Precise positioning let enterprise website optimization set in front of the line!

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from Shanghai Dragon technology, looking for website optimization master on the website ranking and make the traffic is not too difficult to do, at best, by bidding can also give the site to flow. But the website promotion of one of the most critical problem is that how can flow into the consulting and sales order? This link is for us to deeply analyze and plan. Because of the limited space, here you can go to a long and minute statement, Shanghai dragon Jones website article.

The above is my site in

3, planned to browse to the site from the consultation to the sales process

4, according to the development plan of developing long-term positioning, and strict implementation of


2, our colleagues, to meet customer demand what? What did the lack of


as the saying goes: the enemy awareness! In the increasingly fierce business competition today, the site must be according to their various advantages to develop their own core strengths of products and services. Opponents do well where we need to learn, and do better; the opponent does not have the main attack direction for us, this is the only way in the hearts of visitors developed a blue ocean belongs to the US, avoid the price war to damage the interests of the enterprise. Recommend we can look to share the "Shanghai dragon Raiders strike opponents read on how to locate the website"

each kind of products and services can not meet all the needs of the people, are aimed at certain groups launched. So, figuring out the purchase crowd characteristics, their age, interest, character, occupation, area is the object of our analysis, we need to conduct in-depth analysis. Our web site should be how to do the content in order to attract them, how to lead them to our deep web browsing, stays for a long time, how can the transformation for browsing

website development is not a short duration of time things, we have a long-term plan for the time needed to reach what effects are determined, regular inspection, analysis and summary, continuously adjusted according to the problems encountered. Especially not three days fishing nets two days of drying is to establish the right strategy for success persevere to the.



site is on the line before the Shanghai dragon must do a good job, accurate positioning will make your website optimization work twice if the location error, will lead directly to the optimization process within the foreseeable future, so that the development of enterprises suffered losses. How to locate their own website? Today, Shanghai dragon Jones to share a few ideas.

positioning to give some of your suggestions, I hope to inspire you. Welcome to Shanghai dragon Jones Senior Section of the 贵族宝贝 website optimization Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝/gaoji/ to learn more in-depth exchanges. This paper by Beijing Shanghai Longfeng Jones starting A5, please keep the

1, enterprise website to serve those people

The reason on the website keywords ups and downs

for the website optimization personnel is the most headache thing website keywords and website I recently encountered such trouble, always have the morning afternoon keyword ranking dropped, and the most sad thing is off, the need to continuously optimize a week, until Thursday in Shanghai after the update of love keyword ranking will recover. Next I will own website ranking bully for any number of reasons to say, when they don’t make my mistake.

site keyword ranking dropped, website snapshot is not normal, love Shanghai included is not increased, my brain is in chaos, so the original plan to send thirty every day outside the chain, every day now only ten, still do not know is not valid outside the chain; the original chain is sent every morning, it is to want to be hair. For the website optimization, the chain does not have the rule and the number of unstable but this is a big taboo, but I have made such a serious mistake, regret a previous mistake!

company developed a new keyword Standard Commission, in order to get more money, I will be the original website some useless keywords are removed, and the site title, keyword tags and description tags are adjusted, adjusted after I immediately went to some high weight forum sent a few outside the chain, then found no keyword ranking, the title is not the website in this is easily changed, I tasted the bitterness.

second, change site title, keywords and description

website after being hung up the black chain, not only the keyword ranking dropped, but the website snapshot also become normal, I personally think that the website snapshot is not normal, that love of spiders in Shanghai have not been updated website content website, even if the poisonous spider does not know, beenincluded still will not increase, just do not update the site information. Then the people understand their own website, although the snapshot is not normal, but the love of spiders in Shanghai have been to the site, so the site still need to update the content.

The website keyword ranking

server is the first solid foundation website optimization, only a stable and secure server to ensure the normal operation of the website, because my site where other sites on the server background there are loopholes, so that the server permissions are extracted, hackers use software easily in my website to hang fifty black links, will originally weight weight not all are to go high.

The First, the

third, website content update

fourth, irregular external links

decline is not terrible, good attitude is the most important, to find out the reason why the website, you can continue to hope, smoothly done or easily solved, their site ranking also can recover as soon as possible. Please note: 贵族宝贝


server security hidden trouble that the site was hung black chain

The hare and the tortoise spirit is applied to the website optimization world

four, making a clear and simple site map, I found that many companies do not have a web site map, site map is a catalogue of the book, let us know at a glance what are the contents of the website. Site map function is according to the website structure, content and framework, production of navigation pages, they indicate the direction for visitors, and help visitors find they want to lose.

three, handle the website code, probably in 2009 before a lot of people love to write with table code, if 2011 – do you still use table to write, it shows that you have left behind, the code size is too large is the failure of one of those, we also need to delete redundant grammar errors. We want to use DIV+CSS to write the code, this code is more concise, the volume will be reduced a lot, more standardized, to avoid a large number of fonts and formatting tags. We will use less Javascript, using Javascript technology in web page often start page and the accumulation of a large number of JAVA code, META and keyword has not appeared, pushed to the bottom of the page, the search results will not be so ideal. You can try the page will be moved to the bottom or JAVA script into a. JS file extension in the need to place calls to do.

the story that many people know, the story tells us a truth, do anything you need to maintain a steady spirit, life is so, even the website optimization ranking also need to hold the spirit. Why do some people can do some of the old Shanghai dragon ER is not very popular keywords want it? In fact they and we are all the same, they just than we pay more attention to detail, to optimize the grasp every detail, do the tortoise in the steady spirit. Master duel is often the details have not handled properly, the rabbit thought process optimization of website construction, that can stop, then once again, so that they can be rushed to the home page ranking position! What we need by website optimization


first is to choose a good domain name, simple, short, three point to choose the domain name, can also choose the right product website domain name, is now the Shanghai dragon, you can choose to take the Shanghai dragon domain, in this case, the search engine will give you a certain score ranking. Not from our own point of view to select the domain name, should think of how Internet users remember your domain name, or that you don’t love the domain name search engine.

two, the website keyword selection to select only the right, we begin to want to do, what are the key words, choose the right, do not choose the most hot, do not choose the most popular. Don’t wait for the construction site, on-line and go change keywords. Hot words, do on the first page of time will be very long, half a year, or even one or two years, and popular words, even on the home page, also take a role, not much traffic.

Look at the smell of corn worms at the anti Carrefour station

received a group of messages on QQ the day before yesterday, prompting a boycott of Carrefour on the grounds that the French government and the Paris city hall were insulting the Chinese Olympic torch and boycotting the Beijing olympics. So I went to the new network search, registered, and.Cn domain name

in recent years has been in the Admin5 bubble, Admin5 network technology is the Webmaster Station, on the edge and the political words, I will not say, now just cybersquatting on on several viewpoints, personally think that corn worm grab good corn, corn needs several hot smell.

one, the country’s general direction, big policy sense of smell.

such as this year’s Congress, Baidu index is very high, the domain name is estimated to grab, but corn worm can be considered cybersquatting eighteen report, the experience of other phonetic domain, the state promulgated the provisions of the tax increase, we can go to the registration of the "stamp duty" immediately, these are sudden national action worthy of choice.

two, small celebrity domain smell.

celebrity every day, you have never thought? Who knows the world without thieves, that nameless silly root, Baoqiang Wang will become a hot star? You robbed this corn? Later,


three, pay attention to your side.

torch is a big thing, a period of time before the anticnn, because the patriotism and the outbreak, who can guarantee that anticarrefour will become the next hot spot? Watch your QQ, pay attention to your message, remember, you are a webmaster, is a corn worm.

Growth process from personal homepage to local community

my interest in building and operating websites started in the first year of College in 2003, when we opened a website construction course, and the tool software at that time was the Three Musketeers MX. Start soon, I was attracted to many sites in Kiki wonderful things, slowly grow their adorable idea of website construction.

that time especially websites are still very ignorant of the Internet, although my high school began to contact with the network, but the network is limited to chat online in nature, real love on the Internet or in the university. Of that time, station is also just rising, a lot of websites to publicize their offer free space, as was famous in the industry of international science and Technology (ICPCN), then I would have applied in the 50M space, using CuteFTP to transfer files up, this is my first website, remember the name that means the wind sail articles, this site will take me to the farther.

later with the increase of the course of study, I slowly came into contact with this ASP website programming language, slowly learned, to the site more vivid and more flexible management, can not do static websites, then the first site removed, replaced with a new website, but at that time the website is purely personal station in nature, according to the ideas of the time is purely in order to express themselves, basically no value at all what browsing.

years of college life has ended, he is very successful in finding the first job, I went to an Internet company in this company, my job is I is mainly responsible for site planning, site planning and follow up the progress of early architecture, because every contact network, it gave me a the establishment of the platform, because before the two stations are all pure play, so I plan to work after the construction of the website should have real value. At this point, the Web2.0 model began to emerge, and the forum began to rage. Although I had no contact with the forum before, I decided to be a community station.

In order to make the

well, I spent time to research the Internet now various styles of forum, and ultimately determine the use of concept Yasukatsu DISCUZ products, and then there is the forum location, I want to be a kind of website, is a comprehensive community or professional forum, this time we suddenly thought of a county the forum is unusually hot, on more than IP3500, so I thought, a county forum to do so hot, I do a city, the market is not bigger, so do local community is the idea of this, I was in Ganzhou, do the Ganzhou community, when the application domain of and of the two domain name has been registered, just has not been registered, and a general framework: Ganzhou community (, came out.


whole framework comes out and you need to do content orientation, so >

The journey of life, my twenty-one years (end Edition)

was my 21 birthday in 3 days, and I had 21 years of experience, and I knew it myself. I finished it today,

!There are several

in life for twenty-one years, with twenty-one years of my sweet, sour, bitter, spicy… From the early years to wow, now older youth, from absolutely ignorant of innocence, to absolutely ignorant of stupidity… From campus life to society, from society to school, from school to society in the middle of the park. The weeks around… My life is not tasteless. Not… Not in worship, is a record of 21 years of

the past 07… In 07 ends, I wanted to write a summary of my last 21 years. But many things are counterproductive, new year’s day three days off my station in the div+css above… A holiday, is on the computer and the bed over. Today in the company,… His work was about, I began to recall the twenty-one years… I was born in a town called bandits nest village, our village every year seems to be shot


a year there are so few punks because mixed society too small, do not know what time, until several years later at < < young > > to understand why Yanzhou is south bully groups… Brother conquered… Listen to my mother, I am not in the village before the age of three home, grandma just watching uncle home girls, and I lived on a farm in wells, the house for three years,

when I was a child, my family was poor and I saw people eating good food. We didn’t have anything. Do not know how long to have now had the body head 185+, when I was young, because a little small always brother and war, was flat all my good suffer, cry every time that I go to cry for comfort, when Annaibuzhu greedy, secretly took the brother venture money (ice cream costs) to buy the mouth to eat, is delicious, eventually dad’s shoes are broken, I am in bed Juezhaopigu spent a week, did not dare to move from that in the miss

remember Dad took the first day, I see the red education teacher, a lovely aunt asked 1+1=? Mom. ` ` ` `… Naughty in primary school, on the table to jump up, the results of a step in vain… Face the blood home crying… But not disfigured face…


had nibbled bun head to the sheep, wonder why sheep don’t eat bun head, so call mandatory to let the sheep eat bun head, the mouth to claw open the top of the flower… Hum… Primary school, on a Saturday school to play, the fixed swing that "unity climber" to twist off, the jump away, helpless, at school is my grandfather, my grandfather also denounced the Monday school, don’t give me a favour, especially wronged, I was in the school library inside the bed time, not to eat, or the results of my little sister.

Liu Jingwen Xinjiang grapes sold to the world

2011, Vergy Dani of the Xinjiang farmers dried apricots, Chinese wolfberry, jujube and other dry cargo by the electricity supplier channel sales all over the country. Farmers can not only use Vergy Dani’s channels to sell the product, but also to enjoy the profit sharing.

"Thompson Seedless" meat Stan is planting the leadership of farmers, the three generation of his family to grow grapes so far. Prior to cooperation, the Vergy Dani team with the meat, third party experts to develop the relevant standards of grape production, and in the agreement on the details of the agreement.

detection results increase the confidence of Liu Jingwen, decided to push this bunch of grapes. Many local farmers will choose to pick grapes in the six or seven ripe, so it is not easy to fall, but the sweetness and taste will be insufficient. In order to ensure the sweetness of grapes, Vergy Dani decided to pick grapes at eight ripe. But eight ripe grapes are easy to fall, the demand for packaging logistics is higher.

this year grape packaging with the extruded board of Taiwan. After the test of different materials, they found that the material in the heat preservation, hardness, impact resistance are good. According to Liu Jingwen introduction, this is the first time this material used in the local fresh fruit package recommended

Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster how to avoid risks

garlic in life, most of our friends are often consumed. For the price of garlic, many people feel that it is not worth mentioning, but the price of garlic in Henan province has soared more than 10 yuan per catty! So, Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster, how to avoid risk?

after a lapse of 6 years, garlic you ruthless comeback. Garlic prices rose last winter, all the way up to the spring of this year, garlic prices around the country record highs, the price of more than 10 yuan per kilogram in many places, greatly exceeding the highest value in 2010 of $6.4 per kilogram. In May this year, with the introduction of new garlic, garlic prices have dropped, but affected by a variety of factors, the price of garlic is still high.

garlic prices, garlic farmers make money, dealers also make money. However, the hidden risks can not be avoided. Why garlic prices this year and rising? Garlic prices will go in the future? The face of garlic price roller coaster, garlic farmers how to avoid risks?

garlic prices hit record highs

6 2, the reporter went to the city of Zhengzhou by the way of the Century Lianhua supermarket, see the retail price of the old garlic garlic is $13.7 per kg, with a total of $6.85 per kilogram.

old garlic expensive, new garlic is more expensive than in previous years. In Zhongmu, a vegetable market, a stall selling semi dry garlic is 5 yuan per catty.

in the field, the price of garlic has doubled over the previous year. Last year, dealers to the edge of garlic, garlic is the highest price of 1.5 yuan per catty, the beginning of this year, the price of wet garlic rose to about $2 per kilogram, and now has more than $3. It’s never been before.

why is the garlic price so high this year? The chairman of the Zhongmu County Refrigeration Association Liu Shaochen analysis said, is a few years ago garlic has been no money or less money, not a lot of farmers; two is a heavy snowfall last winter, and later the cold weather caused this year garlic production in general, the estimated production rate of around 30%.

garlic garlic farmers earn pots full bowl full of

48 year old Mao Yimin Meng Zhongmu County town of Xiao Mao Zhuang village, he planted 5 acres of garlic, about 2000 kg per mu this year. According to this year’s price, can be more than 6000 yuan per mu.

Mao Yimin garlic is still in their homes, not sold. He said: "it is estimated that prices will rise."

in Zhongmu, Qixian County and other places, like Mao Yimin reluctant to sell garlic farmers meet the eye everywhere.

garlic farmers to make money, many dealers are a big profit. The 42 year old Wang Xiaojun is Suileng County of Heilongjiang Province, never do recommend garlic

Sometimes a more pleasant business

although the current entrepreneurial boom is getting higher and higher, but entrepreneurs need to be calm, can not be confused by the tide of this wave of the direction of chaos. Perhaps a more pleasant business, now let’s feel entrepreneur Li Mingliang gentle entrepreneurial process!

edge show gorgeous transformation;

in the 2006 Weifang spring fair, Li Mingliang according to their major electronics company selected a production of medical equipment. Into the company, Li Mingliang did not care too much about wages, but did not hesitate to go to the company’s production line workshop.

for occupation technology, set up by the school to bridge social seamless for Li Mingliang, from students to the workplace so well to achieve the perfect turn.

Phoenix   quenching solid

2008 years, Li Mingliang returned to Anqiu, in the county’s water tank factory rented 3 cottage near the listing of the production of electronic medical equipment, officially began his own business process.

23 years old guy, not recommended

Join the ice shop how much profit how

hot summer, cold drink is always very hot, to start a lot of young entrepreneurs in this period of time, but also have targeted and beverages and other related industries, such as opening a delicious easy operation ice shop, is a good business opportunity. A lot of ice in the summer in the store is made fortunes, especially a brand of ice shop, is love by consumers. But how to join the ice ice shop stores, joining how much initial investment is also troubled by entrepreneurs. To this end, a join point editor is to join the ice shop how much research in-depth understanding, provides some advice through some basic data for the ready to join ice shop entrepreneurs.

to open an ice shop, first to know is an ice shop with which must have the equipment. The first is an ice machine, which is an important tool for making ice, now a lot of ice store choice is more professional ice machine, capable of fast ice making, and more clean and sanitary. There is a second to two for the frozen freezer, this is a favorite shop tools cannot do without. The third is used to hold the ice glass and plastic cups and other tools, but also to provide customers with the purchase of some casual tasting ice chairs and other tools besides these is water ice making ingredients and ordinary utensils and so on, with these devices, so you can achieve the basic ice shop business, so open a shop is very ice easy thing.

flexible mode of operation