Love Shanghai included slow Fast love Shanghai Webmaster Platform active push function!

tool has two delivery type manual submission links and automatically submit links, the general site we recommend automatic submission, automatic submission is divided automatically push, take the initiative to submit (real-time) and sitemap function, we recommend is to submit links to push (real-time) function. It is fast to grab love Shanghai spider latest web page features tools can take the initiative to find the site’s URL crawl included and show; compared with passive waiting for the love Shanghai spider capture efficiency is much higher, and you only need to fine tune the code, you can use, the development cost is relatively low.

also released last year, love Shanghai "spark plan 2", based Webmaster Platform based link submission – active push function, and the launch of the original protection and the first content of the project proceeds, "

we say today is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform link submission tool, it can provide a variety of ways for the site to submit data to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to help discover and understand the pages on your site and included the site structure, optimization.

The official It is reported that the function of


included slow love Shanghai as everyone knows there are many reasons, such as: the web server is not stable, often revised, content readability is not high, illegal operations, but included slow suck problems or to analyze specific issues, to find their own reasons to solve problems more easily, today we have to talk about the problem of normal do stand to improve the amount collected sea love.

, since the opening half a year to participate in the submission site near 10W, 5000W on the data submitted, the data submitted by the average capture time early in reptiles found time for 4 hours; submit data included 60%–100%, which shows that the majority of owners with the use of such functions are good.

server is usually fault free and conform to the rules of the formal operation of the amount collected is low and the love Shanghai spider caught the content of your website, spider to access the collection contents, and then be arranged database indexing, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video and other content. Under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai spider is in accordance with a set of rules to crawl, so take the initiative to love Shanghai submit data than do content only love Shanghai spider to catch the page more effective use of the official tools.

The official

data we have a certain understanding, look at the site of end feedback on how small, contact the Ranger net, the other feedback, push the data capture volume reached 89.34%, the proportion of 64.86% included, as early as in the reptile found time of 164574 seconds, 45.7 hours, 2 days ahead of time to be included, small again contact Le ha, the other said push data capture 100%, included 70% early reptiles were included in the time 10 hours.


The business forum does not rank in the first reason

as the official business forum, I believe that most of the contestants are concerned, published articles, discussions, suggestions, but may be due to the organizers on schedule on a previous commitment tracking reports and suck, resulting in more ridicule entertainment forum posts, a truly original and relevant business Shanghai, rarely associated with dragon and phoenix.

Please note the original article >

concerned about the forum A5 Bo excellent friends may know, one month the chain number more than 150 thousand, which is beyond the reach of personal website. Almost all the sites are outside the chain, the network media publicity, all kinds of website reprint, the number of chain explosive growth. While the number of the chain business forum than the chain to the site a lot, so at a glance.

it has been held confirmed the forum just changed the title, without any website optimization.


5, the chain number is less

I just checked the whole data business forum, the general feeling of weight, the PR value is 0, other data also suck, for "electricity business circle game" section, as a sub section of the forum, the general weight transfer, that is to say this section is not what benefits can be obtained.

users are not active How many

6, no specially optimized

1, weight transfer

focus on the electric business circle of friends all know the business competition to host the forum discussion forum has long ranked first place ranking, later gradually decline, there is a period of time even to page second this morning. In fact, long before you want to say it is not in the first cause analysis, summed up the following points: today a lot of Qi

compared to last year, A5 Bo excellent section, this section of the electricity supplier players less attention, users participate in the low degree of activity is not enough, the traffic is not high, the readability is relatively poor, of course, how many PV little, this is also the number of entries in a relationship, love Shanghai nature that it is not the most popular Wang, is not the most popular, so it is not in the first row.

Qi has been found several problems of the forum, including back time forbidden, refresh time unable to access the forum, picture display is not normal and so on, are posting to the organizers put forward proposals, submitted to the people said, but the problem has been kept in, really helpless.

Analysis of

2, the original article rarely

3, poor user experience

written in the end, the official website of the ranking and we do not have any relationship, only pay attention to more qi. Although a lot of dissatisfaction with this game and the organizers, but after all, people give us such a platform to compete, but also to make friends with each other to our understanding of the opportunities and improve the ability of Shanghai dragon opportunity, wish a better development of the electricity supplier forum.

A new method of negative user experience Shanghai dragon attack

wrote the user experience data may affect search rankings. Love is love, click on the Shanghai Shanghai fast row is the application of click ratio ranking.

attack is the use of user experience other user experience data such as bounce rate and residence time is thinking of the influence of the rankings, since a good user experience, help ranking, can give the competition website creating bad user experience data, and then reduce the rankings to see examples?.

Two months before

so, someone in my blog of Shanghai Dragon Technology Related words in the hands and feet. One kind of anonymous I can’t free fast? Is this ah, don’t click rate to brush more than 1000. This is what

search "Shanghai Dragon Technology" to access the site out rate is 98.88%, the residence time is 5 seconds, was a lot worse than normal access. Before a screenshot in the normal word click rate is so, because in the traffic statistics septum farther, not all drawings, only to see a:




100% bounce rate, residence time of 1. "Shanghai Dragon Technology" the word has several real search traffic and data, the word "Shanghai dragon ranking optimization software".

common negative Shanghai Longfeng method has time to elaborate on the main post today said negative Shanghai Long Fengxin recently discovered a method of attack: user experience. This is my blind name in the news, English in Shanghai Longfeng have not seen the report, so it is not English name, but I have to see someone who is trying to.


can clearly see that the click rate is a problem, but this is not what I do in such fast row. "Shanghai Dragon Technology" the word ranking in the second page, click to rate may reach 47%? Even ranked third, with 158% hits what? I didn’t know what VV is Shanghai dragon. What is the click rate of 1038%? From the previous data, it does not show the amount of these words is a brush, such as "Shanghai dragon ranking optimization software", this word can not be a day to show the amount of up to more than 100, almost never seen this word before.


is a Shanghai Shanghai dragon day love flow and key words Webmaster Platform part one day last week at the Wikipedia:

search engine is one of the most complex systems, because of complexity, to avoid loopholes 100%. Some Shanghai dragon to his own website ranking is not good, but the study of how to pull down the malicious competitors, this is the negative Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon negative. This is very boring, but in reality happened every day.

look at the traffic statistics we would know:

A little misunderstanding Wangzhuan the importance of psychological qualityMake the platform and eat

Where’s the ?"

from the 02 years since the industry Wangzhuan after retiring, only in the advisors work, assessment items, no production site. A flicker of ten years, such as one day, based on the positioning of onlookers, perhaps a sober look.

Why does

filed a reverse thinking logic, is one of the key standards of personal psychological quality assessment means that you have the basic ability in the industry one day Wangzhuan achievement.

we secretly thought: now the Internet speed, everywhere is the Red Sea, we can catch a blue ocean, so it is lucky; old beauty able to 40%, we estimate the proportion of the 1% or more conservative, our team is also very shining this background, the difference will not be bad too outrageous, it should still be 5%. So, such a calculation, to win 50-60 business customers still promising. There are so many business customers in hand, then we do not play casually in the capital market. Well, the future is bright. That’s all right,

"it’s just a marketing gimmick,"

world Wangzhuan, number of monthly successful probably less than 10 people, from the single "

pay attention to imitation, goals, ideas, planning and execution of various schemes, according to the author fifteen years Wangzhuan experience has not seen the success of the case, and not one, perhaps only the short-sighted, so inexperienced. We should know the profits from all Wangzhuan two and even many commissions of the Commission, the owner is the webmaster Yisifumu; advertisers is the head of the master, this is a completely non root industry, absolutely not applicable to any enterprise management scheme, because Wangzhuan webmaster can master the foundation is only duckweed small and very unstable.


, such as many people, often face the author’s inquiry: "

later, boss may also feel that the road is blocked, in order to find a way out, the company executives decided to transfer

Abstract: "how big is this market? I only eat 1%. It’s also very impressive," a similar statement is heard in the entrepreneurial circle. When entrepreneurs say this, they are filled with more than 1% fantasies. However, with a little calculation, we can see that it simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

problem? Think for 1 minutes, time begins……

"earned silver wait for others to know, why

delusion 1: in two years, we’re going to eat 1% of the market,

try so hard that the pay is always $10 a month?

, Wangzhuan success only in a "potential", the success of the flow to bring luck, at the time of the friction degree is very short, let not the slightest opportunity to imitate a little, and the key and the associated imperative is to play psychological. In the mind of the subject Puzhong, people chase under the effect of high intensity of infection, have a mutual inheritance nest and nest, which everyone lost.

According to the author’s opinion on ."How does

our products and services are still in the initial stage in our country, and there are few competing products. Boss’s dream is to be a benchmark in this vertical division. Start at the beginning, boss to our calculations: market penetration Chinese online management services to not even 5%, but Chinese has 12 million small and medium-sized enterprises, that is to say in the China there are at least 11 million of the small and medium-sized enterprises is uncultivated wasteland. In this segment, one benchmark enterprise old beauty can do to the market share of 40%, even if we just started a little worse than them, within two years, eat only 1% of the market, we can service about 100000 target customers. If we can hold more than 10 million enterprise customer resources, at that time, we can basically go to the D round, and the listing……

, like GG, CJ, Chen, $one hundred thousand, and even a million dollar check, are you faced with these big rewards incentives? Are you enough to come up with the basic idea of reverse thinking:

in one thousand people, nine hundred and ninety-nine people may be blind to the pursuit of a no exact answer, or a year, or three years, the actual chase is only never cognitive dark suspect, or just an elaborate hoax.

delusion two: we want to build a platform, do the rule maker,

later, we found that the actual walking is not expected so smoothly, and even can be said to go very hard. We thought 1% of the conservative goals, and after 1 years, we didn’t even achieve 1% of the conservative goals ie 0.01%.

earn tens of thousands of dollars a month?

"limited resources, infinite desire", a webmaster Wangzhuan success, must sacrifice thousands of people to success, how to get out of their own piece of the sky from the crowd, and then thinking achievement is unique, is entirely personal psychological quality level. Into the psychological misunderstanding imperceptibly is one of the main cause of the failure of people, in other words, Wangzhuan successful psychological quality cultivation is the only proper course to take.

dream, this is the entrepreneur buries in the heart, can provide the infinite power for the entrepreneur’s energy. But in the process of implementation, if the dream can not be disassembled into a step by step executable target, "dream" is likely to become a "delusion."". Volcano once worked for a start-up company that provides management software for the enterprise. As a person coming out of the start-up company, the volcano has experienced some seemingly "dream", more like "paranoia" development plan, here to share with you two deep delusions:

lottery in the world, the first prize winner about 200 people a day, the number of people getting rich every night 6000 people.

Internet entrepreneurs new way near Tencent, sh419, Alibaba three giantsActual combat Sina, micro-bl

now the Internet investment circle, more like a entertainment. From time to time three big Internet Co sh419, Ali, Tencent, English abbreviation for BAT, and who is close contact with the scandal?". The grapevine spread quickly and touched the sensitive nerves of the practitioner.

earlier investment, mergers and acquisitions rumors will come with the wave. Every other time, when I don’t know which wind blows, the marriage between sh419 and UC will be taken out and fired. This is a pair of complementary business, all in the eyes of perfect "beauty", but always missed in hand. It is said that the two sides are basically talking about acquisitions every year, but we can’t talk about them year after year.

March 22nd, there is news within the Internet circle, Ali will acquire a wholly friendly alliance. Even Ali, alliance official does not recognize, but Ali to $about 70000000 acquisition of alliance is That’s final. fact. In the A round of financing in June 2011, the alliance valued at $50 million. Mobile Internet financing is now low tide, Ali acquisition is still a premium, in the eyes of many entrepreneurs, the alliance has been looking for a good home.

also rumored that sh419 and Alibaba are in touch with High German maps to discuss investment. High German software has a map of the underlying mapping qualifications, and billions of dollars in the number of users, some of the innovations on the mobile Internet is also attractive.

no matter how much truth and lies, gossip and stories, the protagonist of the story they are – Tencent, Ali, sh419.


set up 3 years of friendship alliance, in about to usher in its own B round of financing at the time, accepted the $about 70000000 acquisition of the Alibaba offer. Public information display, at present, the alliance to win over the 30 thousand APP developers.

third step: micro-blog broadcasting

10 years ago, Internet entrepreneurs dream is independent, at that time, everyone is not who who also annexed numerous underlings. Today, this dream may be farther away from entrepreneurs, and the best way out may be to sell to an Internet gangster.

we feel very curious, why the total number of retransmissions will add up to less than 40, how would there be so many clicks? The reason is actually very simple, is decided by the type of micro-blog’s audience, the audience can see details of micro-blog’s classification of another article "my Huang Qingquan: precise >

when I was real China Valentine’s day, "the Qixi Festival" to the Taobao alliance there to find a relatively recent sales, the price is right, the Commission of higher products. So I chose the goods as shown below. It’s something new and attractive. The Commission is 30% and you can get a commission of 10 yuan.

Not far from

from here you can see that although it is advertising, but as long as you advertise something good, it will still be broadcast. Dial 8 to broadcast, natural broadcast also has 10+ above. Here’s a look at the two micro-blog hits:

first step: micro-blog account preparation,

sold the project

second step: the choice of goods

November 2012, business less than a year, "tonight to see what", a movie content personalized search, bought by sh419 to 2 million -300 million price of $two, who returned from the United States founder were recruited to sh419’s distance, they got Xu Xiaoping’s angel investment only more than 1 years.


10 years hard road, but now the way out of different.

micro-blog promotion Taobao customers, account number is the key to success or failure, the quality of the account from the number of fans, broadcast number, number of broadcast, theme and other aspects to assess. In particular, there must be no zombie fans. I started my account with 0. Fans come back by listening to novices. The maximum number of fans per account is close to ten thousand. And 8 more than 2 thousand fans. All accounts add up to nearly 30 thousand. But fans are active and quality.


soup, Beijing,

Taobao can make money, but it’s getting harder and harder. Many long tail keywords have been numerous Taobao guest single product website occupy, through the website promotion, Taobao guest more and more difficult. Relying on popular platform to promote Taobao customers is a good way out. Very Taobao passengers through sh419 know, ask, Renren and other income over a million. What is more, through the platform to promote a monthly income of 200 thousand. Micro-blog is the latest and most popular platform, and data is constantly refreshed. Many people are using micro-blog to promote Taobao customers to make money quietly, as the amount of money can not be estimated. Should be close to space. Recently, I also tried Sina micro-blog to promote the practice of Taobao customers. The process is as follows:

micro-blog broadcast I divide two, the first is advertising type, directly tell the audience, Tanabata arrived, to the other half of the gift, this is a good choice. Then broadcast the broadcast with the remaining 8 numbers. The results are as follows:

second is soft text, the product of romantic, you can also in Tanabata such a romantic, and then use the remaining 8 numbers broadcast this broadcast. The results are as follows.

days ago, investment circle news, sh419 and Alibaba are more than 1 billion yuan investment in shares or holding the acquisition. Although not yet officially disclosed, but sh419 Hao throw $350 million acquisition of PPS has become a reality, its purpose is to use PPS’s huge multi-user to divert Iqiyi video advertising.


The main business operation copycat success sharing

net copycat drip, drip site profitable website operators, the main business success of copycat sharing, a web site that is personal inspiration, like the ancient people like poetry, everything is difficult at the beginning, the most important time to do the copycat network drip, drip site profitable operation site, the main business success sharing copycat.


himself is the webmaster, as a technician, will only do optimization, website programming, for operating a large site that profit for the website, is every webmaster most headache, why is life skills, but in the face of a network side of the big stage to show perfect. But with ambition, but no goals. Don’t know you is not the heart experience, as a technician, power regardless of size, will have a great ideal, who all want to do a career, who will say I want to start their own businesses, who will have a I have the ability to do great things I must be. But often appears in the network the hero is not too technical, but the operation of the site, for example, Alibaba President Ma Yun, who knows that he is not what technology expert, but he changed the network.

concluded that we can not, we cannot only have a technology, and will use the people around, the technology behind to choose the right people, with a clever mind to plan to go, this is the key to successful operation of the site.

said below, I do experience in Shanzhai network.

has just begun to see Shanzhai, which is very hot. Now the society talks about Shanzhai, not knowing it is shanzhai. I began to wonder if I could use the word in business, so I started looking for Shanzhai products, of course, because Shanzhai phones in Shenzhen were hot, and Shanzhai prices were more popular. So I choose this word, copycat mobile phone, mobile phone Baidu search copycat was out of the www.shanzhaiji, com is the first, no doubt this time someone’s goal and standard market, I have found that there is no copycat copycat, not the boss, can be said to be the main copycat I select one of the best, do you say to register the domain name www.shanzhaizhu immediately com. The good domain name registration I did not choose to do news copycat evaluation, is what I think I can use the main direct copycat shop, this can be said to be the main comparison of copycat copycat boss, have a certain influence, a night time before I could talk about the good supplier manufacturers all the information released to my website, the site is out early select the shopex program, and his program and Baidu has ah, Taobao, pat, data conversion, so I don’t have to compare one by one to add products to other platforms, things like this brand market is the most hot thing, visibility is the most important, do not choose Taobao, pat will not believe you, because Taobao, and pat we all know, as long as I use the brand promotion my site will be just a wholesale platform. I’m going to use the Shanzhai website to make wholesale mobile phones rather than just retail.

The future of the Internet and Taobao marketing analysis

, webmaster friends, farewell ADMIN5, 3 years later, I came back, this time back to share some of the Taobao and web site combination.

entered, first a brief overview of the 3 years I went, very tangled said since I don’t do it in Beijing, came to Beijing a lot of contact with the Internet company, then the real out of the small city into the city only to find that the development of the Internet in the most populous city so fast I went to the company, group purchase, e-commerce companies, including the Jingdong store, although has been done before the webmaster friends and family opposition, but now I feel not to do so many years I want to come to the big city owners even a good job can not find, the real teacher recently and I really learned a lot of practical Xuanxi something here I want to thank my teacher, he let me know before I do the station is so pale.

I want to A5 some of the old people should remember that for a long time before we do the site’s profit model is completely pop Baidu promotion and Google promotion, I remember a feeling that pop stand to earn 20 thousand IP, when the background refresh the total advertising revenue, when I really feel is in seconds in the money, then meet with 1000IP4 yuan this income is


but you reflect on it? Now there are many webmaster to day dozens of pieces of money in advertising in the construction site or site to update, update or update? I understand personal suffering, often support their beliefs in a way, circle someone into others, are so every day.

personally feel that the personal webmaster should consider giving up a single advertising model, I think the social development of the Internet speed is too fast, there are new sites open every day, there are countless websites shut down in frustration, then shut down for many reasons, but most are going to go without money so the webmaster to reflect is not to start with the product, this is the best way, many owners began to try to do a Taobao customer, when you see a website from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of times, they will find the happy, why not to flow? The time found that the site was K, I think many webmaster can have such experience, Taobao has been flooded, want to have to do is maintenance free Taobao customers only A strip of.

recently I was helping a friend planning operation of automobile hub modified Taobao shop, my friend is very good products is our customer service attitude strict in demands, are good, perhaps because we have a belief that Taobao wants to do the store, but with the modified version of Taobao’s revision, restriction and limitation in Ma’s monopoly, small sellers can hardly go out, I think we can also feel, of course, what is the most painful? That is the Taobao blocked Baidu spider, the conversion of Taobao marketing mode completely to Taobao customers, through.

Now join the Chinese jewelry industry in the end how long can survive

jewelry industry with the improvement of people’s living standard of consumption, but also ushered in the development of the peak period, for entrepreneurs at this time is not a good choice to join it? The whole network is for everyone to introduce the future trends of the development of the jewelry industry, hope that the majority of entrepreneurs want to invest in the jewelry industry to help.

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Ji’nan spring people home female entrepreneurship contest ended

the arrival of the new year, female entrepreneurs have ushered in a new development opportunities. In the past year, many female customers have proven their achievements through practice. With more women entrepreneurship support in place, there will be more entrepreneurs to participate in the cause of development.

the contest by the Municipal Women’s Federation, the city and Social Council, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Ji’nan newspaper group, Ji’nan radio and television network, China (Shandong) and other units jointly organized by the. The contest is to implement the national public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation deployment requirements, the implementation of the municipal Party committee to build four centers, the construction of modern spring, the specific task of the specific initiatives. The event was awarded the 123 prize in the competition, such as the representative of the "Ji’nan’s most beautiful home business women" award, for the Ji’nan "spring people" female entrepreneurs logo designers awarded certificates. 6 outstanding entrepreneurs to share the entrepreneurial experience and entrepreneurial experience.

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How to control the Shenzhen nail households

in the development process of the city, a lot of local demolition, local people can be divided into several sets of houses. However, some "nail households" is deliberately looking for cheap or not satisfied for the policy, which will have a great impact on the work of the government. So, how to control the Shenzhen "nail households"?

wants to be a nail? No way!

last year Shenzhen City Planning Commission began drafting the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone City Renewal Ordinance (Draft)", the "Regulations" with the recent news: Planning Commission responded that the "Regulations" has been submitted to the Shenzhen municipal legislative affairs office for review, which intends to set down compensation ratio, compulsory sale system is still in the demonstration and improvement and the subsequent operation, the executive level still needs further consideration.

this is known as the city of Shenzhen, the project has a decisive impact on the regulation of the Ordinance, had a debut on the controversial, and the focus of the dispute is mainly sixtieth [forced sale application]:

market to organize the implementation of the demolition and reconstruction of city renewal project, in a few subjects of the right of refusal and the main implementation of the project signed relocation compensation agreement, the implementation of the project is within the scope of the project case, with more than 95% (including 95%) the property rights of people, to project the location of the district government for compulsory sale the project within the scope of all real estate.

in other words, the demolition project more than 95% of people agree with the demolition, the rest can only obediently agreed to when the nail? No way!

to Shenzhen, but the rule of "high price" coup. Why, listen to the Lord slowly ~~

"urban renewal"

want to stabilize Shenzhen’s high prices, the first priority is to ease the contradiction between supply and demand in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen, the battle depends on the city’s renewal.

update in Shenzhen city because of the overall residential market accounted for showing "increasing" situation, "13th Five-Year" period is expected to reach nearly 8 of the proportion (Shenzhen Committee of city planning and land resources data).

data show that in 2011 Shenzhen city renewal project supply about 910 thousand square meters of commercial housing in 2012, about 1 million 480 thousand square meters, about 2 million 900 thousand square meters in 2014 2013, about 2 million 560 thousand square meters, accounting for the city’s real estate market supply ratio was 21%, 23%, 35%, 35%. 2015, in addition to moving back to the original owners of the property, the urban renewal of commercial housing supply of about 4 million 360 thousand square meters, accounting for the city’s total of 47%.


13th Five-Year" period, Shenzhen plans to supply land for housing construction in 800 recommended