The website is K, how to do

site excessive optimization


I have a few sites such a problem, the front page of the site from the Shanghai love sometimes suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t find it, but the inside pages of the site are still there, but after an hour, suddenly back, also once had a genius restored, it is concluded that this must be the search engine to adjust and update, sometimes because of a search engine in the adjustment of their own problems caused accidentally lost your site’s home page, but also does not matter, if the problem is in general search engine itself, after the longest one or two days just waiting for a love Shanghai update, the spider to find your home page it will be restored, if you want to recover quickly if you can send some outside the chain to attract a spider over, if included in your site is a K is left, then must be search engine To pull hair.

website is K, this problem is very common, why is there such a situation? Usually encounter these problems will first analyze the website Links if there is a K site, with IP being the K site, then an antidote against the disease because I did not stop, what many repetitive content also, no excessive optimization and done garbage outside the chain, so usually home in Shanghai love disappeared after I first analyze Links and IP, if there is no problem that is the search engine’s own problems, so if the problem is the search engine home page will soon be put out again.

2, the content of highly repetitive

1, the search engine update

website is K causes and recovery method of

site optimization must be over most of my friends do a wrong station have made many new friends, read a lot online tutorial Shanghai dragon, think they are all invaluable advice, as long as the way they do can get good rankings, so that >

a lot of friends in order to improve the number of included in the site, think more of the amount collected, website ranking will be better, because there is a word called the content well, more content, included quantity, the website ranking will certainly be better, so they get a lot of content to others, every day to a website. Copy reprint articles, or to a large collection, I believe that the collection may be good, but you have been slowly obsessed, because the site is inside the Internet highly repetitive content, it is also the most after the cause of the site is K off, because the search engine is the main purpose for the user experience, your site is reproduced in other things on the site, are a lot of repeat things, and to the user on your site you blindly value? The pursuit of collection and a large number of outlets, and there has never been a little something, not a little something of value, in order to pursue the number regardless of user experience, finally by the search engine to determine the rubbish site, we do not love the dumpster, search engine to your site to pull it.

The weight really exist The weight is how to brush out

is love and webmaster tools or some other sites are generally through the statistical evaluation of the website contains keywords, and keyword index in Shanghai and the key words in love, love Shanghai in the search rankings (usually within 50) to determine the expected flow, then according to the prediction of traffic Shanghai love weight division. In fact, this and the site in Shanghai love to search inside actual visits no relationship, and very easy to let the people have an ulterior motive for cheating

love Shanghai weight 9 website: love sea visits more than 1000001 times

Hello, two days ago I published an article in the Admin5 Adsense nets "real hard Links" for this all to expose someone to the Links and weight of high standing and exchange chain yourself first and then go to the website weight high brush exchange chain and how to identify the insider the way. So today we talk about the so-called "weight" is how to brush out the

if you love Shanghai weight as the standard, we can judge the actual search for love Shanghai search engine traffic, simple weight and love sea visits to your reference list.

love Shanghai weight 8 website: love sea visits to 200001-1000000

love Shanghai weight 5 website: love sea visits to 5001-10000

love Shanghai weight 3 website: love sea visits to 501-1000

general method is based on these people cheat love stand. The weight of the webmaster tools inference mechanism, to determine a popular keywords, then open the index of the word love Shanghai in Shanghai love (love Shanghai index index inside a word the opening fee is 50 yuan) and then through some brush flow.

love Shanghai weight 2 website: love sea visits to 101-500

love Shanghai weight 1 website: love sea visits to 1-1000

love Shanghai weight 6 website: love sea visits to 10001-50000


first we need to know a fact that is about the so-called "love Shanghai weight". In fact, long before the official love Shanghai has published the announcement. Tell the webmaster friends love Shanghai and there is no so-called weight". Keywords love Shanghai search engine gives a website ranking is constituted by many kinds of love Shanghai algorithm system strategy, and finally to determine a site weight value given a score. The score is dynamic, in the different needs of different occasions, the scores are different


love Shanghai weight 7 website: love sea visits to 50001-200000


love Shanghai weight 4 website: love sea visits to 1001-50000

See only a small part from the travel agency distribution of tourism website competition

we all know about travel. The competition between travel websites is very fierce. It can be seen from the Baidu bid, Baidu bidding tourism website every day innumerable. The competition between tourist websites can be seen from the number and distribution of travel agencies.

travel agency has never had a lack of competition, the relatively large travel agencies such as CYTS, CITS, such as Kang Hui’s, have a large number of branch and marketing department. From the data collated by Baidu, we can see that there are about 54529 travel agencies and retail outlets in China, and this is only the name of the travel agencies, small travel agencies and retail outlets are more numerous.


According to iResearch

data analysis, about 79.53% Chinese domestic travel service branch and marketing department is has its own independent website, about 34.94% have two or more than two independent sites, average travel agencies have 3.53 separate sites. Comprehensive data above conservative estimates, the national tourism website number of about 190 thousand.

from the above we can see that in the coastal areas and the north of Guangzhou area of the largest travel agency, the second is the capital city of the province, the more economically developed areas, travel more intensive, more intense competition of tourism website. Therefore, economic factors directly restrict the competition degree of tourism websites. Because the tourism industry has more restrictions on the starting place, the local tourism website is more competitive than the comprehensive tourism website.


but there are fewer than 2% websites that can be recognized by search engines and users in so many tourist sites. Take Chengdu to see, there are 1769 registered travel agencies in Chengdu, and there are about 6190 travel websites. I have 2 years of experience in making travel products in Chengdu, and fewer than 30 can be obtained by tourism websites. I believe that in other cities and regions, this ratio will not go high.

so, although tourism websites have become red sea, we still have the opportunity to stand out from each other in our respective cities. As long as we seriously do stand, product, service, for every guest wholeheartedly, I believe that in time, the site will be able to excel, become one of those 2%.

this article first appeared in A5, reprinted please indicate the source. Welcome to, too. Let’s do wonders together,


Since the media blog also lost the original original!

no matter what you do, what you give is proportional to what you get. Get more, be destined to pay more; get less because you pay too little. Many people see the good news from the media blog, but do not see how much to do from the media blog, on the "original" two words, how a "tired" word,


to this day, my Shao LAN blog runs for one year in June, six days, and wrote 534 articles, that is, I am one day a minimum of an original article. Sometimes, I write a few original articles a day, when there is no content to write, I will write an original for a few days.

writing is really easy for someone with a little knowledge of the text. Maybe a few minutes to finish an article. Writing, simple? I admit that I love writing, my typing speed is faster, but the type with five pen, I write original articles, most of them in an hour or so, some three hours to write an original.

to write an original article, first of all want to write the topic, and secondly, the title must consider how to attract people. Finish the first section after drawing some pictures, not easy to find, is a waste of time, an article picture occupies the important role, which can express the theme of the article, also to some of the beautiful.

every day, I will go to the major websites to read the information of the day, the purpose is to learn some knowledge, and secondly, in order to find some topics that can be written. I almost got up in the morning and contributed to the big websites, then I wrote an original article, there was a topic at night, maybe I could write an article, and sometimes I wrote in the early morning.

Is it easy for

to make a blog from the media? Many people seem to be able to write an article every day, but it’s only an original article that will waste you half a day. Maybe I’m used to this kind of day, writing every day, spreading every day, and I don’t have time to do anything else. Sometimes I wonder, is it worth it,


many friends have seen the good news from the media and will certainly continue to write. For a long time, you’ll find it hard to keep writing. Sometimes, not people do not want to write original, but you really do not have so much time to write original, this is the helpless from the media. Even if you want to write original, you have time to write original, you will one day without content to do.

some time ago, a member of the Shao Lianhu VIP blog I asked me, said: "happy, you contribute in some sites is not to give money?" I said: "no." I was thinking that if I contribute money to other websites, I’m sure I’ll enjoy writing more. We have heard many writers have paid for them, why is the us from these media to write original articles without money?

to write this article, I also see Baidu have the same article, see the article is also on the articles from the media, the speed transit network the author writes, a woman writing royalties will earn a lot of money, but from the media. "

Shandong will be a one-time subsidy standards increased to 12 thousand

is now around for entrepreneurs have given some very loose policy entrepreneurs, recently in Shandong province appeared one-time start-up subsidies helping business, and will also be one of the standard increased to 12 thousand yuan, people have paid attention to.

"opinions" put forward, for the first time to obtain a business license, Small and micro businesses the normal operation of the full 12 months of entrepreneurs, giving not less than 12 thousand yuan of one-time start-up subsidies. Conditional city can be a one-time subsidy policy to relax the conditions to meet the conditions of the newly registered individual industrial and commercial households, not less than 2000 yuan subsidy.


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What kind of entrepreneurial projects in 2016 the most promising

2016 years, many people began to ask, what kind of entrepreneurial projects this year, the most promising? Let Xiaobian tell you that it is dry cleaning franchise. Very easy to get started entrepreneurial choice, entrepreneurs can not miss.

for the dry cleaning industry, never have to worry about no business sources, because as long as the demand for clothing does not disappear, it will produce the dirty clothes, someone will need a laundry laundry service for them. In addition, with the rapid development of the textile and fashion industry, every kind of new clothing fabrics also appeared in the consumer’s perspective, the family has been unable to meet the requirements of washing laundry, must be sent to the dry cleaner.

2015 open what franchise? Choose dry cleaning franchise store is very promising, remember to choose a sufficient pre – sale and life – long after joining the brand. In order to ensure the follow-up operation easier and easier.

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Duck sharing

many small entrepreneurs choose to find opportunities to get rich in the breeding industry, such as raising ducks, but for the novice, this is a very difficult to get the problem, you need a lot of business skills. Xiaobian to share the relevant skills, I hope you can help you successfully breeding, get good returns.

tip 1, observe the laying time. Duck egg laying time is generally concentrated in the early morning 2 to as early as 8, if the daily egg laying time can not be concentrated, or even during the day, it is necessary to fill in feed

2, duck feathers were secret. If the feather is smooth and close to the skin, indicating that the nutritional status is good, otherwise, to improve the quality of feed.

tip 3, observe appetite. Both captive or grazing, laying duck feeding force is very strong, the situation appeared to snatch. Otherwise, find out why.

4 tips, ducks paddling in observation. Laying duck after launching the diving time long, smooth wet hair feathers after landing. Such as fear of water, do not wash or wet hair after the water, the action is weak, at this time to find out the reasons, and feed animal protein feed and cod liver oil.

tip 5, observe the state of mind. The healthy duck spirit is lively, the movement is flexible, the rest is quiet, the sick duck then the spirit is dispirited, the outlier stands, shrinks the head to hang the wing.

Tip 6, observe stool color. Healthy ducks stool not hard and soft, color black, with a small amount of urate deposition surface. Sick duck feces are green, white, golden yellow and other abnormal thin stool.

There are a lot of

small business project, duck is also a good way to learn more development, improve the survival rate of duck technique, and make their own interests are protected. If you still do not understand the place, please continue to consult, Xiao Bian will try to answer.

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Cloud taste of the bridge across the street to join the number of how much money

brand marketing model is a comparison of the value of the food and beverage entrepreneurs are marketing strategy, and now catering business projects in addition to individual business is franchising, the latter is the franchise. Because the selection of brands to join the industry workers can save you a lot of time to run, so you have more energy to run the most important link. Of course, there will be a lot more than their peers. To this end, the brand to join the more obvious advantages, the more investors will be attracted, the greater the intensity of development. Cloud taste of the bridge across the bridge as a noodle noodle noodle industry star brand, has been its obvious advantages to join the majority of investors to win the favor and attention, then the cloud taste of the bridge crossing the bridge rice is how much?

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle join fee:

first choose to join the Cloud Bridge noodle taste museum will have a specific join costs 50 thousand yuan, secondly, by joining the contract constraints, but also to regulate the franchisees to join in for the first time for 6 years, and the annual management fee is 6000 yuan, this one is clearly stated in the contract, the margin of 30 thousand other expenses, including renovation of equipment and materials, ah ah, staff salary, cash flow, an estimated 100 thousand, in so doing, the Cloud Bridge noodle taste Museum jiamengfei a total investment of 200 thousand, if you have strong economic strength, can also consider larger stores, more than 100 square meters can also, of course, the total investment cost the high, but many investors are based on venture capital for the first time, we are still to be safe, highly entrepreneurial shop franchise started from, as long as 200 thousand.

cloud flavor pavilion bridge rice noodle join advantage:

1, the company provides a unified operating manual, uniform clothing, uniform tableware, authorized bronze, authorization certificate

2, the history of the national food and beverage industry chef for you to explain the operation of experts and food production of the core technology, site selection by the company’s professional operations team, to the local investigation, select the best shop address,

3, the company provides a unified decoration template, unified VI, so that your store standardization

4, the company operating team, from the procurement of equipment to opened their doors, one for you to answer the operation of hundreds of operations consulting experts, to provide nanny tracking service for your shop, ensure the successful operation of

5, the company by the professional marketing planning team, unified advertising for the national franchise, the development of marketing planning program

6, by the country’s top chef team, according to local tastes tailored to update the management of the headquarters will strictly control the cooperation area, strict regional protection, protection of the rights and interests of partners

7, headquarters will send operations management team

What are the 2017 entrepreneurial projects by the State – support

new year, many entrepreneurs see now is a hot period of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship shop, a good business is a very important project, so in 2017, relevant countries support entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurs know what? Here is a small collection, welcome everyone to read and understand.

services including third party logistics and distribution chain, commercial retail, business services, outsourcing, e-commerce and other production oriented through the various joints of the society in the production field, which has tremendous development foreground.

Support entrepreneurial projects

The problem of countryside, agriculture and farmers is an important problem about

The problems existing in the field of education resource allocation

Join the new ice ice cream business to get rich good project

ice cream? Sweet and delicious choices, like love. So, choose to start a business of their own ice cream ice cream shop, the market is certainly good business opportunities. It must be a very popular choice, isn’t it?

language as the most professional ice cream creative restaurant, variety, taste there is another feature of new snow, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, restaurants, ice cream cakes are popular with young people and exquisite pastry. Another feature of ice and snow is the scene produced a variety of different, coveted and memorable delicious ice cream.

ice cream brand in the industry and the community to establish a good image, has won many awards and honors, and a large number of suppliers to establish a good partnership. Snow: focus on "Yuli written for the people, he seeks to reach Master" the core concept of the spirit of professional, dedicated, cooperation and win-win spirit of openness, interested in the ice cream business friends to write the soft ice cream industry legendary wealth and all over the country.

how about ice cream? Strong strength, good brand. Join options, a lot of advantages. For the small business franchisees, no doubt, is a very wise choice, very choice of business opportunities! Come and leave a message! Let us work together to achieve extraordinary life!