Keywords decide the fate of the site

first, we want to know what keywords to our website, which can bring benefits to our website, then we have to look at the meaning of the words.

also take the above example, a foreign customers, because of geographical restrictions, so the training institutions do not necessarily come to you. And the conversion rate is not high. We want to accurately locate the keywords, accurate search for potential customers. Let us website flow is effective flow, so as to improve the site conversion rate.

?For example,

1. ensure that the target keywords people search


5. divergent thinking, good at finding new opportunities for

when we define keywords, we must stand in the user’s point of view thinking. When the user needs a product, how would the words to search

I give you experience to share my experience and experience, we hope to help.

website also encountered such a problem, let me very headache, remain perplexed despite much thought. Why the ranking is so good, that is not up to the ideal effect. I read a lot of articles and information on the Internet, but just don’t understand exactly what causes the. Then I also consulted many insiders, my teacher asked me a question: "you have to search keywords

Zhengzhou is a customer, I want to find a Shanghai dragon training institutions in Zhengzhou. Then I will search "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon training institutions", and not to go to the broad search "Shanghai dragon training institutions, so we need to accurately define our keywords.

from both user intention and commercial value, more specific, longer search words have very important significance.

take the above example, if you go to a wide range of search "Shanghai dragon training institutions" that will face the competition from all over the country. The difficulty of the competition will be very large. So we need precise positioning of keywords, reduce the pressure of competition.

everyone’s thinking have limitations, so we should be good at divergent thinking, "

I think we have encountered such a problem, the site has good ranking. But it is not much traffic, conversion rate is not high.

I have ?"This sentence makes me confused

tutor. Then my teacher told me a word: "you did not search keywords, which will flow. No traffic, and where the conversion rate? "Then I see light suddenly, mentor mean I didn’t stand to the user’s perspective to search. I finally found the problem! Because my words no goals, no precise positioning of my customers. It was a result of my website is not no traffic conversion rate.

keyword optimization

2. reduces the difficulty of

4. search diversity

3. for

According to user needs, the layout of the site is to enhance the ranking of the foundation

industry: Industry Analysis analysis of user needs, determine the target keywords website optimization.

bad site layout, a high bounce rate, a low PV. The basic index website bounce rate, PV and web site back rate, search engine is easy to judge. Such as: out of a web site, PV is lower than the average rate is higher than the standard of the same industry, the search engine will determine the site for "unqualified website", in the course of time, will lead to the site of the credit is reduced, included reducing the phenomenon of snapshot. The basic layout of the site is the site, the basis is not good, is also a waste of effort.

According to

careful readers may find Zi Ming on the first screen in order to better show the contents of the exhibition, round figure is also removed. Now the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, love to do round ginto in navigation below, some even doing great.


3, the following content: the layout of the navigation is very important, the content is the key to keep the user’s navigation, the content should not put what? What? A webmaster to do the analysis of industry needs to determine. For example, the convenience of the reader to understand.

research found a noble baby, ordinary users to open a web page, if the screen does not appear the first web users to find content, so 70% of users will choose to close the window, open the page to find content. Maybe some people will be surprised, some people may doubt this data, but the fact is, allow all doubt.

reasonable site layout is a keyword to rank well. It also allows the user to quickly find the key web content and services, so as to improve the conversion rate. Reasonable site layout is suitable for user experience, according to user needs to design the website. Meet the needs of the user site, users will give it up "point".



example: Jimmy is now responsible for the website called green landscape, the key word is "rockery production", the analysis found that users find the most content is the method of making plastic rockery stone, followed by the relevant problems about plastic rockery stone production, followed by the construction company for the rockery. According to the three user demand characteristics, Zi Ming’s left in the navigation below "rockery production" column, the middle "solution" column, the right put company contact. As shown in figure

understand the importance of site layout, here is how to design the site layout of Ming analysis according to user needs, specifically in three steps.

2, the layout of navigation: according to the target keywords determined, according to an order from left to right layout to navigation. The layout of the navigation need to pay attention to a little, the navigation bar above the title key words don’t appear not, the reason is very simple, most users are entering the website home page through the title keyword, need only see the search for relevant content keywords and other content with yourself, instead of reading, but also interfere with the user.

Discussion on enterprise competitive keywords Shanghai Dragon

enterprise competitive keywords now become many companies competing to compete in bidding competition, for our Shanghai dragon these words will appear a lot we can not imagine the situation, according to the experience of the last 3 months to operating industry keywords, and in the optimization of the Related words three months in Shanghai love home. In fact, we believe in is not so difficult, here I will take some practice to detail my


said that, in fact, a small industry key is not so difficult, just to test our patience and perseverance, the foundation well, love Shanghai will give you a good ranking. My writing is not good please include a lot of

fourth: Web site keywords rose, of course, certainly to keywords stability maintenance, love Shanghai whether it is updated every Monday, or monthly update, as long as we persist in their work, whether it is content in that period, the chain in every day, friends of the chain in the United States every day, whether in the maintenance of our website the weight and ranking will play a very good effect of

famous source! ! !This article from the

second: this step we of course above has been on to optimize the preparation of words, foreshadowing, this step must be added to the first batch of initial content for the website, adding initial content to our first is to make the website looks normal, website with content readability! The word I added almost all the content and related to the industry. Don’t try to copy it on other websites, we must modify some key parts, Shanghai is most interested in love is a fresh thing, with its own characteristics of the content. We must remember that.


: first to optimize the words we conduct a detailed analysis of the election race. And determine the different schemes according to the words for the word because of the heat, Chongqing moving company, the auction is very much, I use the method of the site title, description, keywords, focus. And ensure the harmonious chain on the site, I do a site map this, and the robots.txt is written, which is more conducive to the work of the late

www.dyjqw贵族宝贝 station to write, please thank

(ranking figure for this operation words)

third: after the completion of the construction, we must submit to a web site included, which makes Shanghai included our love. Then I will update every night 2 articles, 5 chain every afternoon, do a Links every day. Of course, the chain and chain technique, especially outside the chain, 10 chain a chain equivalent to the garbage station, this I know! For these basic work, we need the daily management of the site and do not work every day! Keywords a month you will rise to the first page.

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lead: are you willing to come up with nearly 3000 dollars to support a project to raise public vinyl records? When asked the question of the ideological struggle and the decision-making process, resulting in a tortuous progress of this case is very interesting.

island is the prototype of player led by the German industrial designer Dieter Rams Braun brand in 1955 produced the first phonograph G12, Li Wen took it from London famous Braun collector Dr.Peter Kapos hand buying back. When he said to the island as a prototype phonograph turntables idea in a music group, with the group’s founder Ceng Dejun and Le Tong music off the horse said very supportive. Ceng Dejun is Chinese HI-FI audio industry renowned master design, very typical sound founder, who later served as chief engineer of the island jukebox.

would you like to come up with almost 3000 dollars to support a black vinyl record project?

then, off the horse and his colleagues every day in the background brush user message, the user tries to even find real feedback on this project blame Tucao and in a word or two. One day, they saw <

———————- reminder developing

before you talk about the case, ask this question first. Because when you are asked the question of the ideological struggle and decision-making process, resulting in the twists and turns of this case, very interesting.

      if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time;         toll free hotline: 400-655-1955




this month, music websites to raise happy children music for 47 days had just completed a fund-raising amount of 1 million 20 thousand yuan project. And other music hardware products to raise the effect of horizontal comparison, the fund-raising amount has been very high. because it’s not doing statistics, so I’m not sure if it’s the first million class music hardware products in China.

this is a black tape player’s chips. Its sponsor is "City Pictorial" Executive Editor Li wen. Before deciding to make this black vinyl player, he just made an earphone and sold it well. After that, he had the idea of making a vinyl record player.

suggested that Li Wen could try all the chips. After all, the cost of making a black tape player was not small. The manufacturer’s request is that at least 300 players will be able to agree to the production of the phonograph because only this amount can cover the cost of production. In this way, Li Wen will raise the amount of the public is located in 860 thousand yuan, the public funds raised nearly 3000 yuan.


this island record player is targeted at people who have a need for musical hardware, as well as people who want to get started and have no way to start. Li Wen to the public to raise production turntables of the news, some friends around him familiar with financial support, but the actions of others are not so active. Set the fund-raising device is about to end, only to raise about 300000 yuan.

Travel bug your website is sticky


hint: I was a grassroots, I is the insect food, so I say is a just contact website grassroots thoughts. If you are a master, then you do not have to look at, please disturb the road, and secondly, I am not high culture, the level is not enough, so it is not good to write, please be a lot of people, we will see on it, hey hey,


has also seen master written on sticky articles, but I feel it is a great master of experience, and these worms, we can learn from the grassroots gap, not much, so I want to write such an article, you want to share


now, we look at the 2 words contained in the title, the website and Nianhu! In fact, the meaning is very simple, meaning is the meaning of sticky sticky! Website is a platform, the degree of user stickiness is demand of this platform! Analysis of the relationship between these 2 so let’s


a lot of people do website, the pursuit of keywords, the pursuit of SEO, the pursuit of traffic…… Wait a minute, but there are a couple of people who can do long, follow the trend, and how long will it take? That’s not OK, because these sites don’t have the places where the users stay. That’s the lack of stickiness. Because you have something here, there are other people, those users come here today, tomorrow can also go to other people, so the traffic can not go on!


why everyone’s Web site is almost, why some stations flow only rise not drop, and some stations flow only drop not rise? (the same platform, different treatment, why?)

, this is the same platform, it’s a different tack,


why do people need Baidu and Google and so on, because people lack of knowledge, to know the knowledge they need, people had to get the corresponding demand from there! So this viscosity index is high because the demand is viscous index!! needs more sticky about


station with money and technology of high viscosity index, money and technology to meet user needs! But we have no money and these worms grassroots technology that how to do? And we have a small broad, with their good ideas and creative


such as television station (now the site of the innumerable, several do good?): is the television station, how to make their stand more viscous? This requires you to think, for example, a membership reward system, see a movie to get gifts such as integral; to invite friends to watch movie together get points, and increase the level, the higher level, the more large the fewer restrictions on the way! PC egg egg is to let users get points for advertising prizes? So, not your platform is not good, and your lack of platform is more fun fun the more interesting ideas, so that less viscous flow is not high


as for other types of stations, I don’t give you an example. How do you make your station have a higher viscosity index?

Can also become a business opportunity Xu Zhen to provide service to create a different career

spell seat for many people should not be unfamiliar, and now there is such a choice when the taxi. For many people, this is only a choice. For Xu Zhen, however, this is an opportunity, an opportunity to help her get rich.

Xu Zhen is a warm and cheerful girl in Shandong, 21 years old, she graduated from a finance and Economics College, entered the Ji’nan high tech Development Zone, an advertising company to do copywriter planning.

advertising company’s business is very busy, overtime, staying up late is a frequent thing. After the end of the class to go home, there will be no bus, riding a bike or motorcycle is not safe, you can only take a taxi. Xu really home in the urban area of Beijiao, each taxi back to spend more than 30 yuan. Xu Zhen’s salary was only 2000 yuan per month, if a ten day, she spent more than half of the income in the taxi.

Xu Zhen think this is not the way to go, she wanted to fight the seat, hundreds of employees in the company, and have own the same route, if a taxi fare, by all rates, not to reduce the fare expenses?

said to do it, Xu Zhen quickly put the people looking for a small stick posted on the door of the company. Sure enough, her phone rang after work, the afternoon statistics, there are seven or eight colleagues to the north direction of the home, want to fight with her seat. She saw too many people, a car can not sit down, pushed out a few people.

to find the object after the fight, Xu Zhen gave the original often pull her back to the taxi driver Hou master call, said his spell block plan, also said to be able to sit for a long time master car. Hou master a particularly happy, promised to come down.

night plus class, Xu really and a few colleagues down the floor, Hou master car parked in the company downstairs. Spend very little money to enjoy the car treatment, it feels really good yo! Xu really happy, just with Hou teacher said, the company still has a lot of colleagues want to spell seat, because too many people, she did not promise. The master said, "then you introduce them to me. After all, I give you hard work!"

in Xu Zhen’s auspices, the company willing to fight a colleague is divided into North and south, East and west route, the night master Hou regular shuttle. Colleagues spend little money, sitting on a safe and comfortable car, I think both convenient and affordable.

months at the end of the day, master Hou send Xu Zhen home, gave her a red envelope containing 200 yuan. Lying in bed at night, Xu Zhen move the mind of the 200 yuan "windfall" taxi: now more and more, the increasingly fierce competition, if a "fight seat intermediary" to the taxi pull long shuttle business, believe that the drivers will be happy to give intermediary fees. >

Tsinghua University held a special enterprise recruitment

in order to encourage college students to innovate and entrepreneurship, Tsinghua University recently held a special job fairs, to participate in the recruitment of enterprises are entrepreneurial enterprises. The school hopes to narrow the distance between students and entrepreneurial enterprises, so that students fully experience the difference between entrepreneurship and learning.

10 15, the Tsinghua University’s first venture enterprise recruitment will be opened, including hundreds of high-quality entrepreneurial enterprises Xinjiang, Sogou, knowing, destined network, pea pods, tenderness, to recruitment, providing a total of more than 3000 entrepreneurship training posts.

the recruitment for a period of two days, in addition to Tsinghua students, is also open to the surrounding university. Reporters on the scene saw the presence of entrepreneurial enterprises, both well-known higher entrepreneurial enterprises, such as know almost, Sogou, etc., but also some emerging companies, such as footprints, all loans, etc.. In addition, there are some companies founded by Tsinghua graduates back to recruiting, such as beauty scientists etc.. These companies to provide jobs in the technology, the market class, which is given a monthly salary of more than ten thousand dollars of this position engineer. However, with the recruitment of enterprises to promote the formation of a warm contrast, the number of students is not a lot of students. Many students said that although the recognition of the rise and growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, but really want to join, to be inspected. Knowledge of the network, said the person in charge of personnel, received a resume is not as expected, the students feel more students to come to consult with them, and the post is not particularly matched.

and traditional recruitment will be different, the Tsinghua venture corporate recruiting jobs, more than half of internship positions, in the recruitment of graduates, will also serve the school each grade for undergraduate and graduate students to let more students to participate in innovation and industry experience, to create an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship in Universities and in order to build bridges between students and enterprises. The Tsinghua University through entrepreneurship training in the form of innovative entrepreneurship education to promote the development of positive exploration, but also the first organized by the University organized a large-scale recruitment for the entrepreneurial enterprises.

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Hidden wealth flash purchase mode

with the rapid development of electronic commerce, and attached purchase flash mode on the shortcut, to avoid the lack of a lot of sale site, and because of the scarcity of international brands, to create a good atmosphere to meet the line of panic buying, many consumers shopping pleasure, also created a large approved Dundian and with limited international brands to panic buying online consumer habits a flash purchase.

flash mode for the convenience of e-commerce, to avoid the lack of a lot of sale site, and because of the scarcity of international brands, to create a good atmosphere to meet the line of panic buying, many consumers shopping pleasure, also created a large approved squatting point, panic buying limited flash purchase online a family of international famous brand for consumer habits.

flash purchase to a white-collar, nine to five, every night 8 points or other time points, while on time in front of the computer, the network of sales orders, panic buying 1-5 fold price limited international famous clothing goods.

Teach you how to open a pet shop

today, many families have such a member: it is to sell it sometimes clever and adorable master, where its daily life completely need to take care of you, it is your pet! With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families begin to raise pets, and the cost of pets has become an indispensable part of household expenditure. Therefore, a pet supplies store, profits can be imagined.



: health products for pets, health care function as human beings, including calcium, trace elements, a variety of beautiful hair, help development, bones and so on. For the next 8 puppies, calcium and trace elements are indispensable, if the lack of any one, will cause the body’s growth and development. For example, short stature, hair loss, joint deformation, etc.. Into the dog will need to add the appropriate amount of calcium and appropriate beauty products.

Daily necessities series:

(comb, nail scissors, fossa, traction belt, toys, clothing, toiletries) (various types of dogs and cats bath liquid).

necessities: including comb, nail scissors, fossa, traction belt, toys, clothes etc.. These are also indispensable to the daily pet.

bath products: pet should use special soap, because the pet’s skin is different from humans, dogs do not sweat, neutral skin. How often one bath will destroy the dog’s skin PH, cause hair loss and skin disease. The dog bath products also have a variety of dogs or puppies for etc..

Ants rely on the rich philosophy behind the elephant

is the road of entrepreneurship is not easy, although the road is full of frustrations, but not that go down, can not go on, the key is to learn to practice more and more of their brains, to find the method, we can achieve the extraordinary, extraordinary career achievements! The following small series for you to reveal the secrets behind the elephant by the rich philosophy!

"fledgling mobile Internet Co leave what profit pattern, just focus on doing one thing: to survive." Recently, the domestic well-known mobile internet marketing experts, Tencent, general manager of the search advertising platform for the Nanjing Department of Yan Weipeng Ning, founded by a group of college students and other young people of the mobile Internet Co bosses weapon, he said, want to live the strength of solution is the "ants" by "elephant", the first mobile outsourcing company the Internet business, have a way out ", think of ways to build their own brands.

for Tencent, the long and build a mobile phone QQ and other mobile Internet advertising platform, the process of burning "has come to an end, now do the" Tencent effect promotion "is to make money. A lot of young entrepreneurs always want to start: to find a profitable way to make money, in fact, very simple, so that the user satisfaction on the line. This point if nobody woke up, many young entrepreneurs think."

Nanjing earlier founded mobile Internet Co senior business manager Komeda Cye Technology Co. Ltd. Gu Jinghai said that they had in the mobile Internet advertising platform of its own research and development, to help customers take a car advertisement made of the user can experience the racing game, get a lot of traffic, this is probably Yan Weipeng said user experience satisfaction, and they had not really so summary.

"simply called explosive growth, both large companies, small businesses can find" money "from Nanjing, the choice of the mobile Internet industry of young entrepreneurs, the right way to go." Yan Weipeng said.