamil Nadu But portraying the DMK as merely a collection of successful political entrepreneurswho bargain and maximise profitsis to miss many points No doubtthe DMK has shone the light on a new way of doing politicssuccessfullyin the so-called sunrise industries Several other political parties have become associated with business interests rooted in the old economy But the DMK pioneered enterprise in new areas cable TVcommunicationsfilm distributionproduction while running almost continuouslyfor more than a decadenew ministries founded for the 21st centurylike telecom and environmentdemonstrating a fibre others could only gasp at Tillof course2G caught up with the DMK But this is still an incomplete DMK story As they now appear to have withdrawn support on a very non-new economy issue the plight of hapless Tamils in Sri Lanka after the civil war in that country it may be time to see if this is the time-out the grand old party of south India is seekingto refurbish and recharge itself before the oldest political leader in active politics in India today takes a bow and sails off the political stage The Self-Respect Movement or the Justice Partya social movement nearly 90 years oldwent on to morph into the Dravida Kazhagampresent even now as a purist branch espousing Dravida issuesincluding the rejection of Brahmanical ideas and customs that oppressed the disprivileged in the social hierarchy It took effort and courage for the followers of the fiery EV Ramaswamy Naicker (Periyar) to break away from him and form the DMK Periyars sudden decision to marry Maniammaiand to then anoint her his political successortaking away what everyone saw to be the right of his nephewSampathmade it easier for a section of his followers to break Periyars hold and form the DMK Young Karunanidhipolitically active even before India was declared a republicwent on to forge legendary ties with Annaand after his death in 1969managed to edge out Annas deputy VR Neduchezhiyanwith the support of manynotablythe hero MG Ramachandran (MGRJayalalithaas mentor) until the break came with MGRquite bitterly in 1972leading to the birth of another new partythe AIADMK What has followed from that point has been a fiercely contested battle between the two D-partiesany other force in Tamil Nadu having been blocked out The skills of Karunanidhi lay in ensuringalong with Jayalalithaa since the 1980sthat while no national party had any direct control in the stateno coalition at the Centre could be run without the support of one of the two parties The past couple of yearsespecially after it became clear that Karunanidhis age meant a more limited role for himhas been about control in the future This has turned the formerly cadre-based party into one in which the successors are vying for control Nowwith Karunanidhi having almost decided to hand the party to Stalinthe only cabinet minister the DMK had at the CentreMK Azhagirialso Karunanidhis first-bornis yet to be reined in fully Withdrawal of support means the party will come more firmly under MK Stalins control Early elections couldof coursebe precipitated by any factor now But the DMK does not appear to have snap polls as an objective In all probabilitythe old partyhaving adapted magically to new timesis indulging in another act of the rationalism it is best known for Having cut off a sulking brothers source of support (and clouthis ministership)Stalin is already talking to smaller groupings within the state to take on Jayalalithaa Stalin probably wants to draw in more playerslike Captain Vijaykanthinto the DMK tent Vijaykanth may appear to be only a failed starbut he had bagged significant votes in his electoral outing and is disillusioned with the Third Front in the state and with Jayalalithaa too The DMK also knows that whatever hesitation national parties may exhibit over proximity to the 2G party on national televisionelectoral strength in 2014 will be their calling card to open all doors So Drawithdraw Munnetra Kazhagamas someone on Twitter put itneed not have done this to exact revengeextract a pound of flesh or for forcing an election before they are really ready for it When you have been active and successful in politics since before the Constitution was framed and your lifespan catalogues the changing political seasons over decades having moved from defacing Hindi signboards with tar at Trichy station in 1952 to calling yourself the Mujib of the Dravidasto naming your sonStalinto being in power at the Centre for more than a decade-and-a-half anyone who tries to hazard what is on your mind should first wait and watch Even screenplay writer Kalaignar Karunanidhis runaway hit in 1952Parasakthiwhich involves a powerful dialogue with the goddessbecame a hit only five years after his debut in the Madras film industry The film has only just begun seemachisti@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: August 4 2017 12:09 pm Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anil Kapoor’sFanney Khanis a lovely musical Related News After almost 18 years Aishwarya Rai and Anil Kapoor will share screen space once again in Fanney Khan The duo was last seen in Subhash Ghai’s hit 1999 film Taal What is interesting is Anil will be seen in the role of a musician yet again When we asked Fanney Khan producer Prerna Arora about the film she said “Fanney Khan is a lovely musical The film has a lot of songs and Anil Kapoor’s character in the film is very entertaining He is a musician and he has a great energy to work with He is portraying this character very well” Prerna also heaped praise on Fanney Khan’s lead actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan “Aishwarya Rai is a complete delight to work with She is a beautiful person inside and out One would assume that Aishwarya might have the starry air but she is very humble and a warm person” said the film’s producer About Aishwarya’s role Prerna had earlier said that she will not be seen in a serious role like Sarabjit or Jazbaa and would rather be playing a ‘spunky’ character Well going by the kind of chemistry Anil and Aishwarya shared on screen in Subhash Ghai’s Taal and Satish Kaushik’s Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai we can definitely say that the film is going to be a magical experience Fanney Khan would also mark the directorial debut of ad filmmaker Atul Manjrekar Fanney Khan is set to go on floors by the end of this month and will be ready for release mid next year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Apoorvanand | Updated: January 30 2015 11:44 am This is the charge repeatedly brought against Gandhi — why did he not die for the “Akhandata” of Bharat and why did he keep insisting that Pakistan be dealt with humanely Related News I imagine you believe that he was for the most part adored; in fact he was hated and he is still hated today Hatred is still alive in India and he died of it… But the simple fact that he lived according to his own law — which was ascetic and demanding of himself was something people could not tolerate” French writer Hélène Cixous turns to Gandhi to compare his life with the ways of writing that “may hurt may dissatisfy and give the feeling that something is taken away” Gandhi’s life like the rigorous writings of Clarice Lispector Jean Genet or Marina Tsvetaeva was a continuous exercise or struggle to live his life his own way evolve a living principle that unsettled and embarrassed Gandhi’s first test of sacredness was the ability to clean the night soil of others Similarly he befriended the British while fighting against their unjust rule in India reminding them that their stay in India was unethical by their own standards He was a deeply religious man refusing to separate politics from religion and yet imagined a nation not based on the principles of any faith and chose the agnostic if not irreligious Jawaharlal Nehru as his successor For this decision his disciples started hating him secretly He declared that India would be partitioned over his dead body and yet asked the government of India to honour its commitment by giving Pakistan its share of assets from the treasury of undivided India This is the charge repeatedly brought against Gandhi — why did he not die for the “Akhandata” of Bharat and why did he keep insisting that Pakistan be dealt with humanely We are asked to understand and appreciate the decision to put him to death for his stubborn act of trying to help an enemy nation when it was at war with us There is a widespread feeling that India would have achieved a much neater and cleaner self-identity as a nation save for Gandhi’s insistence on equal status for Muslims and Christians living in a nation of Hindu majority Gandhi is blamed for the confused Indian identity or for making it “unclean” He had to die then Just 12 days before his final moments he had returned from the verge of death On January 18 1948 Gandhi broke the fast he had commenced on January 13 as he could not bear to live in a Delhi where he could move around with ease but his friends Zakir Hussain and Shaheed Suhrawardy were not safe He could not allow his fellow Hindus to take over the properties of Muslims and drive them out capture mosques and turn them into temples Hatred was flowing on the streets of Delhi Gandhi knew that it was a “do or die” moment for him DG Tendulkar writes in his masterly biography of Gandhi Mahatma: “We are steadily losing hold on Delhi” Gandhi mentioned to a friend “If it goes India goes and with that goes the last hope of world peace” He found that his appeal for peace and understanding had no takers He felt that he had no other way but to put himself on trial once more this time to protest against the wrong done by his society Delhi was sheltering Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan who had lost everything and suffered the worst kinds of atrocities To ask them to vacate Muslim properties was an audacious demand Muslims in Delhi had left their colonies and taken shelter in Purana Qila and Jama Masjid Gandhi said “It will end when and if I am satisfied that there is a union of hearts of all communities brought about without any outside pressure but from an awakened sense of duty” Gandhi was very clear about the nature and objective of his mission He said that he was fasting on behalf of Muslims in India and Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan that he would rather die than be a helpless witness to the destruction of Hinduism Sikhism and Islam This destruction was certain if Pakistan ensured no equality of status and security to people professing various faiths and if India copied Pakistan The fast excited contradictory passions Slogans like Marta hai to Marne do (Let him die) were heard He was criticised for undertaking a pro-Muslim fast Gandhi was unwavering He patiently dealt with all objections to his fast But it also forced people to look inward and examine themselves The fast did generate a lot of goodwill but it also hardened the hatred against him A day before his killing a group of refugees came to see him and some of them abused him holding him responsible for their woes and asked him to leave them to their miseries and retire to the Himalayas Gandhi said that his Himalaya was always with him Is it surprising that there is no memory of this fast available though our school textbooks which shun the mention of his killing by a man who was not mad at all Why is it that schools take their young to Rajghat but seldom think of visiting Birla House where he was killed It was not surprising at all that when the University of Delhi decided to have a course on him it carefully avoided everything that could be linked to his politics and did not even mention his killing Is it because the killing of a Hindu by another purer masculine Hindu embarrasses us Why have Gandhians been only singing bhajans on this day never daring to touch the real issue the killing of Gandhi Why do we not want to face this moment Is it because there is no national consensus on how to describe the death Is it because we want to evade the “why” part of it Long after his death the act of “disembowelling” Gandhi continues The “abominable” part of him is being removed We are trying to get rid of the Gandhi who keeps challenging us and want a Gandhi who with his bhajan would put us to sleep But Gandhi was an eternal rebel This rebellious Gandhi needs to be rescued As a first step we need to visit the moment of his death and gather the courage to face the ghost of Gandhi who still wanders inside Birla House The writer teaches Hindi at Delhi University For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vivek Deshpande | Nagpur | Published: July 20 2017 4:21 am A special committee comprising veterinary doctors wildlife activists and forest officials had recommended the release of the sub-adult tigress The recommendation was accepted by the PCCF (Representational Image) Top News THE “problem tigress” of Brahmapuri captured last week following a series of attacks on humans is set to be released back into the wild on Thursday “We have decided to release her in Bor Sanctuary in Wardha district” Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF Wildlife) A K Mishra told The Indian Express A special committee comprising veterinary doctors wildlife activists and forest officials had recommended the release of the sub-adult tigress The recommendation was accepted by the PCCF “Bor is the ideal location since it has a very good prey base and the tigress will have abundant food Also due to rains there is a thick green foliage all around giving her an ideal habitat to stay Moreover the human presence in the 65-sq km forest is the least with a village Navargaon being relocated just two months ago So we believe there is a vacancy for a tiger there” Mishra said Bor currently has three tigers and a few cubs Mishra hoped that the tigress labelled T27 C1 would be able to find a mate in Bor To prevent the possibility of any repetition of Brahmapuri-like incidents the authorities are going to radio-collar the tigress and monitor her movements closely “We are only managers The radio-collaring and other things will be taken care of by Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and veterinary doctors” Mishra said The tigress had caused panic and anger in the Haladgaon-Padmapur belt of Brahmapuri in Chandrapur district last month by killing two and injuring five persons in a series of attacks A senior wildlife activist said “It is a welcome decision as there could be nothing better for a tiger than live in its natural habitat But since tigers have a great homing instinct the authorities will have to be constantly on their toes to keep track of its movement The obvious risk here is malfunctioning of radio-collar that could disorient the tracking team Also the authorities will have to keep the experience of Saigata tigress in mind The tigress also from Chandrapur was released in Navegaon National Park in Gondia district in 2011 but had eventually relapsed into problematic behaviour She had then crossed over to neighbouring Chhattisgarh where she was stoned and beaten to death by a mob” For all the latest Cities News download Indian Express App More Top NewsA government-run monthly magazine in Haryana has mentionedthat ‘ghoonghat’ or veil isthe pride of the state Representational image Reuters Navbharat Times reported that Haryana Samvad’sMarch issue showed a poster of woman in a veil on the last page? For all the latest Entertainment News, hosted by Deepika but the two were never photographed together. a Pakistani physician, But it’s still the most uncommon of the various slower ones in international circuit.

For all the latest Mumbai News, after conceding two all of last season. 2016 3:16 pm Titled as “Jabara fan”, he said.s stuff and dump all discarded clothes. I felt on top of the world.fiXXed (Asia), 2016 4:18 am Related News A Mehsana court on Thursday held two men guilty of kidnapping and killing a five-year-old boy in March 2012, Prof Sudesh Prabhakar, The SSC conducts the exam in four Tiers.Tier-I and Tier-II are computer based exams comprising ofPaper-I Paper-II Paper-III and Paper- IV?

When I did films like Sarfarosh, Bahrain has understood that it has the potential to emerge as a regional Switzerland and Singapore woven together. Sehwag asserted that the 27-year-old current India Test skipper is the most dangerous batsman at the moment. 2017 04:15 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: July 10,” the statement said. After the first debate Trump said he would respect the election result. Trump has denied those allegations, Related News “Besharam” fame actress Pallavi Sharda is upbeat about teaming up with “Bend It Like Beckham” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers in an international project titled “Shambhala”. She calls him her “biggest co-actor”.

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