Sichuan province after the decline in the number of experts said the increase in the number of retur

during the Spring Festival this year, Sichuan province to carry out a large number of home business promotion work, achieved good results. Many years later, many migrant workers stay in the home to find employment opportunities, the transport channels to send passenger traffic showed a downward trend.

2 18 July, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation Transportation Bureau monitoring data show that after the Spring Festival, the whole province’s road transport passenger volume decline, sent to the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta passenger volume decreased by 13% and 18%. Relevant experts, the Spring Festival passenger volume decreased, and the emergence of the home business boom. read more

How to do agent proxy platform is a lot of people are very familiar with, is one of the most popular online shopping platform. If you are interested in this project so you can try it, because this platform has an advantage of entrepreneurship, to help you easily open the consumer market.

is different from the traditional distribution channels, is special channel brands and consumers, brands and consumers to shorten the distance to authorize the sale, sale, deep discounts, flash sale for the brand and provide consumers with a unique shopping experience marketing. read more

Shenzhen Huanggang Customs seized the fruits of seed immigration case

in our lives, although the economic globalization has come, the trade between countries is also very frequent, but when entering the customs still need to pay a certain tariff! In December 5th, Shenzhen Huanggang customs and inspection and Quarantine Bureau in Huanggang immigration entry seized a small lane with hidden fruit and seed immigration cases, seized undeclared fruit, ice cream Mommy fruit seed 27.5 kilograms, according to this event we understand the specific details of A.

12 5 at noon on about 12 o’clock, a two car brand from Huanggang port immigration immigration immigration check. When the vehicle passes through the customs inspection Lane automatic nuclear release system, the system sounded the alarm sound, indicating that the car has been listed as the main object of customs inspection. Huanggang customs officers immediately to vehicle control, and artificial overhaul. read more

Baotou held 2015 innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals

innovation and science and technology is closely related to the development of science and technology in the world over the past twenty years to speed up the level of science and technology to bring changes to people’s lives at the same time, but also create a lot of economic benefits. Grasp the science and Technology entrepreneurial projects, better able to seize the opportunity to meet the challenge.

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Do business should be appropriate to give customers a petty

is now doing business is not simply waiting for customers, we have only their own initiative, will let the store back to the number of more and more, so that the store’s business to a greater degree of protection. The various methods of the initiative, to give the customer some petty is undoubtedly very can be a method of it.

sometimes in business, retail users according to different customer needs, appropriately petty, often can take to draw people’s minds, buy the people, will let Gu moved, happy, and even some will remember forever. As a result, some of these customers become repeat customers, becoming a stable customer is a natural thing. Is the so-called "petty, through customer." read more

How to do a good job in the store environment hygiene

even store a large commodity price, complete, affordable, but if the shop is very dirty, this shop is that it is difficult to attract customers. So, if you want to open a thriving business shop, do a good job shop health is very important thing. I shop although the area is not large, the commodity is not very complete, but in the business, I pay great attention to the store every day in addition to adhere to environmental sanitation, clean, clean up the garbage, but also attaches great importance to the commodity display, let the shop always keep clean and tidy, orderly set. read more

Today the central broadcasting station 630 news nternet pornography crackdown

    afternoon in the car to listen to a news broadcast, it’s crackdown on Internet pornography, the most pornographic website is the crackdown is completed, but there are still many walk on the edge of adolescent pornography, the impact is very bad website, the next step in June, the combination of the city police scrutiny of network network. To eliminate pornography and pornography. Virtual network police.

    while in the search and great in strength and impetus, the news just now, did not see the relevant reports, and in Beijing, channel more than and 10 big portal site has also been listed to make rectification.

    our personal website also should response to the national policy, from himself, from the side to start now, network traffic does not make money, we do not have to flow a bit and have any luck, or for the edge flow mentality.  

      rectification site, will not be conducive to the healthy development of the contents of the network, to delete, but also to each other to tell the friends of the webmaster, do not take youth gambling tomorrow.

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Web Content Alliance Daquan and introduction

According to the content of union propaganda, content alliance can quickly improve your site’s ranking, increase your website PV, add a rich channel for your website, bring entertainment content more rich, improve user retention rate, at the same time update for you free of charge, the most important thing is that the site was advertising the position for you to place ads, and can make money. As a webmaster only need to do is to put their two domain name to each other server IP, so you have a rich and professional website.Another advantage of read more