Love Shanghai included slow Fast love Shanghai Webmaster Platform active push function!

tool has two delivery type manual submission links and automatically submit links, the general site we recommend automatic submission, automatic submission is divided automatically push, take the initiative to submit (real-time) and sitemap function, we recommend is to submit links to push (real-time) function. It is fast to grab love Shanghai spider latest web page features tools can take the initiative to find the site’s URL crawl included and show; compared with passive waiting for the love Shanghai spider capture efficiency is much higher, and you only need to fine tune the code, you can use, the development cost is relatively low. read more

The business forum does not rank in the first reason

as the official business forum, I believe that most of the contestants are concerned, published articles, discussions, suggestions, but may be due to the organizers on schedule on a previous commitment tracking reports and suck, resulting in more ridicule entertainment forum posts, a truly original and relevant business Shanghai, rarely associated with dragon and phoenix.

Please note the original article >

concerned about the forum A5 Bo excellent friends may know, one month the chain number more than 150 thousand, which is beyond the reach of personal website. Almost all the sites are outside the chain, the network media publicity, all kinds of website reprint, the number of chain explosive growth. While the number of the chain business forum than the chain to the site a lot, so at a glance. read more

A new method of negative user experience Shanghai dragon attack

wrote the user experience data may affect search rankings. Love is love, click on the Shanghai Shanghai fast row is the application of click ratio ranking.

attack is the use of user experience other user experience data such as bounce rate and residence time is thinking of the influence of the rankings, since a good user experience, help ranking, can give the competition website creating bad user experience data, and then reduce the rankings to see examples?.

Two months before

so, someone in my blog of Shanghai Dragon Technology Related words in the hands and feet. One kind of anonymous I can’t free fast? Is this ah, don’t click rate to brush more than 1000. This is what read more

A little misunderstanding Wangzhuan the importance of psychological qualityMake the platform and eat

Where’s the ?"

from the 02 years since the industry Wangzhuan after retiring, only in the advisors work, assessment items, no production site. A flicker of ten years, such as one day, based on the positioning of onlookers, perhaps a sober look.

Why does

filed a reverse thinking logic, is one of the key standards of personal psychological quality assessment means that you have the basic ability in the industry one day Wangzhuan achievement.

we secretly thought: now the Internet speed, everywhere is the Red Sea, we can catch a blue ocean, so it is lucky; old beauty able to 40%, we estimate the proportion of the 1% or more conservative, our team is also very shining this background, the difference will not be bad too outrageous, it should still be 5%. So, such a calculation, to win 50-60 business customers still promising. There are so many business customers in hand, then we do not play casually in the capital market. Well, the future is bright. That’s all right, read more

nternet entrepreneurs new way near Tencent, sh419, Alibaba three giantsActual combat Sina, micro-bl

now the Internet investment circle, more like a entertainment. From time to time three big Internet Co sh419, Ali, Tencent, English abbreviation for BAT, and who is close contact with the scandal?". The grapevine spread quickly and touched the sensitive nerves of the practitioner.

earlier investment, mergers and acquisitions rumors will come with the wave. Every other time, when I don’t know which wind blows, the marriage between sh419 and UC will be taken out and fired. This is a pair of complementary business, all in the eyes of perfect "beauty", but always missed in hand. It is said that the two sides are basically talking about acquisitions every year, but we can’t talk about them year after year. read more

The main business operation copycat success sharing

net copycat drip, drip site profitable website operators, the main business success of copycat sharing, a web site that is personal inspiration, like the ancient people like poetry, everything is difficult at the beginning, the most important time to do the copycat network drip, drip site profitable operation site, the main business success sharing copycat.


himself is the webmaster, as a technician, will only do optimization, website programming, for operating a large site that profit for the website, is every webmaster most headache, why is life skills, but in the face of a network side of the big stage to show perfect. But with ambition, but no goals. Don’t know you is not the heart experience, as a technician, power regardless of size, will have a great ideal, who all want to do a career, who will say I want to start their own businesses, who will have a I have the ability to do great things I must be. But often appears in the network the hero is not too technical, but the operation of the site, for example, Alibaba President Ma Yun, who knows that he is not what technology expert, but he changed the network. read more

The future of the nternet and Taobao marketing analysis

, webmaster friends, farewell ADMIN5, 3 years later, I came back, this time back to share some of the Taobao and web site combination.

entered, first a brief overview of the 3 years I went, very tangled said since I don’t do it in Beijing, came to Beijing a lot of contact with the Internet company, then the real out of the small city into the city only to find that the development of the Internet in the most populous city so fast I went to the company, group purchase, e-commerce companies, including the Jingdong store, although has been done before the webmaster friends and family opposition, but now I feel not to do so many years I want to come to the big city owners even a good job can not find, the real teacher recently and I really learned a lot of practical Xuanxi something here I want to thank my teacher, he let me know before I do the station is so pale. read more

Now join the Chinese jewelry industry in the end how long can survive

jewelry industry with the improvement of people’s living standard of consumption, but also ushered in the development of the peak period, for entrepreneurs at this time is not a good choice to join it? The whole network is for everyone to introduce the future trends of the development of the jewelry industry, hope that the majority of entrepreneurs want to invest in the jewelry industry to help.

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How to control the Shenzhen nail households

in the development process of the city, a lot of local demolition, local people can be divided into several sets of houses. However, some "nail households" is deliberately looking for cheap or not satisfied for the policy, which will have a great impact on the work of the government. So, how to control the Shenzhen "nail households"?

wants to be a nail? No way!

last year Shenzhen City Planning Commission began drafting the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone City Renewal Ordinance (Draft)", the "Regulations" with the recent news: Planning Commission responded that the "Regulations" has been submitted to the Shenzhen municipal legislative affairs office for review, which intends to set down compensation ratio, compulsory sale system is still in the demonstration and improvement and the subsequent operation, the executive level still needs further consideration. read more

Delicious bombing squid meet the current needs of the people

because people’s lives are not the same thing, the nature of the pursuit of consumer goods will be different levels. Demand for food is also rising, people are constantly looking for a variety of unique flavor delicacy to meet their needs, delicious bombing large squid takes hundreds of years of cultural accumulation, all kinds of series has also developed, are renowned for most countries in the world. Delicious bombing of the squid into the mainland, a lot of diners praise and sought after. read more

How about joining a lemon Green Tea

how about a lemon green tea? Delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Today, milk tea to join the project, but also more and more hot. Moreover, to join a lemon green tea project, or very hot projects, there are hot market. So, what are you hesitating about?

new fresh fresh fruit juice drink the strength of the background is very strong, join the project development is broad, can bring immeasurable wealth to join. When the new fresh fruit juice drink join? When the new headquarters has a professional team of experts, is committed to the development of the product "mind", in the traditional model of milk tea shop to do business innovation, creating a wealth of black holes". read more

Maris skewer shop to achieve glory and dream – your whole

"glory and dream" how familiar voice. We each have their own love of things to do, have their own original dream waiting for us, so we have to listen to Mr Xi’s words in the new year: roll up your sleeves and go.

A walk in any district

of Chongqing China delicacy, always a few named Maris skewers store particularly eye-catching, in addition to the original one prominent logo, more eye-catching is that the door is always filled with a long stream of people.

Mai Liz Yang Bin: glory and dream read more

Small seashells million net

shells, ordinary things, not unusual thing, but it is such a small shell, but full of tremendous business opportunities, with huge profits so that you can hardly imagine, small shells contain millions, do not believe? Let’s look at it together!

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How to upgrade the car beauty shop

car beauty franchise business prospects, but the competition is gradually increased, if you want to do business work shop, need to constantly keep up with the pace of development of the market, constantly upgrade themselves, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, to do service work. What is the specific implementation of the work? Xiao Bian provides a few points of analysis, interested can look at.

A, improve the image of the store, to the high-end car beauty franchise development

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The spring of 2012 set up a stall to buy what the most profitable

2012 in the spring of the stall to buy what the most profitable?

and the year of the spring is the best season of stall business, then in 2012 of the Spring Festival, a street vendor selling what can make money? Stall stall to purchase a small business, we must find the big market, high profit products, and find a good sales method. Nothing can be more shopping, around the wholesale market, on a street vendor selling what, you will find that there are many useful things worth learning the shop purchase experience. read more

Brand store display needs to follow the five principles

for the entrepreneurial brand, the image of the store chain represents the image of the brand, so in the brand store display to put a certain amount of energy, store layout and arrangement of the need for scientific design.

1, the overall unity of goods display. In order to achieve the effect of display, fully embodies the concept of brand design, from the overall design of the LOGO to the store model, gestures and other details of the station, to reflect the design and presentation of the theme and intent. read more

Chinese chain stores need to pay attention to the details of the operation

venture investors often enter a misunderstanding, which is popular to join the project, choose to make money on that, do not look at the market, do not look at the future. All eyes were just confused by the interest. It is often overlooked that a join venture is not accompanied by you choose a good project is settled, it is only a beginning, the real highlight of the mode of operation is still behind.

Chinese food chain stores in the Chinese market, is a higher profit catering services. The high price is mainly reflected in the cultural situation of Chinese food and the cost compared with Chinese food. What are the secrets of the Chinese restaurant? Restaurants, especially fast food restaurants. Pay attention to the decoration, in order to create a more comfortable, clean environment to provide customers with consumption. In addition to the main food in the Chinese restaurant, there are additional desserts, afternoon tea and other food. Moreover, more and more emphasis on food culture. read more

Top 10 tips to help improve the floor paint brand

into the text before the first mention of a question, the content of the enterprise web page is written to whom?

I have served as curator

SEO website in a well-known Dalian floor paint enterprises, the original floor paint enterprise website optimization team after several brainstorming meeting, determine a scheme about optimizing the site floor paint enterprise overall policy is: & quot; original content + humane chain correlation between " + industry chain;. However, at that time, we are not the same as the degree of awareness of SEO, resulting in the original ideas about the content of the enterprise website, the views can not be unified. At that time, the most controversial topic is: "what is the content of our web site for whom to read?" read more