Talk about how to do the chain increased the weight of the website

network distribution rate of key sections of the anchor text.

a lot of network promotion personnel will release information on the information platform, promote our medical website is no exception. Basically every medical site will do a pure link promotion. So what is called pure link? The so-called pure link promotion is directly through the list of the source URL plus the original article slightly changes, merged into a piece of information in the information release platform. Pure link function is a direct extension of Web site to the article, increase the weight of ranking and the entire site. In order to make the best choice of the effect is significant, contains a relatively high site, such as a good speaker, hurry up and other large information platform.

is the anchor text directly in the form of a hyperlink, the article will focus on the promotion of direct links to related keywords for the column etc.. Choose to do the anchor text of the platform should be diversified. If the platform is too single, love Shanghai spiders may think you cheating, but also if the anchor text coverage is not wide enough nor from the spider crawling. Popular is the network to spread bigger the more can you catch more fish.

In addition we choose

believes that the first thing is to open the computer every day, many webmaster, look at the weight of their own website has not improved, there is no relevant ranking promotion. Do website external links and internal links is the main way to improve the weights of the website, this article on how to do the chain increased the weight of the website.

Two, strengthen the website keywords,

, a selection of high weight, high included promotion information platform to link the pure.

platform to do promotion, also should pay attention to the weight of the platform itself, love Shanghai, YAHOO included high, no >

if only the promotion of a unilateral platform, such as the only forum signature, Forum promotion, a unilateral promotion blog promotion. It is not very fast, but also very easy to make promotion personnel fatigue, so that when the anchor text must be diversified platform. At the same time to ensure the diversification of related columns of keywords. For example, do promotion on abortion cost, is not limited to the cost of the word people do link address, word flow cost should be diversified, such as stream of people how much money, how much money do flow etc.. But the promotion personnel must own a few, he is for the promotion of which word by word long tail diversification they must be clear, this can facilitate the promotion of staff performance evaluation.

in Shanghai Longfeng partners know there is a word in "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king, the chain on the website of the importance. I don’t know of any other medical websites to improve their website weight method in addition to the requirements of writing and editing in any other way. I work site requirement after editing every finished article must do some effective outside chain extension. During the implementation of the chain promotion, I learned a lot, also got some achievements, the first experience to share with you.

The use of third party platform optimization ranking chain keywords (fast ranking method)

some people will say, what time will put his funny forced hard to write original articles to the forum, of course, I will not teach you to do such a funny forced thing, although Shanghai Longfeng not pay much attention to these details, but some still influential, so I suggest that you put the articles published to their website, two days after the submission to the large website.

"demand rapid ranking" the largest? That is, find ways to find the company, just one of my blog, it is natural.

blog in Shanghai Longfeng rankings should do


new haven’t weight, did not rank, no credibility, love in Shanghai want to get the above ranking is very difficult, to write an article in the niubable even included all difficulties and ranking.

said an article published in nature is easy, to copy a send into the can? Of course not, because too many articles repeat page love Shanghai only authorized the first release of the website ranking, so I want to really have some difficulty, then write your own, since it is to write. Do it this keyword needs to write, what are the requirements? How to write? Is very simple, many people search natural demand is also big, try searching for your keywords, see any drop-down box, in the search to see the bottom, these are the needs of.

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to write an article to article is considered the best in the Shanghai dragon, why do you say so, I do not know what is the purpose of my friends are updated every day, probably because Shanghai Longfeng, may be recording, perhaps as a pure share, but there are goals, we will consider in the station Shanghai dragon point today, love Shanghai is very clear and we say that he is standing in the user perspective to judge the quality of "good and bad, then we present aside love Shanghai directly into the user psychology, users see is how to think, take this to say.

(two whennot long words, traffic is surprisingly

The essence of the

chain is used for drainage, but was more than 80% of the Shanghai dragon ER understanding become spider, so do not pay attention to quality, how made will not go to see the effect, but in fact can be used outside the chain of good rankings, even some ranking is our home to make up.

from the top of the figure can be seen, although the two terms is not what good words, but can do up rankings I believe that in addition to the use of the chain platform in three days, we have no better way, and we are the new sites, make up at least 2-3 months (excluding master in the outside, I was a rookie). These two or three months, you can wait? 2-3 months maybe you website revision, not to mention if the issue in the news source platform that is basically a day can be ranked as A5, the owners of the house, 28 push platform.

What is the

How to set the 404 error page and introduction

caused this error in general, there are three kinds:


cannot access the Web site in the requested port.

"file to restore the lack of the correct position, to set up a network service. For users, you need to check the input network address is correct.


Web service extension locking strategy prevents this request.

MIME mapping strategy prevents this request.

404 is a



is the WWW website more frequent error. The most common error: 404 NOT FOUND. 404 page is when the user input the wrong link, the page returned.



404 error page



W3C HTTP code in the state provisions

404 page is to tell your visitors the requested page does not exist or link errors, and guide users to use other web page and not to close the window to leave.

The effect of

P 404 error means that the link to the page does not exist, namely the original "URL failure, this situation often happens, it is difficult to avoid, for example:" URL "generation rules change, file rename or move the location, link spelling error, leading to the original URL address cannot be accessed when the Web server receives; a similar request, will return a 404 status code that tells the browser to request the resource does not exist.

custom 404 error page is to enhance the user experience of good practice, but in the application process often did not pay attention to the impact on the search engine such as: the wrong server configuration to return "200" status code or a custom 404 error page using the Meta Refresh to return to "302" status code. The right set of custom 404 error page, not only should be able to correctly display, at the same time, should return to the "404" error generation >

404 on the Shanghai dragon







The importance of



404 page to

High quality content push skills let B2B industry website traffic doubled

B2B website is a platform, a market, good and bad, valuable information is of little value, and as a platform operator, we have the responsibility to "push" website content to the user, allowing users to first see is the high quality content, is promoted one of the methods of user experience, but also make the search engine of B2B industry site high weight, increase the user experience, search engines, much higher ranking, natural flow will rise. Some of the many people at QQ said: Li Xuejiang, you help me look at our website, I found the most good websites do not have serious problems in content push.

to take charge of business information ranking, priority display, such as: the supply of information, business information and other sellers information collation is the charge ordering information before, otherwise do not meet the profit model. In the website home page and column page, also recommended the product information display fee (convenient search grab, the latest information also want to find a place, but the charges) product information is not necessarily the most content rich, the quality of information, and the first show high quality content contrary, how to to solve this problem?

business shops, a lot of functions, but also it is very beautiful, but the website home page, column page display shops, or search results pages of the shops are not much content, or content quality is too low, or too poor reading experience, a comprehensive domestic well-known B2B website also has the same serious the problem. There are search results pages, most of them are no map, content editing, rarely very messy products. The information industry, industry technical knowledge and other information, some did not recommend reading the content, or is not recommended to the quality of the content, whether it is for the user, or search engine, is a bad experience, to improve the rating of the search engine on the web, increase the amount collected and keywords ranking, it is necessary to push to do the contents of the. In turn on those who do very good B2B industry website, you will find their content push most of the work done well.

1 business column priority show rich product content charging enterprises and business information


must provide more services to member fees, use more services to help customers improve the artificial information, as long as customers make money, we should assist the clients to input information, photos, customers do not understand the entry that information should urge customers to provide the corresponding information, if the customer is not positive, stating its pros and cons, told they, if buyers see a company information is not perfect, they do not understand, do not trust the conditions, will not contact you, which will make money effect, we must ensure that the information is perfect. The first time the customer may tell you very busy, many reminders several times, have good service patience, must make the most of the customer’s product information is very rich, high quality content. The content of quality evaluation mechanism when the product is released, the quality score for content, >

Discussion on advertising price factors of shlf1314Share Wangzhuan process over the past year on how

3, recommend

ad price:

do not make money specifically, apply quickly, try to know.

takes the road to the Internet, not the first wish. In fact, many successful Wangzhuan initially didn’t want to leave Wangzhuan Road, because of the higher the road is not easy to walk, very difficult, like business, as early as the sea more development, then the sea is too difficult, a lot of people to live to the sea, the same, go the way a lot of Wangzhuan is because I was forced to! One of them, have embarked on the road of wangzhuan. First before I introduce Wangzhuan experience, is also the first detailed disclosure of these experiences.

Wangzhuan has been for a whole year, through a year of toil, waddling, joy and sadness, a lot of emotion. The value of fly network station in 1st anniversary on the occasion, I will with 3 articles in words recorded a year to Wangzhuan as a narrative experience, leaving the mark for one year Wangzhuan career. To fly network has been concerned about the brothers and sisters to bring some inspiration, welcome your patience to read, I believe that the experience will give some friends, especially around the Wangzhuan marginal, through the Internet to make new friends to bring a harvest.

first states that the algorithm for shlf1314 advertising prices is confidential. You don’t have to ask anyone, nobody knows.

"in the state-owned enterprises, work life worry, state-owned enterprises is the pension."." Most people think that… You may think I’ll stay here forever, though I find such a good job, but I don’t think so. Because from the beginning, when I entered the office work, my idea is to embrace learning technology. A newly graduated student can say nothing and what can I do? So, TV work is too new for me. It’s very attractive to me. Soon, a year later, all the work in the station has been mastered, so I became the main force in Taiwan

shlf1314 AdSense a strong advertising fund website is strongly recommended if you through the launch of shlf1314 AdSense registered publisher in the registration within 180 days after the US$5.00 income, we will pay you to US$5.00. If the publisher receives the US$100.00’s revenue within 180 days after the registration and is eligible to accept payment, we will pay you an additional US$250.00. If in any period of 180 days, introducing a 20 publishers, and these publishers have gained more than US$100.00 income and possess the qualifications to receive payments, you will get a US$2000.00 bonus.

2, AdSense, for, Search strongly recommended by regular station

shlf1314 AdWords a strong advertising fund website is strongly recommended if you through the launch of shlf1314 AdWords registered advertisers in the registration within 90 days after spending US$5.00 not including the registration fee of US$5.00, we will pay you to US$5.00. If the advertiser spends $within the next 90 days after registration, we will pay you an additional US$40.00. In any 180 day cycle, you recommend 20 advertisers, and each of these customers is registered

in 2005 after graduating from University, I had the opportunity to enter the television a state-owned enterprises, then in the eyes of the students are very envious of the work, good treatment, work scenery, this is a publicity stage, but you may want to ask the enterprise TV station have what good news? It is large and small enterprises. Yes, work is video recording, writing and editing news. Although Taiwan enterprises, but the wages with the local Taiwan almost, than the local station workload workload is more relaxed, the rest of the weekend, five days three days is busy, that is to say a week is three days, because the state-owned units are open Monday to Friday meeting, the meeting on Monday and Friday is nothing to do, of course, busy time is also very busy, when journalists is the busiest people off the rest of the time, such as one new year will not come home, and on the thirty day following the leadership of the company production line condolences to the employees, because the enterprise is too large, light branch twenty or thirty, let’s say, the company’s main plant across three villages and towns, the factory staff of nearly twenty thousand people, the company leaders and the local mayor office is at the same level, but generally not so good Comparison. In short, three years of work, I still have so many places have not been to, and even do not know where.

shlf1314 advertising prices are several times or even several times the domestic advertising, in the current domestic advertising is very difficult to do, shlf1314 advertising is not an ideal choice, then


, that is, the most done click ads, gain revenue through user clicks. Chinese advertising is usually $0.10 / click this price means that, in general, the actual price fluctuates by the above factors. the English advertisement was $0.20 / click.

shlf1314 advertising prices are related to a variety of factors. For example: the location of the visitors, the time of the visit, whether it brings benefits for advertisers, the content of your web site and so on.

doesn’t range from a few cents to one dollar per share.

1, AdSense, for, Content strongly recommended by regular station


How much is your website worth per IP

as for a web site is not to earn money, how much traffic, webmasters are very concerned about, but as a webmaster, you have calculated the value of each IP, have studied a IP real overweight?. Different types of websites, each IP value is different, to the blogger personally operated two sites, for example, to calculate and compare.

is the first site for the type of news website, mainly rely on advertising to make money, is set up with Dedecms, a major update some of the network news, the daily flow of about 500 or so, a monthly advertising revenue at around 1000, according to this ratio calculation, a day of IP 500, calculated in accordance with 1000 each month, the daily income of 30 yuan, then the 30 divided by 500, each IP value in 0.06 yuan. The second site is the product type website, about forty IP per day, the monthly income of 1000 yuan in the same day, the same income is 30 yuan, the value of an IP is almost a piece of money, is more than 10 times the news website.

is also traffic, why some of the site traffic on the value of money, and some site traffic is worthless, and this is the nature of the site is related. Although the product site, each IP value is very high, but does not mean that the overall profit of the product website is high, although the individual IP income is not high, but the overall profit of the website may not be low. To a single product site and a news site compared to, to do a product, there are dozens of traffic every day on the good, excluding garbage flow. And a news website, hundreds of traffic a day is normal.

also, not worth the money of a website IP, but also has a relationship webmaster business strategy, business owners, will be doubling the value of a IP, from product pricing, service attitude, can determine a product site for each IP value, good service attitude, sell out the product must be more. A web site is also 50 IP per day, which operates differently for different people and has different values. And how many IP are there per day on your website, and how much is each IP worth?.

article by energy-saving feeds, please keep the link

, thank you!

What can we get from Du Zijian online

micro-blog, from birth to now has attracted much attention, but with the rise of WeChat, micro-blog seems to decline in activity. However, the future development of WeChat and micro-blog has been a topic of concern for Internet users. From a macro point of view, micro-blog has more media attributes and is suitable for the dissemination of brand value. And WeChat more social attributes, more suitable for word of mouth marketing.

Micro-blog and WeChat

in the end will now we may decide on what path to follow, after the Internet, each product can make nothing of it, super show, wind scene light for a period of time is essential, for example, group purchase in 2012 2011, brilliant period, the throes of 2013, stable


micro-blog, today, is really changing people’s lives, changing the way people access information, everyone is a reporter, and everyone is an information source. But fans have been a pain in the hearts of many micro-blog users.

interactive, for Internet products, whether online or offline, are the most important. Everyone wants attention, everyone wants communication. "The author of" extremely micro force, social marketing researcher Du Zijian, at 19:16 on March 4, 2013, but the most common way, its value reflected some micro-blog, the micro-blog content is: [three] you fly on my fans, in order to increase your fans growth. Please in my post "three powder", or "concern" thread you upstairs to the three person – I hope you each powder, increase their number of fans. (repeat "powder three.") and see how it works,


, and as of 23:34 on March 5, 2013, micro-blog forwarded 20759 times, the review reached 184812 times, was praised 468 times. Du Zijian himself learned from micro-blog, at 13:28 this afternoon, this post forwarding is about to reach the 100 thousand mark, at 22 in the evening 03 points, this post forwarding is about to break through the 200 thousand mark. As at 10 o’clock on March 6th, has been forwarded 21966 times, comment 212626 times, was praised 494 times.

known as the first electricity supplier micro-blog Gong Wenxiang, see Du Zijian in the micro-blog, a micro-blog, at 22:35 on March 4th as follows: micro-blog’s recent activity decreased a lot, just to see the old Du made an online game of mutual powder, feel very fun, in the field of electricity supplier dongshixiaopin copy: only for business circles people think they are business people, this micro-blog comment on "mutual powder", the people behind the attention in front of 10 people to comment, such comments per person increased live powder 10 electric business people.

as of 23:34 on March 5, 2013, micro-blog forwarding reached 1454 times, the review reached 9261 times, was praised 36 times. For participating in the activities of the excellent electricity supplier counterparts, Gong Wenxiang strongly recommended on micro-blog, the effect is very obvious. As at 10 o’clock on March 6th

Use action to pave the way to easily achieve the monthly income of thousands of people

life is about as much about beauty and opportunity as it is. Luo Dan said: "life is not a lack of beauty, but the lack of discovery", for those who are good at taking the opportunity, may say that life is not a lack of opportunities, but the lack of assurance.

are you a mind of life? Do you take care of the little things around you? Most people say yes, so there are only a few people who are successful. Only those who have a mind can get closer to success. However, when people see the success, we should learn, learning can increase the success of temperament, has the temperament, may be closer to the goal of some.

station news network "Wangzhuan diversified hang QQ," stealing food "monthly income of 2000 yuan, a lot of the higher, but we often ignore. When you’re happy game revel in the "steal food", do you think, so you can also help others to steal food to get part-time income? Network part-time pop up, hang Q can also help others to steal food monthly income of 2000, is indeed a good way. While you’re doing your job, if you think about it and think about the Internet, then you’re an enviable one now.

often thought what Wangzhuan can faster profit, but also often Yangaoshoudi, don’t see that this is not, however, ignore a Wangzhuan in your way, the opportunity to make money away from you. "Personal website income can be diversified owners do not hang in a tree, the higher a variety of ways, the webmaster to comprehend by analogy, analogy, often have a chance, to see whether the. "High school graduates online hot notes also make big money", you want to sell the teacher’s handouts and notes, but also can make money? You may not think, but some people think of, he is profitable, you have the feeling?


this is not easily able to succeed, but also not so difficult to imagine, if you act, it may be closer to success.

, first of all, learn to make a difference, curve profit.

has heard the "curve salvation" story, using an indirect way, side shock. For example, hang Q to steal food, others are addicted to steal food fun, but some people think another way of entertainment needs, so as to achieve the "part-time network part-time, with monthly income of thousands. There are about the "selling" of the story, others hard to gold, while others think of providing service for the sale of gold, although there is no Amoy to gold, but become a success.

second, pay attention to the side of Wangzhuan story, record and summarize.

predecessors have invented a lot of successful Wangzhuan experience, please look at each way is not have in common. Hang Q steal food easily earning 2000; selling money earned first pot of gold; high school students to make money online selling notes, not to think of the previous. If you’re not smart enough

You asked me how much money to join the bridge noodle

bridge has a long history, taste characteristics of the ages, by inheriting and developing constantly, has gradually walked on both sides of the Changjiang River to transfer of culture and history, the delicious, through their own pay to change people’s diet structure, through continuous improvement and meet people’s tastes. The rice noodle in the progress of transformation, out of the original constraints, to achieve the advanced level, but also more and more services and more people in the field of consumer groups, popular, has been recognized by everyone.


was originally developed in the Yunnan bridge area and inherited a unique Han snacks, as a part of Yunnan cuisine, a unique taste it represents fresh and delicious in Mengzi area.

How to play the food supply chain Market

as a successful leader must know about the restaurant every flow of catering business channels, strategizing. Food and beverage industry as a traditional industry, in addition to its own deep foundation of the advantages, but also to promote the development of related industrial chain role play. The procurement and supply of food is one of the following. Supply chain is too long will cause unnecessary waste, how to play the food and beverage supply chain market?

huge prospects for the opportunity to make a lot of entrepreneurs into the market. The restaurant after market service startups with people AP Hotel Alliance, and chain of agricultural, chef net, Helen of Troy etc.. Among them, the agricultural chain to get $8 million financing this year, investment institutions is the famous Sequoia Capital, but also in the year to get the 15 million chef network finance US former vice president Yu Jun at the same time, Baidu also joined the entrepreneurial team.

supply chain industry is a very traditional industry, has always been there, and supply chain management is not a simple procurement. For large catering enterprises, every day facing numerous and complicated kinds of procurement requirements, only through scientific management system can meet, and to ensure that thousands of restaurant offers efficient, stable and safe.

so many startups and investors scramble to enter this blue ocean, in addition to the long-term accumulation of pain in the industry itself needs to be resolved, but more of the importance of food safety in food and beverage industry procurement. At the same time for small and medium restaurants, food procurement is a high frequency of high rigid demand, businesses need to purchase almost every day, the purchase of a high rate of high viscosity, water.

after catering market O2O: the next Internet outlet

Beijing, currently has more than 95 thousand restaurants, including small and micro restaurants have accounted for 70%, minus the procurement center of the restaurant, about 5 or so, and so many small restaurants will become the startup target users.

Supply chain management

large chain catering enterprises there are two main modes, a terminal enterprises direct management of suppliers; the other is a terminal corresponding enterprises only first tier suppliers, a supplier to many corresponding upstream suppliers. Take yum, there are more than and 400 suppliers in the country, by a professional team of 439 people to manage.

and so down it requires enormous cost for large catering enterprises also can accept, is going to have to do, and for those small and medium-sized restaurant, they also need to purchase, but also need to have the supply chain, but they are not so much cost.

most of the small and medium restaurants are responsible for the procurement of food by the boss himself or the buyer, every day to 3>