In the face of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er need a cockroach spirit

This is also the focus of

4. there are a lot of garbage outside the station of the chain, if your site uses software sending a large number of the chain of garbage, in the love of Shanghai update you are likely to be right down, love Shanghai to send a lot of spam links website has made the punishment, we should pay attention to what we usually do in the chain to pay attention to the quality of the.

, a Shanghai dragon is not K, not a qualified.

5. user experience poor stand down the right on which users are more personal feeling of love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience, we need to pay attention to this.

second, the chain of garbage every day, was asked how much the chain, the same content of waste

2, medical industry:

K features

industry edge site: such as servers, gambling, card, credit card and pornography is the K station in the proportion of more.

acquisition station: pseudo original content is very short, out of order keyword stuffing

The 1,

first, the content of garbage, the hospital website five original articles are copied to copy the

LEE said in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform description, this is entirely in order to get traffic, but not for users and design, this kind of website visitors to Taobao, so Taobao customers do this should be one of the sacrificial objects.

just in the medical group to see a webmaster said they charge a website updated daily 80 article, the 80 30 developed different positions. This is also very much medical site explains why the spread of.

third, part of the site also buy links, one-way links too much also led by K

recently love Shanghai storm although love Shanghai webmaster announcement has come to an end, but it produces the "Butterfly Effect", but There are still repercussions.

love Shanghai to take the strategy: would rather kill one thousand, you can not let go of A. So your site does not meet the following K standard, then you have to go to Shanghai to complain about love 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest

I think this is too dependent on love Shanghai eat webmaster, really a tragedy. Not even a lot of "pot" end, more importantly will produce "like jiuzu". Many webmaster reflects his station uprooted, was not a bit vague. I believe the crowd, there will be different people in recounting their tragic experience of K station.

how to face the sea with K station event, I think all the Shanghai dragon ER needs to be as small as playing immortal spirit in the face of the incident. At the same time there are several good mentality.


3, chain

Shanghai dragon er who must pay attention to protect and make good use of your website brand word

today is to talk with you if you protect your website brand word, we listened to the most classic case should be intercepted traffic from Taobao’s wheat bags. One day in the Taobao search volume is wuliushiwan love Shanghai, so let the keywords gold wheat bags to cut to go. Of course, Taobao can shield the rich love Shanghai, not in the call being cut away this traffic. But our small owners are generally not the confidence. So I propose here we should protect the website brand word will not be intercepted, on the other hand, to do publicity for our own.

what can be done? I came here to share my approach, the first is to establish a Wikipedia entry. The second is micro-blog, according to this observation as the Tencent is the highest in Shanghai love weight, with their own brand name micro-blog word. As long as the love of Shanghai included after the keyword ranking just as well. The third is the love of Shanghai Post Bar with your brand, your words create a love of Shanghai Post Bar, then you on the inside for the Lord, so that you can indirectly control the Post Bar. The fourth is the love of Shanghai know, we all know the weight of love Shanghai know is quite high. Fifth, you can also get a business such as video, the video for their website account for a brand word ranking is also quite good.


a website his brand word is very important, first to explain to you what is the website brand word. Brand word also can be understood call your brand name, started two search engines to strengthen the protection of the brand, so that "key" is often only the brand’s official website and the highest level of domestic and foreign brands authorized agent in order to have a better search engine rankings, this policy has led to more sites not even through the website optimization website keywords ranking get better ranking, in fact this policy can also be understood, is the national respect for intellectual property rights on the Internet in the best embodiment. If you think you can through other means "love Shanghai", "Alibaba", "Google" brand word keywords do these for having heard it many times the top few, do not confuse the public, users do not know who is really "love Shanghai", who is "copycat love sea".

own brand not being intercepted because there is a feeling of being the same infringement, another point is that if people use our brand word of negative news, but it is very bad for us, so we have to protect your website brand word. That in the end is how to protect others? Is to search our website brand word appear all of our information, others do not dare to say to want to come, at least we intercepted the flow of people to form a strong threshold.

The protection of

of course for our brand word is not only the protection so simple, it is more important for us to make good use of our brand word for positive information. Because you know the search engine now uses shopping decisions, if someone found >

In 2011 ten Google PR value update records

Google updates the PR value with historical data table:


past Google is updated once every three months to a year, only about four times the PR value of the update frequency. The first half of last year is not an update, many people mistakenly think that Google stopped updating the PR value. Really rare frequently updated ten times this year, and in July a month continuously updated three times. This update is the largest in June 28th, update the proportion is as high as 59.84%.

although Google PR value is increasingly diluted, but it is still our website a good quality evaluation standard. This query tool chain when YAHOO officially closed, Alexa Chinese inconsistent with soil had receded, still do not know how long we can with Google pr.

article by the decoration of Wuhan 贵族宝贝 original share, please indicate! Thank you


long ago there was news that Google will not update the PR value, and may be cancelled. But this year Google PR frequent awesome update, I believe everyone will not question this problem. The following data is Google the PR value update from Chinaz historical scale map:


On the choice of four steps webmaster website keyword

five is the most effective method of keyword research I often use the electricity supplier website owners can try, we then look down.

4, by keyword mining tools to dig out the relevant keywords, such as Jinhua, Google keyword tools, these tools can expand thousands of tens of thousands of words.


for a web site, is often the most difficult to start, many owners do not know how to choose the site keywords, especially many small and medium business website keyword selection, may for the webmaster choice of small and medium sized enterprises website is very simple, but for small and medium sized business website stationmaster is a tangled affair. The author is engaged in the electricity supplier website optimization for a long time, in the process of optimization is keyword selection and distress, so I always exchange, eventually obtained certain skills, my experience may be very useful for the novice webmaster, because I am also a new hand well, to talk about some of my business website people love choice method.

first, the number of pages each search engine returns in a keyword search results on the lower right corner of the list, for example, I search for ultra billion glasses network, can see the detailed page number, this number can reflect the web page number associated with this keyword, and these pages are my competitors.

second, the degree of competition is judged keywords >


two, the degree of competition in the

2, to ask around friends and relatives, wife and fellow students, they will use what keywords to search, don’t be shy, it is very helpful to the choice of key words.

1, understand the

5, the search engine will provide relevant information such as key words, I search for a keyword, the search engine will love Shanghai related keywords in the drop-down box and the bottom, this is probably the most common method.

to optimize the site of the industry, through their own knowledge or ask yourself, if I am a user I will search what word, this is very important.

, a list of related keywords

3, to see the competitor’s website or the website of the same industry, the search engine to look at the top twenty web sites, they all put what keywords in the title or keyword tag, will optimize the website are the keywords from the title.


is second, the degree of competition in keywords. After the first step, I have lots of related keywords, how the degree of competition and then I began to study these words, I personally think is to find the competition is relatively small, and the number of search keywords is more. How to see the degree of competition in these words, there are two main indicators.

is listed first, a large number of related keywords. To find the right keywords, first go to the list of keywords and keywords related to the individuals that can be obtained from the following aspects:

Close a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to help you break

pictured as "a statistical diagnosis in Shanghai Shanghai dragon" love in the index, through the observation that the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng heat always keep a steady growth trend. The index data is not a lot, but the figure can be found an interesting phenomenon: the more rapid development of the region, the optimization is more focused on the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. Why so? Network marketing developed city has always been the high point, and the creation of these enterprises every year in the city network marketing value, but also in other city several times or even several times, even in sales are not anxious to store marketing.

diagnosis, optimization advantages and disadvantages of process diagnosis in Shanghai Longfeng site, for the website search engine development contributed to the electricity supplier homeopathy record, looking for the best breakthrough. Because the A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) full of my website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, out of a eight page "website optimization proposal", according to my proposal, to solve the problems of the site did not think, just over a month, ranking number rose, because the Taobao is the guest website, the Commission turned up a few times, I feel Taobao off too good to make money, you believe it? But I believe, I really appreciate A5 optimization team, so I felt inspired to write the original article, for a long time did not write the original, the original hope not too bad.

How does the

but the Internet development is rapid, but the development of the electricity supplier companies in the country has not yet fully spread this around on the "Shanghai dragon" will appear in the search. But if the enterprise fully understands, enabling enterprise network marketing strategy, and how will look? Perhaps in the near future, it is such a situation. Even so, the market is still like a raging fire around the Shanghai dragon, development trend can not be limited to. >

Internet market is unpopular popular electronic commerce is remarkable?. In the enterprise sales profit, the real sales mode has not meet the development of the Internet, which coincides with the rise of Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "in 2010 Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2010 the total sales Chinese e-commerce sales volume reached 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan ($684 billion).

enterprise compete for the electricity supplier era? The search engine ranking decision sales performance, but a poor ranking don’t hack away, how to win a higher ranking, more enterprises to put into place by optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon on the search engine rules of exploration, the site has a good ranking. But Shanghai Longfeng optimization is good, but how much do the occupation of Shanghai dragon er? Most only learn fur, will be called experts to carry out orders process. Reasonable optimization, to achieve high ranking website or a thousand li a day. The optimization of failure, at the end of the light is right down, heavy losses of K station, but what about the profitability of

?The Shanghai born dragon

Ruichang, Jiangxi city with the full upgrade of entrepreneurial services

no matter when, want to get the opportunity of development, we need to proceed from reality, pay attention to the most important, the most urgent need to solve the problem. Jiangxi, Ruichang, an in-depth understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs, the use of training and support to help support the two entrepreneurs ahead.

change monthly and students contact at least return 2 times to 4 times, teachers and students of the QQ group is updated every day of mutual interest; establish the evaluation system of tracking service. From the 4 aspects of the establishment of student files, tracking service records, tracking service, to solve the problem of accounting for image evaluation; after 3 months according to their feedback of "recycled recycling" focus on learning negotiation.

The city is a

the city also with the postal bank, credit cooperatives closely, through the issuance of small loans to support and encourage self employment growth, relieve their financial pressure, stimulate their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, recommended

How to open an ice cream shop

open an ice cream shop, shop area is not too large, 5 to 10 square meters is enough, the overall cost of investment is not small, suitable for small businesses, especially in the summer, the fastest way to open the ice cream shop. The following Xiaobian teach you how to successfully open an ice cream shop.

1, equipment purchase. Soft ice cream machine, hard ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, Smoothie machine, refrigerator and other related equipment can ice to search from the Internet, then the goods more than three, can buy cheap and practical equipment.

2, pay attention to cleanliness. Ice products are most afraid of is the work of health, ice products contain a high content of milk, milk this product is easy to lead to the breeding of bacteria, so do a good job of health is particularly important. The contact with ice cream, or ice cream spoon must be cleaned, and the cleanliness of the store must always pay attention to.

3, store consumer positioning. The distribution of the main customer groups in the age of 12 -35 years old, due to the different needs of each part of the population, so the need for segmentation. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; 25 -35 years old people interested in good taste, strong brand of ice cream.

4, site selection. Usually for a ice cream shop where there are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

5, reasonable pricing. Ice cream is a necessity, the price factor is a major factor in people’s consumption of it. Prices and operators in the region, target market, ice cream flavor, equipment related. For example, the lowest price of ice cream on campus entrance (5 yuan).

6, to have their own style. The ice cream market is divided into many types, each style of ice cream in addition to the names of different ingredients, different people have different feelings after eating, so operators must comply with its product sales shop decoration style. Better than the ice cream to give people a kind of romantic feeling, people feel warm, with warm tone for the tone, light yellow, pink based.

? The secret to an ice cream shop is the above, have you learned? As long as the above aspects of attention to grasp, in fact, open ice cream shop is not so difficult, now in the summer, it is a good time to open the ice cream shop, entrepreneurs may wish to try.


Shenyang entrepreneurial innovation for the development of urban transformation

when the development of bottlenecks encountered, transformation of these two words have become the choice of most enterprises. In fact, not only need to transform the enterprise, when the stagnation of the development of a city, the transformation has become an effective means to seek a breakthrough. Shenyang, the traditional industrial city, is trying to own the future development of the road, into the innovative gene.

"eleven" just after the holidays, Shenyang Snowman network founder and CEO Zhang Yitian’s schedule had been scheduled in October 9th, went to Beijing to participate in the international Chinese 3D virtual reality exhibition; then, back to Shen services for entrepreneurs to participate in the special "dark horse"……

1986 was born in Shanghai, Beijing has worked hard for many years, Zhang Yitian, is an authentic Shenyang people. In June last year, back to the venture so far, his Snowman network done fast.   from the scale point of view, our virtual reality service platform has now ranked second in the country, gathered a total of more than and 100 corporate users, the more than 30 thousand members.  , "he said.

Compared with


mentioned Shenyang, industrial enterprises, large enterprises, state-owned enterprises more than the old ingrained impression. As a piece of rigorous management of the experimental field, unplanned, outside the index seems to be difficult to grow and survive here.

What is the name of

Marilyn dessert to make money

Hong Kong dessert is very popular in the market, many franchisees are busy looking for a suitable project to do investment business. Marilyn dessert to join the project to make money? Headquarters to continuously improve product competitiveness, so that it is more to meet market demand, get more praise.

unlike most dessert shop, Marilyn proposed a hybrid concept to Hong Kong Style dessert, Taiwan dessert dessert series, series, Western desserts dessert baking series, series of products of Manuka health, drinking, China traditional desserts supplement, by all ages of consumers, expanding business, expanding the scale of the situation founded in 2012, the friends of Peng (Guangzhou) Cci Capital Ltd, to provide more convenient and mature business platform for the Southern China area and southwest area customers.

Hong Kong dessert in which business is better? Marilyn dessert taste unique, where you can operate very well. Marilyn’s Xingang style dessert introduction of Europe and the United States on the basis of the original trend of delicacy, the soft Marilyn private secret material, make it more in line with the taste and color of Chinese food and psychological demand, delicious fresh fruit jelly dessert Marilyn snow, the first time to market by their favor and chowhound sought after


Marilyn dessert to join the project can meet the demand of the market, the headquarters to create many advantages of products, so you can easily Denver wealth market forces, helping to make sure you do investment business, hastened to contact us, do not miss a good opportunity to create wealth.

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Sun Zhongshan birthday 150 anniversary series held in Fujian

father Mr. Sun Zhongshan 150 years commemorative activities held in Fujian, as a pioneer of Chinese revolution, Mr. Sun Zhongshan made a great contribution to the development of Chinese and outstanding society, his deeds has been widely spread for the people.

this year coincided with the 150 anniversary of the birth of Sun Zhongshan and the 1911 Revolution in, Fujian held a number of activities. 19, jointly organized by the Revolutionary Committee of the Fujian provincial Party committee, Fujian province Yixian gallery to commemorate the 150 anniversary of Sun Zhongshan painting pen held in Fuzhou Zhongshan Memorial hall.

in the 1911 Revolution, Fujian Overseas Chinese people, not only to donate money, but also to join the revolution, become the main force of the revolution of 1911. After the Wuchang uprising, the Fujian revolutionary party quickly responded, in November 7, 1911, in Jinjiang, Anhai started the first shot of the 1911 Revolution in Fujian.

day, well-known painter Chen Zhaoyu, Changping and many other artists in the ink Danqing media, creative calligraphy and paintings, to commemorate Sun Zhongshan, carry forward the patriotic, revolutionary and progressive spirit.

days ago, Fujian province CPPCC history and learning committee, the Revolutionary Committee of the Fujian provincial Party committee and Fujian Provincial Archives Bureau jointly compiled the "1911 Revolution" at the Fujian premiere held in Fuzhou. The map in history with text, to Syria history, the revolution brewing, occurrence and development of the time line, the scattered buried precious figure in the dust of history as one together, constitute a relatively complete illustration of the history of the 1911 Revolution in Fujian.

of Xiamen University history professor Huang Shunli evaluation of the book is "the revolution of Fujian Yingjie map" after another masterpiece, especially rare is the book 10% files and photos are published for the first time.

19 day, by the Fuzhou Lin Zexu Memorial Hall hosted the "left Sea Forum" to invite Professor of History Department of Fujian Normal University, Fujian Province, Sun Zhongshan of vice president Chen Xiaohua Sun Zhongshan’s visit to lecture in the first year of fujian". Back in 1912 Chen Xiaohua Sun Zhongshan’s trip to Fujian, Huanghuagang martyrs condolences to the Mawei dockyard naval expansion and encourage, encourage people to complete the unaccomplished intention of fujian.

day, all walks of life have to be located in Fuzhou city of Zhongshan Road Zhongshan memorial hall to the statue of Sun Zhongshan. Fujian province Sun Zhongshan Research Symposium held to commemorate the day before, Fujian province Sun Zhongshan of Fujian provincial Revolutionary Committee members, Council member, Fujian democratic revolutionaries descendants representatives attended.

"all the Chinese people should inherit the Sun Zhongshan legacy, the spirit of Zhongshan incentives, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream." Fujian provincial Revolutionary Committee, full-time vice chairman and Secretary General Dong Lianghan said.

The "three principles of nationality, civil rights and people’s livelihood" put forward by Mr. Sun Zhongshan