Anhui, Hefei makeup skills training to help women start employment

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Shangguan package franchise why fire

What is

has been standing in Chinese catering market to the traditional brand project? Mainly have steamed buns, steamed bread, these seemingly simple but the needs of the food and beverage brand project.

steamed stuffed bun is the main force of the breakfast market in China, which has a high popularity and market share for many years. Investment in a steamed stuffed bun store, a huge market demand has laid a good foundation for the market. Shangguan package franchise, the famous brand exclusive steamed delicacy, craft secret recipe, succulent steamed delicacy highly sought after, is definitely a good choice, you can not miss the popular, good business can not stop, make it easier. read more

What are the costs of opening the restaurant

want to do what the first condition is that you have to have enough money to run it, many investors think the individual business catering shop is too expensive, can not afford, so they tend to choose entrepreneurial franchise in the form of. So, how to open a restaurant to join the chain? How much does it cost to open a restaurant to join the chain? The detailed cost analysis of the chain of food and beverage to join the chain, a look at it!

open restaurant chain to join the cost of one: Industrial and commercial registration fee read more

How can beauty salons reduce waste and loss

as the saying goes, the women and children of the money is earned, today Xiaobian want to talk about a woman in the industry, it is the beauty salon, beauty salon opened to make money, but at the same time, the business risk is big, the slightest mistake is likely to fail. Beauty salon spending every month are very large, if you can control a little bit, reduce the consumption of each detail, then you can increase the store revenue. So, how to enhance the beauty salon gains, reduce waste and loss? If the cost of reasonable control? read more

What are the advantages of the dry cleaning industry

dry cleaning industry development prospects, franchisees will not easily miss. Want to seize business opportunities in this industry, the need to join the business clear some problems. If you understand the advantages of the industry, may have an impact on the direction of your dry cleaners. If you don’t know, just take a look at it.

everenduring project, a huge market:

in European countries, most people will get professional cleaners washing clothes. In the economic Chinese, from the last century, the beginning of the 90s to the dry cleaners dry cleaning people are increasing, especially in the textile and clothing design, the progress of science and technology change rapidly today, many clothes are not at home to wash, dry cleaners must be handed over to a professional to handle. read more

Join milk tea shop to do a few points

small selection of the operator’s favorite investment projects, there must be a place to belong to the project to join the milk tea. Popular food is popular with young people, and has a good profit feedback. However, operating in conjunction with milk tea shop is not an easy thing.

1. join milk tea shop to do site

to open tea shop want to make money, investors must first ensure good store location, which is the basic premise of tea shop profit. How to choose a store to open a tea shop, in fact, as long as investors do a good job on the investigation is very simple, mainly to do a good job in the surrounding area survey and consumer survey. In general, like some of the more popular popularity, integrated market, street near the station, near the residential area are a good choice, these areas not only the large flow of people and businesses, is an ideal location for investment shop. read more

Handjack elder brother investment in the automotive supplies industry start-up story

with the development of economy, the number of cars is becoming more and more popular, becoming the most popular means of travel. This is the automotive supplies industry has brought tremendous business opportunities. But what about the automotive industry? How can you make a lot of money by investing in a car beauty shop? The following small series to introduce an investment in the automotive industry in the process of successful entrepreneurs.

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How to open a deli location

is now the pace of people’s lives in constant speed, also let the people’s diet has undergone great changes, also let the catering industry development is very good, a lot of people eat food is a delicacy, so popular and high demand in the market, if the financial strength, rich to open a Deli is good. Now there are many small entrepreneurs interested in it, then the next look at how to open a small shop with a small shop how to choose it!

how do you shop? Importance of site selection read more

Senshen remember how fish.

today is our main force Chinese society by the gang of 80, 90, as a new generation of young people, the fashion trend has been our constant pursuit, to grasp the characteristics of consumer groups, consumer market in many industries have struggled to meet consumer demand, even the delicacy is no exception, from baked durian the fried ice cream, to attract a new generation of consumers, a variety of creative delicacy can emerge in an endless stream. Recently senshen remember roast fish fire crystal fish is a stark example. read more

Poor how to do network marketing

must do the webmaster, early will encounter financial problems, it may wish to define yourself as a "poor", make full use of all available free resources to do network marketing, like the home economy, however, businesses will find ways, let you in the house, still have to buy its products, the so-called God, give you turn off a door, he will open another window for you, in the case of insufficient funds, we have to open up, how to use free resources, to see whether it will also achieve the effect of network marketing. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Ali push to travel ah washing powder printing QQ burned

1 laundry powder printed on the "QQ" logo Tencent Inc litigation claims   100 thousand;

for Beijing white washing powder packaging printed with QQ Penguin logo, Shenzhen city Tencent computer system Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent Inc) in Beijing urban and rural trade center Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing Feng Jingyuan Trading Co. Ltd., Anhui Qijia daily chemical limited liability company sued the Haidian court, and claims 100 thousand yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Haidian court has accepted the copyright dispute. read more

Dangdang regulations to Beijing to be sentenced to unequal treaties

Provisions "format clause

[review] all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that jurisdiction clause is invalid.

Information Times News (reporter Wei Huihui correspondent Liu Kan Yang Xiaomei) online shopping has become one of the most important modern consumption patterns, many network operators registered users in the consumer link, advance in the format of the contract set in the jurisdiction clause, the terms of the format provisions "all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that jurisdiction clause is invalid. read more

The first rural electricity supplier development views support for various types of capital particip

special correspondent Zhang Mengjie Beijing reported

the first comprehensive deployment of rural e-commerce documents officially landed.

August 31st, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and other 19 departments jointly issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

"this is the Ministry of Commerce for the first time put forward the development of rural electricity supplier, although the industry called blue ocean, but the first half of this year, China’s rural agricultural products sales of electricity suppliers accounted for only about 2.5%, and other areas of electricity sales accounted for more than 20% in general," said the Ministry of Commerce Electronic Commerce Research Institute deputy director of the research department of Zhang Li in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report. read more