Discussion the site outside the chain is important not important

above so much and regen surprised me, did not think carefully read, see a lot of brilliant reply, also let me learn something outside the chain only play a supporting role in the optimization of good Sitelinks do stand outside the chain is better than the spam chain more to do outside the chain to use text links, links, anchor text, density distribution and index of the chain to high quality and a good grasp of the key words, another one is the high quality with great efficiency and recovery.

chain not only refers to the forum signature, posting replies, and more diversified range of methods. Starting from the love of Shanghai to do search engines only have love Shanghai products chain, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love library Encyclopedia Shanghai know, know platforms such as Taobao Soso Ask, ask, question and answer, classification information platform, all kinds of information publishing platform B2B, blog, news chain, bookmarks, network favorites, popular community friends of the chain, Post Bar, submitted to the soft exchange platform, and so on. Try to do can be multi-faceted.

chain is not directly into the forum registration account link and lost forever will not have the effect of. The link should pay attention to collect those websites, the forum, the community, the blog link is included, the effective, these effective websites using Excel statistical collation, monitoring results, and then concentrate on release, not to do a thin wide The heavenly maids scatter blossoms.

some keywords do a few days have the effect, some do one or two months to see the effect. Don’t be popular keywords, this is difficult to do, because we are doing, choose the index of keywords to be relevant, can choose the general high correlation keywords to do, if I can do news


chain is not a simple post replies, do things carelessly. If done to the high quality of the chain, set the anchor text, or hyperlink, or text links, not only the forum will Jiajing, other sites will be reproduced, so the chain of search engines have what reason not included. The chain also want to send outside the chain of high quality, high weight website posted. For example, speed transit, Adsense nets, the laggards, A5, Eric, 28tui, Shanghai dragon wehy. I find some high weight forum hot topic.

someone’s point of view: the hair of the chain to pay attention to skills

The The ?See

someone’s view: the chain platform should be diversified

is a "all more than 20 days of the chain in 28 to push the forum, have what effect?" attracted questions post, see the problem should be so hot, so many people participate in the answer, it carefully to turn the pages down, a full 36 page answer verbatim read. I am confused, what should the hair of the chain how to send the chain site outside the chain is not important,

someone’s view: with the chain keywords competition degree, conversion rate, and the quality of the chain is

Yishui view relationship to talk about website optimization and the structure of the human body

do website optimization for a long time, met the most is nothing more than home page optimization, articles, links to such problems, I can not help it will be linked to these problems and the structure of the human body, do site optimization as a person, people have a brain, bones, flesh, meridians, homepage, content, keywords, inside chain net station etc..


site within the chain as the meridians and meridians throughout the body, and plays an important role in making various organs of good coordination, is the main channel of systemic blood running, in the same chain to our site, throughout the site, is the main channel of the spider crawling, the body meridians can not connected, but can not appear meridians no symptoms, but the site within the chain is also so, the chain is not the more the better, should pay attention to the distribution and form, and can not appear dead links, link error phenomenon. Source: 贵族宝贝hqbank.cc Yishui webmaster from original, please specify.


on the front page of the site like the human brain, the importance of comparable importance, the brain is self-evident, so is the website home page, we want to optimize a station, first to optimize the site’s home page, especially for the love of Shanghai optimization, because love Shanghai for your home page weight is very high, higher than any other search engines, so we have to do is to let the mind clear, eliminate distractions, remove evil thoughts, applied to the website optimization is to determine the home key, reduce redundant code (code optimization), the removal of cheating information etc..

layout architecture as the bones, bones propped up in the body, but our website is to use keywords architecture to support, when we remove pictures, flash, the contents of the article, there is a layer of keywords architecture, of course, the human skeleton structure is in accordance with certain rules, determines the skeletal architecture the appearance, appearance of beauty and ugliness to influence others to your evaluation, the evaluation on the website’s user experience, so we should be user centered in the keyword layout structure, reflects the user wants to see the information, make users want to see the form of information expression.

site within the article is equivalent to the muscles throughout the body, attached to the bone, there are a lot of articles, ZhengZhan everywhere, but optimized for very successful website, these articles are not loose, they cling to the keywords architecture, from the layout of the keywords of the position and the form of decision. However, everyone should be the flesh and blood are not exactly the same, our article is too much, the copy will be right down the search engine.


Cheng Wei 15 billion dollars has been melted down, still financing, not yet to the endKeep the car t


According to the


according to the introduction, Didi travel has invested OFO, Cheng Wei is OFO director, Didi travel and OFO also have a lot of cooperation.

Cheng Wei pointed out that in the shared platform, can be used 10 times a day, can reduce half of the car all services built several large parking lots in the suburbs of the city center, parking lot can become green and the school, this change will happen over the next ten years.

it’s hard to imagine half a year without having to buy another car. A bike can be used ten times a day on a shared platform.

drops CEO Cheng Wei before the date of travel in Beijing to attend a forum revealed that the largest bicycle manufacturers Giant may be acquired by OfO.

car treasure CEO Li Peng, car treasure profit is mainly on the B side, one of the most important is to build auto parts store, car Bao auto parts auto parts supplier mall is connected to line service providers and channel sales management system sales. The latter is easy to understand the meaning of the former is said by the management system, supply and demand directly connected accessories business and service shop, through the integration of products to provide the B business at a low price, to obtain a certain profit, but it is worth mentioning that businesses have settled for free.

is one of the world’s bicycle production and marketing of the largest company, its network across five continents and more than fifty countries, companies all over the mainland, the United States, Britain, China Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Holland and other places.


friends who have cars know that vehicle maintenance service is becoming more and more important in our daily life. How to keep the car convenient has attracted more and more attention of the car owners. In the car market, O2O industry moment rise, there are two main forms: one is the traditional enterprise in the line of auto + Internet mode; one is the Internet companies to penetrate the line, forming Internet plus car model. In fact, they don’t have much difference in essence, but differ in the starting point, as a point of departure from the traditional auto industry moved to the next line put things online, one is the direct use of the Internet for the integration of the automotive industry, through online and offline collocation, and ultimately promote the development of the automobile market.

car is the same, the car is using the lowest rate of industrial products, the automobile produced only 4% of the time in use, 96% are idle, this city to build a parking lot, this model is destined to be inefficient.

talking about the market of O2O industry after automobile

drops into future unmanned



talking about profit model

America’s top technology companies are doing this thing, apple, shlf1314, Tesla in the car, the automobile industry is the only investment Apple drops, because the mobile phone industry is coming to an end, he to the layout of the automobile industry.

this time to raise a vehicle to treasure CEO Li Peng to carry on an exclusive interview:

face the car

approached to keep the car treasure

Cheng Wei said, change does not come from the end, not from the car, but how to change, but from the use of information revolution, only the Internet’s big data in order to move the car, share the use of.

Cheng Wei said that the second five years, bit hope is not only the largest travel platform, but also become a world-class technology companies, to promote the transportation and automotive industry revolution. Drops have 200 billion revenue a year, if by this scale, far from the valuation of 50 billion U. S. dollars.

C end face, their goal is to establish a sound service system, improve service consciousness, pay attention to user experience, will investigate real-time user feedback, they will update the merchants, select high-quality merchants settled car treasure has been free of charge, the elimination of irresponsible businesses, to protect the interests of owners, the owners get the help the most reasonable price, the most perfect service.

Beijing car Ying Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2015, the company is located in Beijing Haidian, 2015 will acquire a potential capital, Ronglian wealth funds and 20 million yuan car network interconnection joint angel investment. Keep a car treasure from January 2014 officially launched to the project incubation to 2015 officially from the parent company car networking independently, experienced a long incubation period, it is a O2O mode for the owners to provide a comprehensive service such as self-service platform, to provide maintenance, maintenance, beauty, car washing, gas, insurance and other preferential information query real time and interactive consumer evaluation for the owners, the car maintenance service transparent, the user can understand the market the price of service product, and price selection and online ordering. Currently, the car has more than 450 million treasure users, more than 3 merchants, opened 132 urban services, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places set up branches.

that’s why capital favors artificial intelligence and driverless cars because he can turn cars into shared, intelligent traffic.

"I believe that after ten years, the automotive industry will become the world’s 3-4 most intelligent companies in the world, and I hope it will be one of them."."

Cheng Wei revealed, "drops in the future to do three things, namely:

previously, v-mobile bicycle, bicycle manufacturers and OFO are co manufacturing bicycle, once the acquisition is completed, it is the first time in the field of bicycle bike manufacturers under the acquisition line.

1, intelligent transportation, not only cars, networking, roads and green and red

Do the data analysis to improve website weight

, a weight from

search engine through the overall performance of the web to raise or drop a website. The overall performance including: the content of the website, the chain structure of the site, the site of the vote, the audience, the website of timeliness, site of scarce resources and so on these comprehensive factors. The station outside the station and two factors, the search engine weights through the comprehensive score of these factors to judge a site.


2. pageviews (PV

) through data analysis ?The weight of the

in front of us understand the real website weight, also know how to judge the website weight, then the data analysis we need to do the following analysis can help us to improve the weight.

real weight sum up is a comprehensive score, it is the inheritance of every page on our website in, and he is not specific to a certain point or one of the elements of our weight is the higher the keywords ranking, but the website weight does not directly determine the ranking.

said the weight of a lot of people will say it’s very simple we love Shanghai webmaster tools check weight can, in fact, the webmaster tools of love Shanghai weight is not really love Shanghai weight, only as a reference value, true love is the core element of Shanghai weight search engine, is unlikely to be open.

1. included rate

three, how to improve the weight of

many of our webmaster or site when doing the Shanghai dragon to bring up is not to control or update every day through the optimization, think the ranking do go up over, in fact, Shanghai dragon is more important to go up in the data analysis, the initial ranking is based in later through data analysis, stable ranking is what we should do. The change in our analysis we can better grasp the needs of users on the website of good data, reduce the rate of jump out to enhance the page residence time, so we will find our website search engine is more valuable for the user, the weight level our website will be the last step, we discuss today is to share the website data analysis of how to do.

two, the website weight how to judge


site only included will get the weight, so the citation rate is a basic data not included the weight is out of the question. Included rate mainly refers to the collection we see our website each column below "is how, whether our important pages are included, such as product information, price information and so on, because these pages are really important in ranking, the general collection rate of more than fifty percent that can. If the index rate below twenty percent, that we need to pay attention to, if the collection rate of less than ten percent, it is not normal.

Grasp the two key optimization details make the enterprise stand conversion rate rising

according to the author in recent years the optimization of the enterprise stand experience that many enterprises do not pay attention to the station website landing page, they think that the landing page and even think not essential, increase the landing page will cause the user antipathy. However, this is not the case, a website landing page if it is beautiful and practical, will bring a new user experience for the site, and then enhance the site’s conversion rate. I think, to create beautiful and practical landing pages need to pay attention to two details:


(2) landing page must provide a guide link. Good landing page can not only enhance the user experience, but also promote the purchase of users of our website products. Therefore, we can increase the number of pages in the guide words, such as "the order", "online quiz" tempting words, then these words to add a link to our order page, this can be very convenient for the user to buy the product, but also promotes the transformation of our website rate.

landing page is beautiful and decent, and can let users see at the first glance this website’s main product, this is the perfect practice.


enterprises do optimization or do the bidding is mainly aimed at a few key words to do, very few enterprises will pay attention to some other details, just focus on the keywords ranking. This practice is not consistent with the trend of the times, I now have to operate according to their own experience to share with you, how to let the enterprise obtain climb station flow through the following two optimization details.

now in every industry competition on the Internet is quite intense, some enterprises pay too much attention to the website ranking, website ranking will be considered by the market, this is a very wrong. Now rely on search.

details: to create a beautiful and practical website landing page, and actively guide the users to buy

(1) landing page must have personality and distinctive graceful and concise. Now many enterprises will choose the template site, do need to save the cost, but too monotonous style will let users Shenmeipilao, so add a beautiful landing page will be more to enhance the user experience. The landing page does not need to do too much, interface requirements of appearance, and to highlight our main products, such as the following:

details of the two: the creation of a plurality of flow entrance, fully dispersed flow

?In fact, now

with e-commerce technology development and progress, more and more enterprises began online sales of products, in order to get more traffic and profitability, many companies will take the bidding station or Shanghai Longfeng way to get ranked according to their own situation, so as to get traffic and profitability. But it can really make money business is not much, a lot of enterprises through auction or home station although do Shanghai dragon, but the conversion rate is still poor, what is the reason for this

Malan beauty life Museum CPA registration re launched itLine IPO issue price reached the interval li

Line, the IPO issue price of 3300 yen per share. The company will be listed in Tokyo and New York in July 14th and July 15th respectively. This is likely to be the largest technology company in the IPO in 2016.

looking for new users

Line’s messaging service Empire has 218 million users, while ecosystem services involve games, expression packs, taxi services, and streaming music. Line is now trying to tap beyond its home markets. This means that the company will face larger competitors directly, such as Facebook and Tencent.

Line said in the announcement, based on the previous issue price range of 2900 to 3300 yen, investor demand is far more than the company’s prospectus. While investor demand is strong, the Line’s IPO remains attractive despite turmoil in the UK off the market referendum.

at present, we have a nationwide "Beauty & Fashion Life Museum more than five hundred, in addition to Taiwan and Tibet, almost every province has our shadow. Most importantly, in many city, Nalan are made in the first local brand, often by the local newspapers and fashion magazines as the beauty of choice. And these stores are more amazing turnover, ten days turnover exceeded fifty thousand, one hundred thousand yuan shop countless. Of course, this is the core reason why the headquarters dare to put the sales commitment into the contract the first in the Chinese beauty chain enterprises.


unique beauty brand "Xin Di Rui La", "Bei LAN Phil" two major brands, dozens of series. Nationwide Baran only in the store in sales. China has the first "Beijing Department of dermatology expert remote diagnosis" system. Solve a blank in the field of high-tech beauty video! Exclusive American T& M company; mercury type three the right to use the equipment, "Diana six" patent technique, unique fragrance DIY experience, "Chihiro next generation" S65 system large area China Suji slimming only, is a leading industry reputation is very long.


two >

, everybody:

, the professionalism of nalan. Beijing, 2003, spring and summer, during the SARS, the streets were almost empty. The headquarters of the Jingan center, 99% companies choose holiday business, only Narang, none of the staff in the off-site, all around the store give advice and suggestions for. Building the other layer twenty layer is silent, because it reflects the style of racket! A company idea: we each people are "Nalan, pragmatic idealist. We are dreaming, breathing, sleep even cause Nalan — as the slogan on the wall: we also full of dreams, convulsed with fear, frantically trying every way, in order to make a success,

goes deep into the Line ecosystem,

Line, the parent company, is Naver, the South Korean Internet giant. Currently, the app has 218 million monthly active users, offering free calls and messaging services, and earning revenue through facial packs, sales, games and advertising. In recent years, Line has been developing other services, such as streaming music and mobile taxi, to compete with rivals such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Line’s current goal is to tap the Asian market and enter the United states.

Narang, brand ownership held for Beijing’s Blue Technology Co. ltd.. The company has a group of management, collection of cosmetics production plant Asia’s largest production base of amino acid, consulting enterprises Beijing Hao Chi Cci Capital Ltd Beijing, R & D beauty enterprise classic beauty beauty company as a whole. It is a rare all-round comprehensive enterprise in china.

Line is currently leading the market for messaging applications in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Line did not choose to start with Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp in Europe and America

Line will sell 13 million new shares in Japan and sell 22 million shares in New York. If there is over subscription, then Line can also start an option to sell an additional 5 million 250 thousand shares.

many people ask: "why, develop so quickly?" we think this may be with his ideas about. When other companies to receive franchise fees when focused, but the support of Nalan each of the stores as a top priority. The secret of distinguishing whether a company focus on customer service service is: the number of their customer service department is large enough, at least more than 200 people now, customer service service, unique in the industry.


in the case of excessive subscription, the Line IPO will finance 132 billion 800 million yen about 1 billion 300 million U.S. dollars. It will be one of the largest IPO companies in Japan since the Japanese post was listed last November. Recently, the IPO market in the technology industry is sluggish, and Line’s IPO will be a litmus test for the market.

There is

, Beauty & Life Museum nalan.cn:

, Tencent, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese news application Line announced on Monday in New York and Tokyo listed on the IPO initial public offering issue price. As the market demand, the issue price in the previously announced interval on-line. This means that Line will finance 115 billion 500 million yen $1 billion 140 million.

Line’s intelligent portal platform

Hello! Nalan living museum CPA registered online advertising.

Shi Yuzhu page tour will explosive growth, suitable for young people EntrepreneurshipSP industry is

      I am not here today. It is without rhyme or reason., indeed I: three friends call in the evening I do messages: one who led a company listed in the United States, is currently a China customized ringing tone industry leader, is a representative of the backbone of South market, like an appointment the general told me three friends: it is not good business to do business, the industry has shrunk a lot over. These three points of view, I was a little silly, I really did not expect how SP overnight from the prince became civilians.

      a few years ago, SP mobile value-added service providers, commonly known as SMS company their time is very good, in order to expand its mobile phone when mobile data business interests, called on everyone to rise up, will the right to charge easily delegated to the SP, then the SP only click on the mobile phone users can receive money, regardless of whether you are not willing to receive this message, whether you are not willing to you don’t know that this message will charge innocent to the charges, then the market, bold heartless earn money, not a point, is many. Now, Liu Chengmeng created a mobile serendipitously in an industry, a charge by group by industry.


the meeting didn’t last long before giant management invited Wu Meng to join the giant.

giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu

giant force page tour strategy, is the 85 vice president Wu Meng added as a mark. At the beginning of February this year, President Wu Meng declared that the giant network pioneer officially joined as vice president, responsible for the planning and development of web games. According to the plan, the giant hopes to create a boutique page tour within 1 years, with 2 years time among the domestic page tour production first echelon.

, he also analyzes the two major features of page tour, short R & D cycle, low threshold, which are before the MMO can not compare advantages. "The client rush for 10 years, the development and promotion of the increasingly high threshold. By contrast, page tours are ideal for young people with dreams. I like to play games, and now I probably don’t have as much time to develop as I used to. If possible, I would like to spend a few months to try Webpage Game, see he is not old, "Shi Yuzhu said.

‘s ChinaJoy last week, Shi Yuzhu hosted dozens of page tour producers at the private club. Some people say with a laugh, excluding guests, including guests, the total amount of tens of billions of dollars. Shi Yuzhu this banquet, the theme for this year’s new web game strategy. He is very optimistic about the growth of the web game market, and this opportunity to invite the producers to exchange advice.

      in fact, the reason is very simple, not the industry has no future, you do not see 3G coming soon, mobile broadband is becoming wider and wider, consumer spending more and more mature? Are mobile phone users increasingly dependent on mobile phones? We saw it, but some of SP’s operators didn’t see it. What’s the reason? Because before the money or money is too easy, this time to rely on real skills, really, really hard to make money service times, the corsair never broke out again, and the people have lost confidence, indeed, who do not want to lie at home to earn money?! Of course, in that case, shuffling is a sure thing to happen. It’s a good thing, too

giant this year officially mentioned the page tour strategy height, attaches great importance to. Shi Yuzhu said in November last year, he had convened an internal meeting, then suddenly notified to a conference call to manager all products giant company’s largest room, telling Webpage Game in two years will face the explosive growth opportunities in the future, calling for all employees to embrace this wave.

 :     so, the Chinese Internet seems to have surpassed the United States overnight, and found an excellent profit model sms. Chinese stocks suddenly become prosperous, the United States NASDAQ half of the sky, professional portal, as long as the edge of the text messages are suddenly issued, the stock price is very good. But Chinese people are not fools, but found himself receiving messages must be paid when you quit, the complaint, at this time the society is harmonious, harmony is not incompatible with the Party Central Committee’s policy, so the Ministry of information industry regulation, they began to borrow mobile standard name will own position change "mobile information providers", SP very miserable fate, which we use to be suspected, investors’ money are caught, it also created the Internet today Chinese trough, China TMT venture capital investment trough.


Shi Yuzhu still wore his familiar red T-shirt and white trousers that evening, and was still barefoot in his opening speech. "Bald + bare foot" became, of course, many guests sent micro-blog fans please find the highlights of the material.


technology news July 31st morning news, said at a party during the period of the giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu ChinaJoy, web games will face the explosive growth opportunities, and the giants have begun to embrace this change. Shi Yuzhu says, with end swim doorsill is more and more tall, compared to, page swims very suit young people to start an undertaking.

The total number of registered companies in Hongkong increased by 25989 in the first half of this ye

3 and Hongkong allow non operating companies to allow shell companies to exist. Many companies registered in the shell shell companies to do brand publicity, the use of Hongkong visibility, the creation of Hongkong brand. For example, Hongkong’s clothing, toys, culture, publishing and other industries in the international community has a certain competitive advantage.

, we often ignore the importance of mentoring in our career. But as a corporate CIO, it is also up to you to share your experiences and lessons in life for future policy makers to share. As CIO, you should also leave your successful experience as a technology performer and designer to these future leaders. Following is the successful experience of Steve Williams, chief information officer and senior vice president of a large retail enterprise. At the age of 37, he became the youngest director of information technology at the $6 billion company with annual sales. Maybe through his successful experience, you can become a good CIO early.

1. comprehensive application of customer relationship management conceptsEach

2. must not use jargon in his work
3. succeeds
4. creates service ideas

why are more and more people registering companies in Hongkong,

, compared with the mainland, registered Hongkong company has the following advantages:

, according to news reports, the Hongkong Special Administrative Region government company registration statistics office published in July 10, 2016 showed that as of the end of June this year, the total number of local Hongkong companies registered in accordance with the "Regulations" of the company reached 1314655, an increase of 25989 compared to the end of 2015. The SAR government company registration office director Zhong Liling said, for the convenience of business, it is in late May 2016 to launch a comprehensive company search for mobile services, users can now use smart mobile phone and mobile devices whenever and wherever possible for all categories of company search, in order to obtain the latest company information.

5 and the government of Hongkong will invest considerable funds each year to support and encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological training, or to apply for patent applications. To support small and medium enterprises to cope with the challenges and opportunities of economic development, the Hongkong SAR government set up SME funding schemes and expert island also provides free assistance subsidy application, mainly including: smeexportmarketingfund, smeloanguaranteescheme and SME training fund.

2, Hongkong tax system is simple and low tax rates: for your strict control of tax expert Island, Hongkong and low tax rates, tax less, the establishment of the company in Hongkong, generally only need to pay two tax, profits tax: a tax rate of 16.5%, and is based on the actual profit of our Chun Li to calculate, companies are not profitable, not pay taxes. Two, salaries tax, tax exempt amount of single 120000HKD married 240000HKD. In addition to alcohol, tobacco or special, there is no import and export tax in Hongkong.

4, Hongkong company registration is simple: through expert Island, industrial and commercial registration program in Hongkong will become very easy, a limited liability company in Hongkong as long as 8 days to complete registration, much lower than the world average level of 48 days, only four days of the establishment of a branch, you only need to buy ready-made company three days. Online processing, the day can be scanned. Provide a valid identification at least 18 years of age, a registered address and a statutory Secretary can apply.

6 and Hongkong, as one of the international financial centres, are well developed in the financial services sector, and the financing and regulatory environment is superior to that of the mainland. Mainland enterprises set up companies in Hongkong as a settlement and financing platform, and use the relatively loose financing environment in Hongkong to reduce financial difficulties

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

1, Hongkong company limited scope of operation: Limited Hong Kong Company can operate any business in Hong Kong, excluding illegal business.


Baidu, a Baidu has not been included in the webmaster monologue

a website, if it is your last hope, but you can’t do it well, I want to ask you uncomfortable,


as a five year old grassroots webmaster, can say is, experienced a boom and decline of China most of the Internet, don’t listen to, read should be small, early Sunbo, Hsinchu station system, created a number of heroes, qqjay. Sheng Qiang Wang, the snow may have the design, owners must be heard, but they are ordinary like everyone else, no name, just a dust in the Internet, because many owners have not become a business leader, a leader in the Internet, such as I expect is a website with a decent point, if it is your last hope, but but you do not, I would like to ask you sick?

as I expect is a decent life, every day has the value of busy, every day has its own harvest, but what I did not get, but the hero has been standing there, let us never willing to give up that we think we can, but since I am feeble today I have to admit, I was a loser, a loser will only admire and imitate, many times I analyze their own mistakes, I still had their own net PS but try every day and every day is not the same, the Baidu I have ignored the website 36 days, Baidu included or 0, my confidence in reducing every day.

I want to Baidu said, I give you 7 days, if not included me, I will really quit, or webmaster, I have never been a qualified webmaster, because I have never seriously adhere to, I have been in the suit, really tired, maybe I don’t really for really competition is too intense Internet fight, I want to say that the Internet gives us much hope, also give us too much pain, success here may be a dream, the dream will not become a reality.

finally, please don’t say I’m writing you guys, because I’m writing myself, and I hope everyone can help me.

by www.psqqq.cn webmaster feeds.

Network push hands to create the vortex of public opinion bottom line

The birth of the term "

Internet marketer" is related to a series of network Reds together, such as Sister Lotus, fairy sister, February, Yan…… With the popularity of these network reds, as a behind the scenes operator, "network push hands" this term gradually become familiar with.

industry insiders said that China’s current network of pushing hands, at least tens of thousands of people. The famous Internet promoter, Ren Ren, said: "now is the network push hands in the spring and Autumn period."."

the story of "sparrows change into phoenix"

before August 2005, Yu Hongyan was only a simple Qiang girl in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan. This year in August, the wave brother drove to Sichuan ABA county tourism, water carriage, he went to a farm road home by water, accidentally see sitting on the side of the road in a daze Qiang girl Yu hongyan.


got the approval, the man who loved traveling and photographing took a lot of pictures. On the second night, he published the set of photos at the TOM website auto forum. Through uninterrupted forum map, 3 months later, "angel sister" popular in the network.

"fairy sister" overnight, "sparrows become phoenix", has a large number of fans. The enterprise also aimed at the pure and lovely fairy sister, angel sister become Sony Ericsson mobile phone — a spokesman of a huge billboard, smiling angel sister. It is said that more than a year later, "fairy sister" to achieve the contract economic income of about 2000000 yuan.

like fairy sister rags and network Reds sister Furong, February girl, rogue Yan, very real combination……


behind the red man

people gradually discovered that the "red man" didn’t happen to be famous. They were behind the internet. Behind the angel sister is pushing hands behind the wave brother, Sister Lotus is Internet marketer Chen Mo. In May this year, a "ban" Wang Laoji post through the network spread, so that Wang Laoji sales soared. It is also behind the network push hands.

on the night of May 18, 2008, Wang Laoji donated 100 million yuan at a disaster relief gala held jointly by several ministries and CCTV. Then, "let Wang Laoji China disappear from the shelves! Block it posts!" appeared in the Forum: "Wang Laoji, you are cruel to donate one hundred million!! in order to control the arrogance of the enterprises, the supermarket buy light Wang Laoji! One can buy a jar of


"blocked" Wong Lo Wong’s post, three hours later, Baidu post bar about Wong Lo Kat posting more than 140 thousand. On the second day, more posts about Wong Lo Kat appeared in QQ, MSN, mobile phone text messages and forums and portals. Careful Netizens found that a lot of praise JDB (Wang Laoji company name) and Wang Laoji’s thread IP address is repeated.

Ren Ren defines the network push hands: "network push hands", also known as "network push guest", "network planner", know how to network promotion and >