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domain name and space business The construction of Keywords: Keywords

3. Description: description by adding their own words in the description, but it is recommended that you do not put the page description write too long, beyond the limits of "description is not in the major search engines display, can display the first 120 Chinese characters content. You don’t have to fill 120 Chinese characters, "the description is not as long as possible. Customers have their own judgment, "describe if there is exaggerated words, words are only annoying not to the point. The main content should be the main products and services to your web site or web page description >.

1. Title Title: the title of the site should add keywords, generally set up 3 key words do not repeat, the index of keywords can query in index.baidu贵族宝贝, selected 3 key words remember to use a comma (,) to separate the keywords, website title should be suitable length, generally not recommended more than 32 Chinese characters so that you can the.

2. set of keywords is the most important, because it will bring you benefits. How to set the key words? You have to choose according to the same industry competition intensity. For example, I was doing onschedule release station, love Shanghai index.baidu贵族宝贝 check, onschedule and Zhu Xian 2 PW index was the highest, that is to say the two words can bring you flow is the largest.

, a website:

two site settings: how to set up the site title, keyword and description

your site needs a your own domain name, and choose according to your business, I suggest to GoDaddy domain name registration, the world’s largest domain name provider,贵族宝贝 international domain name 50 dollars a year, or very cheap, but also safe and stable. If you know English, you can go to registration, cannot read English words, then go to Taobao to find someone to note. There is room for it is best to find a stable, fast, and independent IP (usually buy space which are put in a lot of station, this is not good for optimization. So to be independent IP) space, this space cost may be expensive, but overall, is worth it.

first, I’m not a professional Shanghai dragon Er is not a search engine ranking expert, I’m just a Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, I try to ensure that the methods and strategies mentioned below is valid and conform to the rules, if there is an error, please skip or carry out, we discuss. Remember just contact the Shanghai dragon, I feel very difficult, very mysterious, always have a lot of questions to optimize, what is the title of the title? How to get? What is the key? How to choose keywords? What is the description? Describe how to write and so on all sorts of questions around me?. I will explain below, my understanding of them. The hope can bring some inspiration to everyone, for beginners reference Shanghai dragon optimization.

Schmidt Google is not involved in the early social media is a mistake

for the current status, development + nobility baby Schmidt said, Google has been well involved in this market. Because Google failed to timely development of social media market, so the company has achieved a leading Facebook. However, now also has a noble baby fully competitive. Schmidt said: "the baby + connected to your noble interaction with friends. In our search ranking, this is an important signal for the future, and Google Internet technology are very important in all".

Google executive chairman Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said in an interview in India, Google failed to join the earlier social media revolution, is his biggest mistake in office at CEO.

Schmidt said that he is very proud of the achievements of Google in the past 10 years, Schmidt also said, "I’m not fast enough to realize the social media revolution, failed to make the field earlier in Google is my biggest mistake, and I need to be responsible".

Schmidt said this: "for each company, the most critical is the continuous innovation, is to solve the practical problems of the user terminal velocity. In the past, the entire industry is driven by Microsoft leading PC hardware manufacturers this architecture to a great extent, but this model has been completely broken."


Google executive chairman Eric · Schmidt (Photo by techweb

is the Internet, "big four", Google, Facebook, Amazon and apple are facing competition. Apple is currently threatened by Android, Amazon has many competitors in the field of electronic business, Google needs to deal with the challenge of Microsoft, but also need Facebook and nobility baby + competition.

The reason analysis of website ranking out of combat overnight

1, the column page keywords into the long tail of Related words, do not conflict with the subject page.


A further analysis of



2, canceled at the bottom of the total density exceed the standard link, keep a point to the home page to


3, appropriate to increase the page keyword density,

is part of the reason is the weight of the home page is the column page split over past, have to do is to return to the home page to the website weight, let the home page in ranking, ranking can be restored.

Specific solution: A

to this website, I simply see the site, and did not see what the problem is, the website is not new, but also included in the site is still increasing, the chain is also increasing, keyword density, Links doesn’t have much of a problem, the website also showed no drop right phenomenon. That in the end what is the reason that the website ranking off

from above, I think we should see ranking changes to this website, web page ranking appears gradually decreased, the product began to appear from the column page ranking, another Google ranking, ranking third in the home sale of trademarks, trademark transaction ranking product column page in Google seventh, trademark transfer ranking in Google home page eleventh, column page product ranked 132, this let me find the website of the real problem is that the search engine ranking to the wrong problem, should mean to the home page ranking to column page, product column and the front page keywords is the cause of conflict, and the site’s news page number the chain is pointing to this column page, keywords and point to the home is not accurate. Cause now you do not judge the search engine keyword is the home page or column page this? For a long time could lead to two page ranking, but the rankings are not very good.

analysis of today we participated in the Shanghai dragon optimization training of a Shanghai Longfeng case, his website is this: before the transfer of trademarks, the site of the trade mark, trade mark and other keywords are on the home page top. During the site and did not make any changes, but later 2011.11.30, web site keywords ranking love Shanghai night out, 2011.12.1 2011.12.2 has ranked ranked recovery, no recovery.


we come again.

4, the chain.


Before in Shanghai Longfeng need to do user experience Optimization Planning

most of the time, the webmaster friends in Shanghai Longfeng, discussed the most is how to do the chain, how to update the content. Ignore the original purpose of our website. We do, is to give the user, in order to give users the practical information, the only way to get long and orderly development of the website. Not blindly to please the search engine, if a site of the Shanghai dragon do very well, but in the user experience but do not in place, then, even if the Shanghai dragon import more traffic way, just to let users do superficially like a passer-by, and not let the user really visit into our website, the website can not become a real user. So, this paper is for the user to talk about how to build a high degree of user experience website.

third, made the first step and the second step, the user came to our website, does not mean that the user can become our loyal users, people may find useful information after the head is not back away, so we have to think of ways how to let the user be visiting for the first time we visit customers let users visit, become our loyal customers. There are many ways, the most classic is the most extensive, user requirements when landing to obtain the information of the user site to make good move, give the user reward. Of course。 This ridge is to have a degree, I had to do a forum, because start sharing information need to see a lot of posts to make many users feel laborious which leads to a gradual loss of users.


is the second, web page design, users come to our website, does not mean that people will be able to adapt to the style of our website. And we design a web page, it is impossible to adapt to the extent of everyone. However, people are inert, concise in our website design, navigation column design in place, at least they will not produce resistance to this website. I remember a senior once said to me, a good user experience of the website, must allow users to find the information you need within three steps (a point for some comprehensive website, perhaps a bit unrealistic). However, this also explains, concise, is the users of love. At the same time, a simple structure of the website, either in user experience or in our daily management, it is very necessary to.

first, the website title and description. A web site’s title and description, like a house door and window. From the search engine to the user, the first sight is our website title and description. So, the title of the website is directly related to the user’s first impression on our website, if not into our website directly resent our website. It directly decides that we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work can achieve the maximization of benefit. Therefore, before the Shanghai dragon, we consider the title, should not only consider the applicability of the Shanghai dragon is also given to the user experience is good.


American Internet entrepreneur reveals secrets of successPulse six degree space member recruitment C

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was held in New York last week Internet World Conference, some new network executives about their entrepreneurial experience to the people, which makes the Internet’s ambitious entrepreneurs satisfied ".The outline of

once entrepreneurs have a good idea, must beware of "5000 Pound Gorilla" rely on the strength of the new line, launched a similar service. But the advantage of emerging companies, they say, is that small firms are usually more aggressive than multinationals. Levitan pointed out that network business success has three F Code: to seize the initiative, quick action and target concentration first, fast an d focused. For example, he said, from the success of YAHOO and Time Warner TimeWarner Pathfinder portal site failure precedent can be seen, large traditional companies usually miss Internet start-ups.

How quickly does a new site improve adhesion

website how to increase the viscosity, in the final analysis is the attraction of the site, of course, and the location of the site is related. Holding a gun in one place the mentality of the webmaster, do not have to consider the problem of viscosity, just think how suddenly click on the line, and ready to get down station friends must consider whether their site has the potential to attract repeat customers. In general, a website that lets people visit second times, the following are essential.

1, website speed, imagine a website has not been opened for a minute, loaded pictures, and then loaded video, and then the patient has to go.


website speed, involves many aspects, the first is the website server problem on this, I believe that many owners have a lot of complaints to the child said, after all, now in the host market, but really can not find a problem with IDC, only one point, the strength of IDC to hard. You think, since there is no guarantee that there is no problem, at least make sure that the problem can be solved in time.

is the second web design, if you listen to the opinions of the so-called web design company, that is what to what the whole a trendy, fancy, so people have to make money. But if you are a understand some Internet webmaster, you should know the website design should be simple and elegant, this website is a collection of Internet users are willing to see, Baidu, Google, Myspace and other sites will know. Another reason is that no matter how delicious things are, there is always a time when you can get bored, but you can drink boiled water every day.

2, since it comes to web design, website design should have characteristics, not flashy, but have their own ideas, and not completely imitate other people’s ideas come over.

general, website design idea is, as far as possible to retain users, to attract users to visit the web page, we must pay attention to the following points: a design, to meet user habits, let a person to accept the strange things cost, unless we think the price is a must; B, on the page the more important something more serious, to establish clear visual hierarchy; C, can click on the place must be prominent, people obviously know can click; D, divide the page into a clearly defined area; E, omit superfluous words.

3, website advertisement and website profit cannot delimit simple equal sign.

has some website owners may want to make money like crazy, advertising on the page is actually the main content more, I think in the long run, this is not a good thing, it will make access to reduce the number of advertising, eventually lead to earn less money, do not try.

these methods are arch-criminal loss of a large number of users, in fact, these sites are using so many rogue means is to flow, or a little more direct said, is to make money, they just don’t know it broke your site off.


The principle of avoiding failure in setting up shop

who is not guaranteed, the site will be successful shop, only to avoid as far as possible, here, small according to the experience summary, avoid the failure of the launch of several shop location principle, we hope to be able to help your business!

not to do business in the surrounding stores often offer discounts

if you shop business is a grade of the product, remember do not discount stores and often neighbors (some casual clothing stores, women drink shops, dollar stores and other similar stores). So is the consumption environment, Birds of a feather flock together., once in the discount store area form climate, good goods is bound to be affected.

to prevent second-hand landlord

when rental shops, original owners as far as possible to find the store sign; because through layers of hands of the shop, to renew the problem in terms of costs or later, there will be great risks.

if the original owner was significantly lower than the normal market rent out, so you have to be careful, perhaps store property, or store the debt problem, the possibility is not in the short term the demolition should also be considered.

shop rent minimum ShenThe so-called

Nail shop named what skills

although the shop has a suitable name for the operation of the store will play a very important role, however, for the current number of entrepreneurs, how the name is a problem. In fact, if you can master the relevant skills, shop names can also be very simple. So, nail shop named what skills?

1, nail shop name must be consistent with the operation of the nail project, can reflect the operating characteristics of the nail shop, or reflect the excellent quality of the shop, or allow consumers to easily identify, resulting in the desire to buy. Such as "India Chanel", this Manicure shop name is simple and elegant, fashion tastes strong, reflect the grade.

2, nail shop name to be novel, do not be too mediocre, it is best to arouse the interests of consumers in the first time, contributing to consumer desire. As some Manicure shop name, "lady Manicure, slender beauty, Manicure Meilun" Manicure shop name, let consumers see the interest.

3, nail shop with a simple name, remember not too complicated, hard to remember. Some hard to pronounce the name is best not to use, otherwise it will cause side effects. Such as nail shop, a good church, so simple and clear, easy to spread.

4, nail shop name can be used with some aesthetic or artistic culture of the name, cultural heritage can also resonate with consumers. Such as art museum, etc..

although the shop name is not easy, however, as long as we can master the relevant skills, the name can also be very easy. So, if you run a nail shop now, do you know how to name it?

After 90 beauty story

why do we always talk about other people’s stories? Through other people’s stories, to motivate themselves, so that they better find the future direction. After 90 beautiful Li Ting, through their own efforts to change their lives, but also changed the attitude of many people after 90.

" many people Cafe " one of the shareholders of Li Ting

" in my 30 years old, I want to open a coffee shop, facing the sea, spring flowers. " this is 90 girl Li Ting’s dream, but also a lot of (hou4  nv3  hai2  li3  ting2  de0  meng4  xiang3  _ye3  shi4  bu4  shao3) or petty or literary or ordinary young man’s dream. />

if you use simple words to sum up, she used the three words: utopia!

Father lost his son to help escape the money ran out of money to bear the cost of treatment

2 year old son suffering from serious illness need liver transplantation, his father had borrowed money to gamble and lose money, then go to work to prepare the field to pay back the money, but he also revealed that the children do not want to give up treatment.

2 19, ward in West China Hospital of Sichuan, 2 year old Xu wayze watching cartoons on the bed, his body a little discomfort, not long, I fell asleep, hands always pull a mother. According to Ms. Xu, his son in August 19th last year after the onset, in West China Hospital of Sichuan diagnosed as cavernous lesion of portal vein, after repeated invalid after the treatment, the doctor told her that she needed a liver transplant.   27 year old Ms Xu because of physical reasons, it is not easy to conceive Xu Xu, so her son is particularly precious to her. She and her husband, Mr. Wei are involved in matching, and finally, Ms. Xu decided to donate liver for his son.

2 year old boy suffering from disease   illness repeated

wayze Xu is a lovely and lively little boy, Ms. Xu is happy. However, in August 19th last year, which unfortunately fell this lovely child, the day around 9 p.m., Wei Sixu began vomiting in the hiccups, frightened his mother Ms. xu. "At that time, we immediately sent him to the Wenjiang Fifth People’s Hospital for treatment, spent 10 days did not find out the cause, but found his splenomegaly and hypersplenism."

According to Dr. Wei Sixu, director of