What is the long tail keywords long tail word mining tools and techniques

below to introduce two free long tail word mining tools.


2. love Shanghai promotion assistant

down the right site topic: 2015 the most useful website right down.

special chain optimization:

instruction of Shanghai dragon inurl:www.xp-sem贵族宝贝 — mean, at a given site in the search for "in the title page of Shanghai dragon". In fact, it can also be used as a method to find the competitors of the long tail word.

1. drop-down box and relevant search. The drop-down box refers to the popular search engine drop-down box. We use the search engine marketing in the "Shanghai dragon" of the word as an example under the.


for long tail keywords, we know that the long tail keywords play important role in the whole of Shanghai dragon. So how are we going to mining the long tail keywords. I will share with my friends since I have used the method of mining.

for the love Shanghai auction, the popular word index, time update cycle love Shanghai drop-down box is generally about 2-3 days, and for the search update cycle time was 7 days.

a lot of attention, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar, Soso Ask and other search engine drop-down box.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain




Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: The Through the above The mining method of

we can carry out comprehensive comparison and research to find out what we need to do high conversion, high flow the long tail word. Similarly, we can also search for related analysis that we expect the natural long tail word.

long term and many methods mentioned above are the frequently used mining long tail keywords. I hope to help you.

two, with the third party tools for


1. fly long tail word query tool


: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

2. search engine search instruction. (Note: this way, I only love in Shanghai tested, the effect is still possible. Find instruction, may have errors, please do not be too persistent) we have to just "Shanghai dragon" as an example to explain.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

, a search engine mining method:

We also want to

On the two mainstream website traffic is introduced

website is a website basis for survival, no traffic, the site must live, now the main source of traffic to the site can be divided into two kinds:

more than two mainstream web traffic is introduced, each have advantages. First, flow to the fast, go too fast, not for long. But the effect is considerable. Second, generally the main keywords and long tail words are optimized to the first page, many traffic sources will be relatively stable, but the flow is difficult to break through the bottleneck, this is the only drawback. So, the introduction of web traffic to two kinds of methods are considered together, will play a multiplier effect.


diagram, cast light and floodlights two words that the index is close to 200, but the actual traffic every day is only about 5, visible only by keyword ranking to the introduction of traffic, it is rare, so, we should start from the long term, the million thousand words long tail get good rankings, so the introduction of traffic. For the long tail word choice, you can surround the main keywords to write, think, if you want to search this product, you can choose how to search, so the long tail word will be more accurate, and this method to flow can not be ignored, at present our website, the main flow is the long tail of the word brings. See below.

The first kind of



so, want to make breakthrough website traffic bottlenecks, long tail optimization is essential, not blindly in the main keywords, long tail words have more effort.


second: that we are familiar with, love Shanghai optimization. Through the optimization of keywords, so that our target keywords to love Shanghai home, to get traffic. But an index of key words in the 300 or so, if the love Shanghai home, a day to the actual traffic, no more than 1/10 of the index. See below:

: a variety of soft platform to introduce traffic. These platforms are: love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Post Bar, the blog platform, micro-blog, and other large forum. The introduction of web traffic, if done properly, a day into the tens of thousands of IP is not a problem, the general operation method is to search the most popular movies, TV series or event. For example, recently hit TV series "sword", the daily search volume in the hundreds of thousands (see below), many webmasters will seize this opportunity in this drama before the launch, will do the optimization of the word, in order to grasp the opportunity. When the Xuanyuan sword when finished the first set, you can put the optimization to third sets, because most people will want to see the back of early reading the previous episodes, so now most of the webmaster is to use this method.

Rational use of analytical tools to optimize multiplier

tool use is really very efficient. First of all we do now valuable keywords will have competition website. That is we have to analysis our competitors, the so-called enemy we can. It was mainly to analyze the opponent’s title, through the webmaster tools, Keword, description, and included the chain structure, but we do not know the opponent through those keywords into traffic. So this time I love Shanghai weight query tool competition website information for their main related keywords, in combination with the love of Shanghai index tools, we can dig out the most valuable keywords to do its own website, to clear positioning. Because of the ranking website, if there is no good ranking of search volume are white.

this tool is very entry-level to just do the station near us. This is where I mainly used in the fault diagnosis, site performance, web site on the internet. The former can be on site within the validity of the connection and to give our website very reasonable suggestions HTML. This is the website performance and on our website loading speed calculation, thus we add remove unnecessary site, improve the user experience. But the web site can connect in the whole structure is given advice on the website. Here we can clearly see our promotion before connecting what really has connected effect, so we don’t need to do something without trans effect western chain extension. To improve work efficiency.

This two

website for more than a year has not done what major changes every day, repeat the same thing: update, promotion, as the site has a certain amount of weight, although the final page weight up, but not to import more traffic. After the teacher from Mou Changqing’s blog to learn data analysis pays great attention to his promotion, and the channel began by tools and data to analyze my site, the last revision after the completion of the website keyword breadth and search engine ranking has been greatly improved, I used to believe that the analysis tools we are very familiar with

three tools: home owners view the webmaster toolbox

There is a toolbox.

tool that is set out the data for comparative analysis. The statistics of the results, more is to get through these data we want results, analysis by means of some of these tools, I on the layout of the site to do a re adjustment, maintenance over a period of time, the weight index of the site with the rise, compared with the previous optimization greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness.

two: love Shanghai index tool with weight query tool

is all very familiar with the data query tool. The inside of the data is mainly used to analyze their site outside the chain and included changes. This is for their own website in search engine data changes can have mastered, and the corresponding countermeasures.

tools: Google webmaster tools


Luna chubby medical website optimization editor vulnerable

Many novice

wants more webmaster, editors can attach importance to this work, adjust the focus of the work, because we need a visitor’s approval, only that web site will go farther and farther, farther and better, www.pb39贵族宝贝 original, reproduced must be marked "/p> copyright, thank you!

third: website editor should be gradual.

, website editing work, update the content is simple, it is not, because many websites, especially the transformation of medical websites need more content rate, because the patient needs through this article to understand the hospital, understand their disease, more important can end through your hospital therapy to solve their problems, so the website editors should need to know about the patient needs, this is the key to website content update.


for the optimization of medical website, website content is very important, or that sentence "content is king", then, for more hospitals optimization webmaster, how to do better, keep patients, is the key, and today from here to share some experience her chubby, hoping his 2 April will do the second skin experience to share with everyone.

, for example, 2 of their website has a lot of mesh editing, every article has strict regulations system, so many girls by love, there is no doubt that this is the power of the web editor.

many network editor think optimization is the simple content editing, and send the chain can, in fact wrong, and not so simple, the network is the editor of website promotion is an important part of high quality content to attract the customers, but also greatly enhance the conversion rate of PV and website, and even be able to role for hospital website brand.

maybe many editors will say, we write the contents are relevant to the patient and then OK, the content is reproduced by the browsing probability is high? Of high probability, to bring you the high rate of conversion, with reference to these three questions, you can compare your nature. The article is not close to the patient, such as diabetes, many patients need to understand diabetes care and diet usually through the network, and these contents with the seasons, such as solar term is different, and this is a kind of thinking, so as to let the patients retain, of course, will your article, or even help you use to QQ space or in other places, it is less effective, the article was reprinted in stationmaster net, also cannot do without this point.

website editor is not updated.

The first point:

second: the content of the website need more close to the patient.

Webmasters don’t see websites as your only way to make money

webmaster and money I always love delimit equal sign between the two, because I was too much every day of the night dull and boring busy not only for the so-called "webmaster" call, or only a hobby. Too many people in this circle’s original intention is to make money, whether it is big or small, maybe some people think that as a webmaster to earn money easily, yes, there is a day trip at home to sleep a day on the same day he still paid hundreds of dollars. But this is only a few masters of the best webmaster. But too many webmaster, web site to do a lot of time accumulated slowly, they think that he is a busy man, but in the eyes of outsiders like crazy, but also for the few hundred dollars a month rent to worry about. Started as a webmaster is a way to make money or entered Wangzhuan, but sometimes please don’t put our thoughts too much restraint, the same platform, the same month tens of thousands of people, different Wangzhuan mode, as a webmaster, for those online online earning mode of tens of thousands of you know how much?

way to make money online, quick search, writing a blog to make money, make money, make money online shop online survey, hang QQ money, money, money, then bid submission task. Money…… is too much, the absolute good medicine more than these, but the lack of a Wangzhuan method has been proposed. Here we give a few mention me know where tens of thousands of people’s Web site mode. Master can be gone to the novice, a theoretical help, because I am also in learning and exploration, has not reached the monthly income of the Internet realm.

On the

website, the so-called garbage station, the so-called advertising alliance, called GG, he one day income reached one hundred knife, a real example of the past also saw the post so expert Jan GG earning 5000 knife, just look at it, want not to think, even if the feeling is true however, from their own is too far away, always rely on their own GG what time can rise to a knife is on top of his return and meet. But a good friend of mine, QQ notices me that his GG was stable in 100 knives, first surprised, then still surprised, originally a webmaster, a half a year ago don’t know what GG is a person like this one day one hundred knife, but also let themselves really surprised realized the true wangzhuan. This is one of my friends on the Q, a colleague! So what details about patterns, don’t blame me for not writing, in fact I do not know, only know by GG can let you earn enough month tens of thousands is really enough.

if you often see it in the mother forum, for those who use Taobao Ke Moumou a monthly income of thousands of posts I believe you are not unfamiliar with it, although this post appears on the mother forum there is some doubt about the authenticity, but according to the analysis of relevant person survey by Taobao customers a monthly income of million, N million in a few, it is to engage in the Internet, but it is not limited to Taobao customers whether you webmaster, have your own website, have not heard of those who rely on.

How to build a successful personal blog tutorial two website operations and promotion

this article only serves as a reference to some ideas and is not a detailed step of implementation. Because there is no established process and routine on this kind of thing.

most of the webmaster feel in the website operation and promotion is the most difficult, in fact, the website can do it, operation and promotion is the most important link. Why does website operation and promotion make people feel so difficult? Because do not have good idea and direction, even if did a lot of effort, but the effect is not apparent. So it feels like a difficult thing to do.

actually, this is a very important task besides thinking. Sometimes, the trick does not need more, and ruthlessly execute those strokes, but the effect is very good.

, let me first talk about website operations: what is website operation?

, in simple terms, is what you plan to do for your website. And how do you assign work each day to achieve what you expect?. It is actually a process of setting goals and achieving goals. We Chinese people pay attention to strategy, no matter how big your official, go out to fight, must first plan the program. So you want the site to do well, do a good job, must first develop a feasible plan. And, in practice, constant revisions to the best results can be achieved.

so how do you make a plan,


, let me give you an example of myself. When you look at it, you will probably understand it more clearly:

, like me, I’ve been running the network for a whole month, and of course I have a plan and an executive plan.

below, I will through my own case to some of our ideas and draw on operational programs.

first, I think the first blog from the media do not necessarily follow the traditional method to do, don’t have to do a single blog, or QQ, as long as the publicity and attract fans effect on it.

second, I’d like to look at some of the outstanding stations related to the current webmaster industry and analyze their users. First, I want to find out where my target user is.

third, I’ll analyze what the features of these stations are, where they attract users, or what special resources they have. What are the things I can provide, or which ones I can get beyond them?.

fourth, I also want to avoid their most powerful places and work out a website with my own features.

fifth, analysis of their promotion in the more effective way, which I can do, and can do well.

through the above analysis of some data, I found these data in a lot of useful things.

I see. Most of my users are in Lu Songsong and the A5 station, because..:

A small flow of local station success female webmaster more do not stop doing

I’m doing station has become one of the biggest US local stations, the content involves many aspects, the original site, and did not expect to make a large and comprehensive local portal website, just want to do a photography small forum, now do the largest local portal site. Every month can earn some money, here I do mentality of the station, GG took the trouble to look at it, ha ha.

I was very unwilling to do a big station, because I feel like a girl, no time and energy to do a large site, after all of us girls fragile skin and eyes from radiation not the computer for a long time, I don’t want to be too early to become panda eyes and yellow woman, and BF shopping oh. It was just for my precious face that I started doing just a little forum, because I enjoyed traveling and photographing everywhere, and I made this forum a place for my friends to communicate.

forum is a forum for the atmosphere inside the rock itself is very familiar friend, just not long time together, so usually in this forum Xialiao, although the number is not much, but the atmosphere is very good, still miss that time as long as there are people roar, everyone in response to the scene. At that time, a group of faithful love follow me, help me to plan some activities to help me take care of the forum, but also to their relatives and friends on my forum, oh, I don’t have to think about how to promote, although every day IP is not much, but u are very enthusiastic, often is planning an event probably, can have more than half of the people involved in the response. Later, because they are busy with things, there is no such a good atmosphere. I think that kind of family atmosphere began to fade away, just as I began to expand the forum section.


site is bigger, the atmosphere is more and more light, the increasing number of the forum, the forum friends demand has become increasingly diversified, for different needs to take care of you, I began to add pages, please help me to take care of enthusiastic love forum, because I am a person is to look after the. Development later, friends suggested that I simply do portal, please two people dedicated to help me look after, that is.

to sum up, the place I’m going to do now is property, decoration, photography, tourism, talent, cars, music…… That looks so different, and because I do before the forum is also a good reputation, many of which are word of mouth, not how to do ah, ah what SEO promotion, or have a certain influence on the local, there are also some local enterprises to find me, I want to do advertising. But I found that the site is bigger, IP every day more and more, but the station atmosphere is more and more light, the former kind of one difficulty help, a human hair with the scene again appeal to everyone is gone. Learn from the SNS way, so that the forum atmosphere re active, how can we strengthen the interaction of users, so that the atmosphere renewed fire, I think a lot of ways, but also began to be like a lot of

Network marketing will go from sensibility to reason

in the face of new things strange, human beings always experienced curious, questioning, impulse some perceptual process, and after a short or long impulse, will gradually calm down, and then the objective to make a reasonable evaluation, find a proper way, and play its due role.

In the development of the Internet Chinese

from the beginning of the 90s date, but really under the network business sense now is only ten years, but the network is under public speculation, experienced a bubble, winter and so on a series of ups and downs. The immaturity of emerging industries and the fear of wind and waves have made people more dependent on feelings to make decisions. Now, after ten years, especially in the last five years, China has built websites for service clients from large enterprises and small and medium enterprises to build their own business card websites. And then all enterprises rely on the search engine bidding, the major shopping malls opened a variety of members, in the website advertising and other means of marketing in a simple sense. Smart Companies in a time of exploration, and investment has become more rational, from perceptual orders, in the Internet industry staff is more and more difficult to deal with, which is also called the Internet came in the winter. In fact, the customer is not difficult, but a network of big trend, regardless of the industry, regardless of the company, ask the customer product features a direct recommendation network solution has been out of date.

Several events

08 years to review of the Internet community, in addition to the normal sense of the most cattle XX old topic, I want to have the use of network technology "classic 42 Jack" and "Wanglaoji marketing events". In the Internet, alas, the global economy is generally depressed. The opportunity implied by this incident will lead to the birth of a new industry – Internet marketing. This is already an obsolete word, but in China, the entire Internet industry, there are several real Internet marketing experts do?. Yes, yes, some of my buddies have fried XX people at very low prices, and have been able to borrow some entry point to get mad X events, that’s all. Because we do the Internet, still imagine how the customer’s money is too good to think, the enterprise has awakened. They are no longer satisfied with a business card website, or a universal network promotion product. What they need is a network marketing program that suits them. One in line with their own industry habits, in line with their own corporate culture, in line with their own product characteristics, fully in line with their own target customers use habits of network marketing program. Now, the big network environment is changing quietly. There are more and more choices in the network. People of different ages and classes will stop at different websites. Maybe they will often stay in the three major portals, but they will also set up their own online home in their peers of similar people gathered in, like most 70, 80 could not understand the non mainstream, but after 90 but never. This is determined by different values. The same is true of corporate customers. Few companies have products that are common to people between the ages of 0 and more than 100. So, enterprise >

Localization strategy of local website construction

in September 2009, I began to take over the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network", in order to attract popularity, I set up a web site navigation page on the site, included to search and other owners to provide Wulong local site. In addition to these sites included the local government portal website is updated frequently in tourism and other government departments, the basic site is an empty set, of course, including the construction of the forum and other personal information in Hong kong.

in this page after the completion of construction, there is no time to update, after all, a small county is not much love of Web site construction. In March this year, when the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" requires a new revision, I am just trying to verify the effectiveness of these links. So I found such two problems: one is to update the news information of government portal website is not timely, most of the websites of government departments is still a basket case, there is no what information; two is the personal website basically is in the closed state, to find these sites stand long exchanges, we know not what is popular do not bother to renew the domain name space.

from these two questions, we can see the shortcomings of these local websites.

government each kind of class has the information to update slowly, the source is single and so on shortcomings, therefore when the stationmaster establishes a station, may construct a local news website, and the local government and the related department cooperation,. Relying on the Internet platform, various government bulletin information integration, classification, local policies and regulations to convey timely information to the local people, and receive feedback, become a link between the government and the masses.

, and personal web site positioning without features, which requires the webmaster in the Internet users to provide a variety of local online services. At present, the concept of digital city is generally put forward in cities, which contains unlimited business opportunities. As long as the local websites have relevant talents and continuously improve their innovative ability, they can actively develop various kinds of business.

in the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" as an example, the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" actively expanding in the advertising business at the same time, also to explore other profit and service projects in the region, in the home opened online classified information program, provides a platform for information dissemination for local users, both convenient for users but also provides a good opportunity for their development.

vast amounts of information and endless Internet, confusing too many people, so that many sites into the big and all the wrong road, so, adhere to localization strategy is the fundamental way out of local media sites.

this article by www.wl3d.com "water occasions" "webmaster" "jump jump" to provide.

In winter, individual webmaster left is king

a few days ago in Shenzhen guy told me to deal with home farm site, asked the reason, the answer is, do financial before, has been doing Amateur Station, now the company is affected by the economic crisis, the shortage of funds, many employees no pay for several months, and his website have no profit, no income, could not carry, had to be sold to the home farm site.

winter seems to have really come, and more and more "cold", and personal Adsense more or less certainly will be affected by "winter", before the domain name stop service domain name is a precedent. Maybe another time, do local classified information website found in advertising business has become more and more difficult to earn, do group purchase also found that business has become more and more difficult, with the cooperation of enterprises recruitment website facing the present situation of a large number of layoffs will face no embarrassment partners……

How to deal with the "winter" personal webmaster

impact? How to spend "winter" brought to appreciate the spring pleasure? The knife that the cold of winter, personal webmaster want to stick to their positions, "left" for the king, when all the people went down, as long as you stand there, you’re a winner.

first of all to straighten out the mentality, do not fear the "winter", for personal Adsense, the Internet is "winter" depends on our mentality. For the big brother, no venture capital support, may be very tough, but for small boat U-turn individual owners, "winter" for us, perhaps "warm winter."". Honestly do promotion, it is really up IP, happy to earn a little money.

usually, opportunities and crises coexist, and "winter" brings us not only layoffs, layoffs and economic depression, but accompanied by the "winter", there will certainly be opportunities. And if the individual webmaster can in a calm state of mind in the "cold winter" to seize the fleeting opportunity, perhaps when all income decline, your income will increase.

"winter", "personal webmaster want to learn to accumulate steadily", as long as your site is not to walk away even if the supervisor, Baidu is not included, even if one day only you a visitor, also do not close the site, perhaps next year or the year after today, there will be a lot of people wrote: "I really regret at the end of 08 shut down his website, if not shut down now……" It is reasonable to believe that what exists is reasonable.

before the winter coming, there are already some owners began in disarray, it is difficult to imagine when the "cold winter" invasion and how, here. For a long time, just want to give friends encourage each other, since it has been on the head of the journey, don’t give up halfway because of difficult, even if the failure is don’t give up, maybe we will get to "There is a way out.", "winter", even if the income does not increase, learn something, let the knowledge growth is good. (text / knife, www.1984q.cn)