From the importance of the three algorithms a brief analysis of the chain

is the hub of the meaning of the values of all link weights and pages.

For example:

Hits algorithm is proposed by Cornell University in 1997, is the analysis for a page importance algorithm. Hits algorithm has two concepts, respectively is the hub of value and authority value.

Hilltop algorithm on

TrustRank algorithm on

The correlation between For example:

Hilltop algorithm is the search engine results noble baby acquired in 2001 ranking patent engineer.


Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog website authority value is 20, said there are 20 links to become the hub value into the page.

TrustRank algorithm is the 2004 Stanford University and YAHOO joint research, which translates to trust index.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon for the search engine algorithm from no in-depth study, also do not advocate to further study. The author thinks that the general enterprise of Shanghai dragon Er only need to understand the algorithm, can be tasted.

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog export link 20, the 20 link weights and www.fq is the Shanghai dragon.Org hub value.

very simple example is the 3 site a-b-c weight in turn from high to low, if the site is to import your a, then your relatively high authority trust value.

so we are now looking for the chain is PR high, long age and authoritative domains (such as gov), because it is an open algorithm.

has high weight website links to your website, search engine will think that your site is trustworthy. Because the search engine think good website is not bad friends.

algorithm that is the most simple link, Fuqing Shanghai dragon can be considered as a supplement for TrustRank algorithm. Just imagine, if there is no Hilltop algorithm, so if the government website is a chain and Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog, so my blog ranking > Shanghai Dragon

Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng list three famous search engine algorithms for early entry analysis, not for anything else, is to prove the chain to provide a theoretical basis for the importance of the website rankings, we hope to help.

is the meaning of all authority values into the page link weights and.

For example:

so, if a page does not only import and export link, it will lose the authority value or hub value, and the search engine ranking one of the factors is based on the combination of the two.

algorithm more attention is relatively easy to understand, the algorithm represents authority and trust.

Hits algorithm on

About Alt and Title of the two label usage

Title: the label link notes.

Alt and Title two label usage, we usually are in use, recently a lot of friends ask such a question, how to use these two labels should be good in Shanghai Longfeng in? Here is what Qingyong personal understanding and practice, talk about their own suggestions:

because the search engine page source code, if the links or images with the Title or Alt tag, but also be helpful to such a key of the ascent (do not deliberately use these two labels to add a keyword density).

Title label: mainly on the link to comment or strengthen the function, there may be friends will ask: " link is the text, why should strengthen? ". In fact, when we call a content page title when, due to the layout of the page or appearance may, will only display the content page part of the title text, so, this time to do this link on Title, search engine users or the link to this understanding is not better at.

Alt: the role of image annotation tags;

read the above comments, everyone may already have their own answers to.

if a picture is linked with Title and Alt, these two labels should be how to deal with

For ?

users, if the wrong URL a picture or because of the reason of the network open, if the picture has a Alt tag, so the picture wrong position will display the Alt annotation content to the picture, so the user experience has also played a role for.

1, do Alt tags; we can think, if the pictures on Alt, then combined with the above two label notes, then the search engine will understand the meaning of this picture, we took this picture link as well as text links (have pictures on Alt this time, we label), again.

here is both put together just in front of our analysis are separate, a picture with the links in many phenomena such as some kind of products, or the mall ". Here are what Qingyong advice:

first, we look at their Alt and Title these two labels represent what meaning.

Alt label: mainly comments on the role of pictures, because of a lack of current search engine spiders on the picture of the judgment, so here add to the picture of Alt, can play a role for picture naming, make the search engine more clearly a picture of the meaning of.

this question may we often meet questions:

Analysis of the use of reverse thinking in Shanghai dragon in

fourth, there is a high number of

second, illustrated article more users love

The premise of high traffic

the reason is relatively simple, if you want to get 100W traffic, then you should have at least 300W included or more, from some web portals, we can find that they ultimately included massive them to a massive flow, the flow requires a lot of money if it is paid promotion. Therefore, we want to have high flow, high quantity as the premise, to a new depth to create long tail keywords, from the web mining will become an important focus of the work.

, one can smoothly open "good"

lets you search engine spiders crawling mass ">

third, we are using the best

usually has a very important reference standard, that is the product sales unpopular generally is a good product, because people’s eyes are sharp. If you stand in the perspective of a search engine, a number of users to browse web pages should also have the value ", and if the site of many pages have many users to browse, then this site is very valuable, so your web traffic also determines the quality of your site, a lot of cheating is done through traffic to improve the keywords ranking, at the same time, in recent years, Shanghai attaches great importance to love love Shanghai statistics can also imagine.

must be reasonable

you think about a problem, as an ordinary user, is love to see a single picture, or love simple words? I think they should not, and can be best, namely beautiful pictures and with the appropriate text, this is the user’s favorite, so the weight in the early days of the Sohu in the search text is the highest, the ranking is also the most front. In fact, the search engine is also true, this is Mr. Wang Tong Chan’s point of view, and hope that we do the experimental validation.

webmaster search engine position, is to search the web page open speed should be enough, can not be sustained open or intermittent open, because the speed will affect the ranking. If the top speed of "open slowly, then the user will be on the search engine to create a sense of trust, a speed affect the keywords ranking, the noble baby has been formally recognized and official statement.

Shanghai dragon is a word everyone for having heard it many times, is a popular method of website promotion, then how can we do the Shanghai dragon, if we stand in the search engine’s point of view, if our site is to help in the search engine to provide services for users, it is not the Shanghai Dragon will become more natural and fast method for perspective? This problem is the use of reverse thinking, with you today on the reverse thinking in the Shanghai dragon in.

fifth, "internal optimization of

When we buy things in the

Take what save you grassroots webmaster that fidgety heart

what is "grassroots"? First refers to the relative power of the government or policy maker; two refers to the disadvantaged class, which is opposite to the mainstream, elite or elite. And grassroots Adsense is a personal website webmaster, online store manager, personal independent blog and other life in the Internet bottom of the struggle of the entrepreneurial community. Our grassroots webmaster as the Internet contributor, but also vulnerable groups, is the working class of migrant workers. We are under the risk of policy, alliance exploitation, punishment by Baidu, Google, and others. However, we all have their own grassroots webmaster ideals, dream of their Internet career to the commanding heights. But to succeed, you need to save yourself first and let those bad habits roll aside.

grassroots webmaster should speak less and do more. I am a grassroots, but also a grassroots webmaster. But, I have ideals, and I am practicing my ideals and trying to find my way to success. However, at the webmaster forum grassroots webmaster friends, you are doing what kind of exploration? Every morning to see Baidu included, see snapshot updates, see PR updates to the forums, put a pile of garbage, today you stand to increase the collection of the snapshot update? PR? Four months do not update? How to increase the chain? And then shouted to Baidu does not adjust menstruation, the policy direction of anger. A day of effort only spend less time for web content acquisition, and made two key words, occasionally find the Links is not essential, then when spending at the forum, in the group with. What is the difference with the woman, what are the benefits to you and your website? In order to leave a signature? Leave AD? Create a chain? First, not to mention these junk the chain on your station is useful, we can waste this time to do something beneficial to the development of the website. For example, write a high-quality article for the website, make a friend, exchange a high quality link, optimize the internal structure and the inner chain of the website.

grassroots webmaster should endure lonely. If you haven’t been successful in running a high quality, high traffic website, then you should sit down and learn to emulate other people’s success rather than complaining every day. Read a few books on the website operation, and several independent blog webmaster communication station experience, read a few good soft Wen, listen to the successful webmaster to your advice. Update the site is very boring, exchange friend chain will also recruit stinkeye, included is not stable, but we should be steadfast, every day to do their own view on the matter, we are not afraid of loneliness, because we have not been successful. So we don’t have to talk rubbish all the time to attract people’s attention, and they will forget you tomorrow, because you don’t succeed, you don’t matter. We have succeeded, and want to loneliness is difficult.

grassroots webmaster should know how to accumulate steadily. A station did not experience the accumulation of time, no sustained correct site operations, maintenance and extension work, anxious not to do something useful to the user, only to the search engine, then how in the content around with advertising, so, >.

Local talent network development core the pursuit of local corporate interests and mass base combina

local talent website is a collection of local human resources information website, its superiority is that it can provide talent exchange, personnel information, personnel recruitment and job seekers for local people and resources, the development of local talent website can be said to have a direct relationship with local talent, I run the Chengde talent network has a year half the time, from the beginning to the present day tour website No one shows any interest in the amount of thousands, can be said to be absorbed a lot of website development and the essence of experience, and in my opinion now, the development of a most important place in the core is the pursuit of trust based local company and the masses.

When I was running a

local talent website to find some local labor dispatch company and Human Resources Inc, these companies have an advantage, it is rich in human resources, they are in the hands of the human information and human resources many, these are our website must borrow in the early development of the place, so how do we do the network and local company with local talent, let the people do trust? In my opinion are as follows.

initiative, pay close attention to hard work, can take the initiative to find some of the talent market, Human Resources Inc, talent exchange base, the local labor service company, find the person in charge of them seek cooperation between the two sides, many of these companies do not have time to the Internet operates a network platform to promote themselves, so we take the initiative to come is consistent with their expectations early, when we can take the method of sharing these companies, which provide us with other personnel information for each other, we free information and advertising, although these are not income, but it can in a very short time Neitishen website popularity, I remember the website provides information in three months the flow rate reached more than 500, so that the website can use the information is the basis for the development of local talent network . Of course, we as a web site, has the potential to seek cooperation above will be the other party that what is false, this time is not urgent, it can’t find a word, we don’t care about the feelings of others, even if the local companies can not, we can also help the local newspaper information, the newspaper information reprint up is also a good choice.


website again when free information, this time is that we will visit the user development for members of the time, we will be the site of the personnel information is divided into two parts, one is free to visit the information we can see, can be released 100 assignments, another is the membership information, if needed for more information you have registered, this is to establish foundation for the masses to visit the site, when a lot of people are holding a kind of experience the feeling, this time if he wants to see the really useful information, we will experience the feeling into his membership feeling, if he registered as a member of feeling inside information is really useful, then he will let countless people, because he felt his cognition is correct, so in the course of time, Our mass base has been gradually built up.

How to operate a restaurant store off-season to be good

hunger breeds discontentment, we have to eat every day, one day does not eat enough, we Chinese is very particular about food, food and beverage industry is very flourishing, business restaurant shop, now has become the choice of many people, because of the huge demand for food and beverage market, catering industry business, there is still a market and development prospects. However, the opening of the restaurant, the problem is bound to encounter off-season, how to operate in the off-season? According to everyone’s questions, here is to give you a look at how to start a restaurant business off-season business.

1, the introduction of new products to stimulate consumption

off-season innovative dishes introduced to the off-season food market has injected new vitality. The anniversary, delicacy festival each big restaurant quite frequently, this is a very good way to popularity.

supper variety. Directly prepared with the use of vegetables, such as boiled peanuts, barbecue food, poultry and other wings, feet, kidney series of halogen products. With the characteristics of cold dish series, supplemented by cooking class.

2, do some promotional activities

promotion is a common means of catering enterprises. Without stop promotions, "take the customer demand as the center" to enhance the customer value of consumption, at the same time to reduce operating costs and achieve the win-win situation of catering enterprises, customers.

promotion is one of the most common methods used in many restaurants during the off-season. Although the flow of people in restaurants has declined, but the per capita consumption fell faster, which is mainly high-grade materials, seafood, etc.. Therefore, the off-season promotion first to promote the demand for mass consumption.

summer supper beer sales, then you can engage in special beer activities, you can also engage in a piece of beer to drink what kind of activities, such as wine, wine sales. Of course, the division of the time limit is also a good way to attract customers snack.

believe you after reading the article above, should know how to run a successful restaurant, in the off-season when handling, for businesses to open restaurant off-season how to operate this problem, I believe we have a more detailed understanding. Start a restaurant business, it is difficult to operate on their own, but also hope that the above introduction, you can open the restaurant to help friends.

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What are the 2014 gold projects for College Students

now, many college graduates are hoping to start a business, earn the first pot of gold in life. So, in 2014, what are suitable for college students gold project? Let’s take a look.

Tatuyangzhi feeding Rex is a small investment, low risk and high benefit of the rapid turnover of industry. Have a group of rabbits (5 females and 1 male) slaughter average 125, each calculated according to 50 yuan, the annual sales income of 6250 yuan, net cage, rabbit, feed, prevention of drug, the year income of up to 2000 yuan. Second years, rabbit cage no more investment, more considerable benefits. Rex small size, less occupied space, is conducive to industrial intensive production (available idle plant), can also break up the whole into parts, the scale can be large or small.

Zhou Enlai was reported to be involved in violation of the CCTV program was playing mosaic Hei Wong

Hongkong artist Hei Wong was more than a friend by the desecration of the report of Zhou Enlai, participated in CCTV’s great challenge in the program, the latter part of the whole face of the will be marked on the mosaic, and cut off its appearance on the face of the.

was reported by involving the "independence" of the Hongkong artist Hei Wong, before joining the "great challenge"   program recording. After receiving the report, the first time the program group to take measures. Tonight, when the latest program aired, the producers really do it, gave Hei Wong the whole process of moving mosaic".

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How to quickly integrate into the new team manager

The management of a company’s

why is the highest decision maker, because the top leadership is a key figure in the management of the whole team, take the food and beverage industry in Laishui catering manager how to do direct relationship between restaurant profits for all aspects of the restaurant are very affected, a new restaurant manager regardless of how to select all. How to quickly integrate into the team to face the problem, then the new manager, how to do


How to quickly integrate into the team

Restaurant Manager

first point: more and employee communication

is the best way to closer communication distance, employee and manager of communication, let each other have a certain understanding, for employees, the manager is not just a job, it is a living person. At the same time, the manager also has a more in-depth understanding of the basic situation of employees, in peacetime management work, the more able to do their best.

second points: good at using praise

when his assistant is very good to complete the task, the new catering manager cannot mean your praise, your proper praise will allow employees to obtain great pride and satisfaction, more can motivate employees. At the same time for the good performance of the staff to give more praise, which also gave other employees to do a demonstration, so that employees learn from the excellent.

third points: continuous learning and upgrading

as a store manager, in addition to the excellent business ability, also need to have good management skills and management skills to enhance their hand is to be more efforts to study the relevant theory, but also to put their knowledge to their own management practices, improve their ability.

fourth points: clear direction

just took office, the new manager of the restaurant, how many will be at a loss, mainly due to lack of direction, so the food and beverage manager as soon as possible to clear their own direction, develop a good goal, began to implement their goals.

this point as long as the arrival of the new restaurant manager to do, you are a popular leader in