A small flow of local station success female webmaster more do not stop doing

I’m doing station has become one of the biggest US local stations, the content involves many aspects, the original site, and did not expect to make a large and comprehensive local portal website, just want to do a photography small forum, now do the largest local portal site. Every month can earn some money, here I do mentality of the station, GG took the trouble to look at it, ha ha.

I was very unwilling to do a big station, because I feel like a girl, no time and energy to do a large site, after all of us girls fragile skin and eyes from radiation not the computer for a long time, I don’t want to be too early to become panda eyes and yellow woman, and BF shopping oh. It was just for my precious face that I started doing just a little forum, because I enjoyed traveling and photographing everywhere, and I made this forum a place for my friends to communicate. read more

Network marketing will go from sensibility to reason

in the face of new things strange, human beings always experienced curious, questioning, impulse some perceptual process, and after a short or long impulse, will gradually calm down, and then the objective to make a reasonable evaluation, find a proper way, and play its due role.

In the development of the Internet Chinese

from the beginning of the 90s date, but really under the network business sense now is only ten years, but the network is under public speculation, experienced a bubble, winter and so on a series of ups and downs. The immaturity of emerging industries and the fear of wind and waves have made people more dependent on feelings to make decisions. Now, after ten years, especially in the last five years, China has built websites for service clients from large enterprises and small and medium enterprises to build their own business card websites. And then all enterprises rely on the search engine bidding, the major shopping malls opened a variety of members, in the website advertising and other means of marketing in a simple sense. Smart Companies in a time of exploration, and investment has become more rational, from perceptual orders, in the Internet industry staff is more and more difficult to deal with, which is also called the Internet came in the winter. In fact, the customer is not difficult, but a network of big trend, regardless of the industry, regardless of the company, ask the customer product features a direct recommendation network solution has been out of date. read more

Localization strategy of local website construction

in September 2009, I began to take over the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network", in order to attract popularity, I set up a web site navigation page on the site, included to search and other owners to provide Wulong local site. In addition to these sites included the local government portal website is updated frequently in tourism and other government departments, the basic site is an empty set, of course, including the construction of the forum and other personal information in Hong kong. read more

n winter, individual webmaster left is king

a few days ago in Shenzhen guy told me to deal with home farm site, asked the reason, the answer is, do financial before, has been doing Amateur Station, now the company is affected by the economic crisis, the shortage of funds, many employees no pay for several months, and his website have no profit, no income, could not carry, had to be sold to the home farm site.

winter seems to have really come, and more and more "cold", and personal Adsense more or less certainly will be affected by "winter", before the domain name stop service domain name is a precedent. Maybe another time, do local classified information website found in advertising business has become more and more difficult to earn, do group purchase also found that business has become more and more difficult, with the cooperation of enterprises recruitment website facing the present situation of a large number of layoffs will face no embarrassment partners…… read more

Residential area near the operation of a chain of drinks

we all know that the taste of tea has been favored by the vast number of consumers, many of which have a taste, then open a drink chain stores like? Market space is large, large consumer groups, the profit is also proportional to the number of entrepreneurs who are willing to open a chain store drinks. In the vicinity of the operation of a drink chain stores how to operate it?

read more

How to manage a cosmetics shop

people’s living conditions continue to improve, so that more and more people began to enjoy life. Female friends are more and more concerned about the external table, the demand for skin care products also increased. Cosmetics industry contains great business opportunities, its future development prospects. So how to run a cosmetics store?

Choose your business read more

Han sangdoo Renqiwang venture good choice

as everyone knows, Korean food culture is now sought after by many young people, many businesses want to open a store with Han Shangdao, Han sangdoo, South Korea’s favorite delicacy chowhound are highly sought after. As a well-known popular delicacy, Han sangdoo franchise has always insisted on the delicious, Han sangdoo join headquarters has successy launched a series of Korean delicacy snacks.


] how Han sangdoo

How about

Han Han sangdoo? Sangdoo snacks are rich product line, fusion of nearly 100 kinds of Korean delicacy street, authentic delicacy off the market opportunities, is to join the investment project. Han Shangdao as authentic Korean food brands, professional Korean cuisine masters involved in the development of new products, to ensure that each product contains a rich Korean style. Authentic taste, rich choices, once listed will become one of the hot food market catering brands. read more




新预告片,在一个新的视频系列,第一展示生涯模式,与创意总监Andy Tudor评论。享受拖车和让我们知道你的想法,通过下面的评论部分。


了吗ε和Team Solomid,抽搐的观众对他们的种种作为他们与它在击打。虽然只有一个胜利的球队。是谁呀嗯,看归档流下面找出。

观看视频直播从omenchallenge在www.twitch.tv read more

Xining City North District actual combat flood prevention

"the upper reaches of the Beichuan River, heavy rainfall, serious flood risk! The meteorological department forecast for the 50 year flood, Beichuan River and Tao village, causing part of the housing enterprises around water, transportation, power and communication interruption……" In August 7th 14, north of the city of Xining City District Office received a Flood flood bridge office telephone report. Do not panic, it is only in the north of the city flood control and emergency rescue drill scene scene. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce case investigation work to achieve new breakthrough

 , Xining City Bureau of industry and commerce to pay close attention to the case of the investigation and handling of work, so that the number of cases handled, the quality has been greatly raised

L, the case investigated the field has also been further expanded.

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau established source discovery mechanism, case assessment incentive mechanism, integration mechanism, law enforcement forces confiscated property supervision mechanism, the case of

investigate and deal with institutional mechanisms and other five mechanisms, and the development of the administrative licensing (non license approval behavior) quality assessment review criteria, administrative penalty read more

Xining start down the body, set up a public letter judicial practice

  March 20th morning, bustling small square Jin Jia Wan Village Baoziwan town north of the City District of Xining City, Xining City Intermediate People’s court started the city court "leaned to set up public confidence in judicial practice here.

the day of the event, the Xining municipal courts at all levels through legal advice, issuing brochures, playing promotional films, so that the masses to better accept the legal education. Xining City North District People’s court will also open the Court opened in the other side of the village square, occurred in the real case around, the judge’s patience mediation, to the masses on a vivid legal lesson. Judges at all levels of the court in Xining and the villagers also performed a wonderful program, narrowing the distance between judges and the masses. Each district court also set up a separate venue in the jurisdiction of judges into the barracks, into the community, into the countryside, public open day and other activities. read more

Xining remediation bus site occupied behavior

Xining city traffic police detachment since December 24, 2015 to carry out the work of the occupation of the bus site remediation activities, a total of 26 out of the city was occupied by serious site, and some stations remediation. Railway station bus station, Hing Road Primary School, stone slope street, Garden Street 4 site remediation results.

"bus for the remediation site is occupied", Xining traffic police detachment for general taxi, black car showmanship, illegally parked vehicles and other social behavior, and increase the intensity and frequency of inspections, and cooperate with the illegal operation of vehicles and parking management to strengthen governance; for medical, education and other facilities around the station, to inform parents don’t pick students at the bus station for temporary parking, parking lot entrance counseling, counseling staff security work to coordinate the way to the bus station; setting itself flawed, were moved to station, and station or station reconstruction to solve actively coordinating with relevant departments. read more

Business needs to do a good job to buy a small ticket

now do whatever you need a small ticket, naturally there will be a small ticket purchase. Some careless boss character, a small ticket may be lost. In fact, if you want to do business, reduce losses, these small ticket can not be lost. Yesterday, a brand of sausage business salesman to my store delivery. At that time, as long as I have a box of goods, the salesman obviously unhappy: "a box?"

I said, "yes. I have already called you, let you to the delivery and transfer of goods, but you have not come, I have entered the goods from other salesman. I have here some goods have the future, can you give me change?" Originally goods will be less, but also to exchange! The salesman was a little angry: "your goods are not in our here, I can not give you change!" read more

Small focus can revitalize small department store business

in order to be able to do a good job in the shop business, and now many operators are constantly efforts, but the effect is not necessarily good. In fact, Sundry Goods shop, in the small eyes. As the saying goes, "many littles make a mickle. just stare at the eyes" not that big business, for the Sundry Goods shop, want to make a big business is not easy, normal operation only by a sum of small business into the. Look how small, that is staring at some big stores, supermarkets have no energy to improve the performance of small business. read more

The world’s ten major brands of hot pot

open a Hot pot shop means you have to do as a senior people Hot pot ready, as the saying goes: the enemy can ever victorious, small Hot pot can play a big charm, you know what are the characteristics of the world Hot pot?

1, India features hot pot


of the country’s most famous Hot pot is the "curry Hot pot" is a native of curry seasoning, some leaves, coconut powder and spices, boiled things head, shrimp, chicken and beef, pot for juice as Rice noodles, sucking juice taste.

2, North Korea characteristics of hot pot read more

College students to join the enterprise should pay attention to the trap

students themselves alone business is not an easy thing, so this way to join chain has brought a lot of convenience for the students, but we know   these, the chain is also a lot of Swindlers Company today we have dragons and fishes jumbled together, look at the students to join the enterprise should pay attention to what the trap.

undeniable, join this way, as the current entrepreneurship has brought convenience. In reality, there are indeed a lot of college students through the chain to find a suitable for their own survival and development of the road of entrepreneurship. However, the chain is also very easy to be used by a number of Swindlers Company, therefore, it is necessary to remind college students, beware of falling into the trap when starting a business. read more

Hefei pilot intelligent parking system has been difficult to solve the problem of open parking

with the development of science and technology, people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, science and technology make people’s lives better! Today, Hefei people eagerly looking forward to the wisdom of the parking system has begun a pilot, the public can now download the system APP, feel the fun of parking spaces in advance.

There is a parking lot near

, but I don’t know if there are any parking spaces, which is a headache for many owners. This problem is expected to work with the wisdom of parking system to solve. read more

Join the project selection Jiuqi Hong Kong Style dessert dessert what

for dessert, it will be a meal with the most sophisticated techniques to show customers catering to fine to the United states. If you want to invest in the project for dessert do you recommend Jiuqi Hong Kong style desserts. Jiuqi Hong Kong Style dessert join? It all by now the acquisition process, selection of fresh fruit and customers zero distance communication, all the products in the customer under the supervision, to ensure customer safety, satisfaction, rest assured to eat. At present Jiuqi Hong Kong Style dessert stores, a total of 13 categories, 84 products, and constantly introduce seasonal food, ensure the quality to meet the maximum store category, all classes of customers in the needs of dessert. read more

ntelligent machine forced SP mode China Telecom reform wireless music industry

long constrained by the profit model of China’s online music industry, is brewing a new round of business model innovation.

in November 1st, the Ministry of culture called the main enterprises of national digital music executives held an all day seminar in Guangzhou, will come from the country digital music companies responsible for the development of the industry of the discussion.

the current development of the digital music is not optimistic, the original rely on advertising, download single way of payment has not been developed, and the mobile operators of the original very profitable SP wireless business, is affected by the huge impact of intelligent mobile phone. read more

The three components of the site planning

today I will introduce the overview of the site planning of three parts, whether planning large portals or e-commerce sites, or even a small website, when the site planning of the three parts are indispensable.

site planning by the following three parts:

Part 1: market analysis

market analysis includes:

1, market demand analysis

2, market positioning

Research on

3 and profit model

second part: technology development part

1, web technology development

2, website UI design

3, website UE user experience read more