In the search engine marketing share button function

share will become your site link link. Although they may not have rule links, but still can improve the link to the number of web pages on your site. The other is a visible effect, if you have more links to your site to share, then there is more chance to be seen by others or by the third party to share.

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from the Hangzhou driving school network 贵族宝贝 original reproduced must indicate the

here are four reasons you should consider to add share button.

3, it encourages your brand or organization to talk. Once a blog by sharing button is shared by another way by others to open, and then continue on your blog theme or brand talk. In short, the share button can increase the visibility. Visibility can add more chances.

should be treated like guests stay with your visitors. When they visit your home (site), making them more comfortable doing things easier. And you can open and friendly conversation. Make them by sharing your information amplification. This is a.

have you considered the share button to join the search engine marketing strategy as a part of your website or blog. According to a well-known Web site test in the use of noble baby + button, site traffic increased more than 3.5 times. This is a dramatic "gold", can not be ignored.


2, it can scatter your interaction. The Internet has a positive participation in science and technology, fashion and political exchanges a large number of people. If you thought the goods brand resonates with them, sharing through the use of the button. It will be a perfect fusion.


1, it provides people a lot more direct way to share your content and keep your readers. With multiple social network sharing buttons appear (such as Twitter, Facebook, set up personal mail), they can save time and avoid a lot of trouble to share.

search engine marketing strategy cannot be postponed

Technology trends of 360 comprehensive search just clouds

now the product is not a user group, but the user experience. 2 years ago, NOKIA users group, or the leading mobile phone market share, more than 50, now the user is depleted, the company.

say that the 360 site navigation, from this piece of 360 at a disadvantage, whether it is love or Shanghai HAO123 2345 site navigation user experience is better than 360, and more users. Therefore, 360 to preserve their existing browsers and web site navigation user is not so easy, the fix will lead to the loss of a large number of users inherent.

algorithm after earthquake love Shanghai for about two months, in August 16th 360 launched a comprehensive search service, for a time, owners started some owners even started Public opinions are divergent., forecast, 360 comprehensive search may occupy Shanghai love 30%-40% traffic, some owners began to study the 360 algorithms, begin to search 360 Shanghai Dragon optimization. The author believes that the form and sign launched from 360 comprehensive search showed that 360 of the focus is not on the search engine, and the 360 is the strength of Shanghai does not have the challenge of love.

second, search engine is the core concept of cloud computing, technology era network products focus on user experience

from the Internet form, to imagine the love of Shanghai, the Tencent formed a monopoly in a certain area, very difficult. At present, the browser market, with Firefox, Tencent TT, travel, love Shanghai browser and so on, to get the market 360 browser just because it has a "safe" security, to ensure that in recent years the market share has been compared to the front, not because 360 browser user experience is really good. Compared to foreign Microsoft IE and noble baby browser, there are still a lot of 360 technical shortcomings, browsing speed and interface display effect is not very good, you know, IE browser market share once in more than 90%, finally also gradually declined, even more this year by Gu Gechao.

current market statistics, 360 security browser in the domestic Internet market share is relatively large, and the default home page for 360 web site navigation, from the general use habits, it is easy to use 360 comprehensive search, therefore, have a certain number of the flow is very normal.

first, traffic does not mean has the user

compared to other search engines, 360 comprehensive search does not have any advantage, and even far less than soso and Sogou, and don’t love Shanghai more competitive, at this point I believe that the webmaster. Tencent so giant user group, Tencent SOSO did not shake the love of Shanghai Chinese search low, but in recent years the love of Shanghai’s market share is growing. Just imagine, Tencent and love Shanghai fighting for so many years Chinese Internet leader, do not shake, and capital and technology are at a disadvantage of 360?

In the

How to deal with the 2012 Baidu irregular menstruation

in the past year, love Shanghai "period" a few degrees of imbalance, the law is the number one month a small change, a big change in March. There are many aspects: 1. with altitude hair, this is the modus operandi of love Shanghai. 2, keywords ranking drop sharply, let us feel the sky is falling. The situation in the end is what caused it, and how to deal with the love of Shanghai "menstrual dysregulation of our webmaster

? ? !

1. Baidu think your website content is boring, no spiders eat! This is a problem, do website of information of the most common is the acquisition, collection of content in a short period of time while you may see your collection and flow increased, including pseudo original, but after falling in love with the sea after careful screening, found before the Internet and your articles on similarity is very high, you become like to pull hair.

content is king, this is an indisputable "in the webmaster circle

2. the chain is not normal site. What is the chain is not normal, many webmaster to the rapid increase of the chain, the use of chain tools brush chain, which is in love with the sea is not love, love is always love Shanghai prim webmaster, it should be recognized by. The principle of brush chain is generally the tools of tens of thousands of IP queries, Alexa ranking query, PR query and other owners used query site, because most of these websites have query records display and query records can be like Shanghai, Google, Sogou, search, YAHOO search engine fast included, so that the formation of foreign but because the love chain, Shanghai adjustment of the chain and weight distribution of the lower, or even directly deleted, so the site keywords this problem not just strange!

4. other reasons. This is a reason that your site site metaphor: some time ago due to the Chinese new year, a long time not updated, or is due to their love Shanghai data processing and other aspects of the error. These are not sure

but to solve the problem we must first find the reasons from their own, personally feel that the problems above website will generally have some problems, summed up as the following four points:

said that for the above situation and website performance out of the situation, we are not able to guess a lot of love Shanghai algorithm adjusted? Since we know it to do this adjustment, we should how to deal with

3. user experience bad websites. The love of Shanghai is now more and more attention to the user experience, we do stand owners nor with rank and do, the ultimate goal is to get the customer wallet and money. (of course, does not exclude individual stationmaster) so in order to use the Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, please don’t forget a premise is the user experience. Only retain customers, reduce the bounce rate is the website do stand king. I love Shanghai now for users to jump out of the high rate of site assessment was carried out on the outside of the chain, so to support, not what real significance of the site is also to be punished in this update in.

404 jump to the home page should be K, and how to set up 404

Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2010 15:16:02 GMT

please note that custom 404 error page to return 404 status code

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

included some time ago I suddenly reduced a lot, very depressed, do not understand what the problem is (because I am the conversion from DEDE to DISCUZ X1.5) after conversion included are normal, but the site has been K. I finally found the original 404 blame!!! After I modified.. The website snapshot finally

on the "200" state of the situation we have talked about above, then, when the 404 page is returned to the "302", the search engine will be how to treat? Theoretically, the "302" error, the search engine that the page is there, only a temporary change in the address, will still be included in the index this page will appear the same repeat text problem is similar to the "200" state code; secondly, the scope of the mainstream search engine by the noble baby as the representative of the 302 redirect the increasingly stringent requirements, there is a big risk of this kind of improper use of the 302 redirect.

Results for: 贵族宝贝LQ.HK/444

Last-Modified: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:02:34 GMT


in custom 404 error page setup is finished, be sure to check it is not able to correctly return 404 status code. You can use the Server Header inspection tool, enter a web page URL does not exist, return to check HTTP Header, make sure the return is 404 Not found".

often see many websites take the custom 404 error page like this form: first display an error message, and then, through the Meta Refresh page will jump to the website home page, page map or other similar pages. According to the specific implementation in different ways, these 404 pages may return 200 status code, may also return to the "302", but no matter what, Shanghai dragon from a technical point of view, is not a suitable choice.

website by K, how to correctly handle the 404 error page

Because the 404 HTTPThe website

Server: Apache

ETag: " 9000000000319-eff-4939653042280; 4944f7f75>

LQ Manicure returned results are as follows: (right)

I like

Shanghai dragon Er don’t put the chain to do an invidious

seems to understand this behavior is not difficult, despite the "lazy mindless" this kind of universal human weakness and the like is not said. Discuss the importance of "content" and "chain" in many forums, I see a lot of people are to be from hands-on experience evidence said: spend energy content of a fart, really the last win, there is strong support the chain of

my own blog do not long, but has felt that Shanghai dragon chain personnel to leave the link how to be love it. The day a "passing under the content as like as two peas", "learning", "in today’s society, how to write better articles" etc.. I don’t see it as spam, I give this message through the audit, just think, Shanghai dragon who do outside the chain, why to use this language to ten thousand years sick you hope through these sites to achieve your website optimization blogger

in the Shanghai dragon blown miraculous network era, "content is king, the chain for emperor golden laws and precious rules" is regarded as the Shanghai dragon. Especially the chain, is the first technology content is low, the chain of this work requires almost no threshold. Compared with another "content", popular in the network today, the operation will not need any substantial capacity. Even though a lot of garbage station, in dealing with the "content", they used to disrupt sentence paragraph of rough adjustment technique called "pseudo original", but there is still a "pseudo original" this step. And "the chain", "can be seen on", similar to the level of the clients in a beggar prostitute reaction.

reached the purpose of ranking in this way, undoubtedly this batch of Shanghai dragon Er >

! When

this is undoubtedly to signal a lot of Shanghai Longfeng learners clear: the first is the chain, the chain ranked first. Shanghai Longfeng, all walks of life, only the chain high. In any case, to make the chain, at any time, should the chain do


especially the promotion of enterprise website, the content source is a problem. Companies are generally not allowed to use a simple method of permutation and combination of text to add to the "original" the purpose of the article, can only make snap reckless fuck do crazy things, it seems that only an unlimited amount of added chain, to collect tens of thousands of websites, leaving the same comments on it. Of course, this review and website content without any relationship, because they have not read the article.

?In fact,

I do in "Kung Fu two: website internal resources exploitation and management" outside the chain of the personal blog mentioned, because the working relationship, I need to graduate training in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to secondary school, and give them the opportunity to practice. Students’ knowledge level with Shanghai dragon Er are not comparable, but no contact with the Shanghai dragon, no network promotion personnel of computer related professional background, facing by Shanghai dragon to website optimization of the subject, they are almost the same starting line.

An analysis of outsourcing your Shanghai dragon project before you need to do to prepare



A: the new

social media as a new media, we can not underestimate his role. But it takes to build a social network of the time than the search engine.

with the company pay more attention to the site, Shanghai dragon industry development on the upgrade. For some small businesses, relative to employ full-time staff on the website optimization, service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon will come more cost-effective. But as a small business, in the service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon before what needs to be done to prepare? What needs attention? The author from the three aspects of these two problems are discussed, hope for those who are going to the small and medium-sized enterprise service outsourcing of Shanghai dragon help.

two: outsourcing services before you need to understand your target audience and Shaichang

your site is just built and linked to the server, the author of this site do not recommend Shanghai dragon service outsourcing immediately. The reason is the search engine to a site is largely based on trust website age, if the new station, the search engine is not very trust your site, it is not a good keyword ranking. For the website of age, you can’t use what optimization technology to increase, but the author does not exclude you buy the old domain name. The author’s suggestions for new sites is dedicated to the content and user friendly experience, then do some investment in Shanghai dragon.

outsourcing service If you are a

as a famous saying: bright doomed a shadow. In Shanghai a white hat optimization means the dragon too observant of conventional standards. will inevitably have some, of course, by means of cheating to black hat means. For an enterprise, if not Shanghai Longfeng service providers to optimize use of black hat, can make your site get good results in the short term, but eventually the search engine will be found, and finally acquired a bad reputation. So as a preparation for outsourcing Shanghai Longfeng services business, you need to learn a basic knowledge such as Shanghai dragon, can more clearly understand their own Shanghai Longfeng process, can better communicate with the Shanghai Phoenix provider.


three: before outsourcing your service you need to understand the Shanghai Shanghai dragon the dragon and the basic knowledge of

just contact online marketing business, is more important to you than the service outsourcing of Shanghai Longfeng thing is to define your target market. The traditional market marketing and online marketing users have many different in concept. You need to know your target audience is how to use the Internet? Love what type of social network or blog, etc.. In addition, you have to do is to study your competition, you have to analyze your competitors compared with what are your strengths and your brand in

social network before your first service outsourcing Shanghai dragon building your business

is a direct

Investors why Xi’an everywhere is hard to find good entrepreneurial projectsFirst, the video Federat

, I don’t understand. Why do your customer service send N messages every time? Afraid I can’t see it? I just want to say, very good, very strong!

investors are getting a lot of gas about themselves. Some investors dubbed themselves "CCO", chief chat manager, chief chat officer. Every morning and evening, and wave after wave team tea chat, talking about dry mouth, sit soft legs. "Occupation characteristics CCO" made a lot of investors are talking about. For example, for investors who love to kill with investors, different investors will tell a very different story.

, for example, women entrepreneurs in the disease by the board of directors and other investors are removed, the public, for example, continue to plot reversal; by the media blitz after 95 entrepreneurs fail and negative frequent, and this pile of bad feelings but the achievements of the early investors, let him have a pair of 90 entrepreneurs experts face.

the relationship between entrepreneurs and investors is both a "I chase you, if I catch up with you" sense of partner, and a game of rebellion and control, betrayal and trust contradictions.

, Wang Bo in the "star, crazy" to describe the entrepreneurs, with the "fool" to describe the wind. This business is a madman, leading a group of idiots running in front of a flashlight. "Fool" to "Crazy" is not only related with the appropriate time, also need to give him a stick when, let him go on the right track.

website three days ago, the problem also appears, because I applied for the first video ads, but did not put in the first video alliance already exists in the database of my website information, the new owners want to do the first video alliance, has been unable to pass. My first reaction was: it was easy to do, and the site was deleted from the background. I was disappointed when I could log in. The first video didn’t provide the delete option.

in the business circle, repeatedly staged some wonderful celebrity gossip than drama.

The sale of

has been the first video and not what contact, until some time ago, I intend to put their ads for > audit; > through, very easy, maybe because my site is good, traffic is OK because of it. But I am a perfectionist, see the first video ads, I began to worry, so I arranged the ads on my website and what place? Very depressed, decided not to put.


investment in the population, the two people to achieve the unification of real world conflicts can not be realized, so logical.


, the first approach seems to be dead, so I think, anyway, my new application has not used the account, give it to the new webmaster, and the problem comes again. Background account information can not be modified, I agree with this point, this is for the safety of the webmaster. Do not say more, plan third plans, contact customer service, let customer service help delete website information, so that new Adsense in his account submitted to the site.

but in terms of society, more understanding should be given. For example, when you see a resigned, spent their savings for a crazy idea to the people, please don’t laugh at his job".

I’m sorry about the "boss" in the first video, that is, the message in the text. Maybe some of the framers are not you. But I don’t mind you do not say, really water, why do I delete my account in my own website information can not, if one of my sites closed, then I’ll take a lifetime to the website information in the background, not to look at this very site, must be sent you my fax? Come on, webmaster is poor, do not know what is the fax thing, I will not.

local people often say, "in Xi’an to change, even some achievement entrepreneurs can also say that Xi’an is the capital". Among them, the funds to invest in the early project is the most weak, it is estimated that there are no more than five institutions of actual investment behavior.

I’m disappointed again. Why disappointed? Please watch my chat screenshot:



if the business community is a battlefield of humanity, then the entrepreneurial circle is its essence. One of the important participants and investors, in mortal fantasies, they must have a shrewd and resolute face, are made up also do not look to the tip of the Pyramid.


in Xi’an stone micro investor Wei Chengguang story, the entrepreneur is a hero, is a pool of dead water first lit the torch of revolution, is to violate the human instinct of "perceptual" commercial "rational" people. Such a hero, as long as there is a success, can bring the positive effect is enormous. For example, a Ma ‘s success changed Hangzhou, changed China, and even the whole world. Such a "hero" is worth the whole society to care for.

Analysis of new model of gallery material

wrote in the front: "the winter of the Internet is coming. GG is now a low price unit, and Ali’s mother isn’t making enough money to pay for the electricity.". Small sites, garbage station owners to earn money Yue more difficult.

, didn’t we think about our way out? Didn’t we think about what we should do in a few years if there were no Google ads and no mother Ali,


resources station, everyone should be clear, today I put me and my "I love map" story and tell you about it, I hope this immature solution, we can help.

I love the picture. Why is there a market?

know if you have noticed, that real estate advertising we usually see in the street, the effect is not some deja vu, yes, when most of the design companies are looking for online PSD file, find the material, or if they design buildings are called a what, not exhausted? So many people to buy material. But if compared to individuals, but also hope to free or spend less money to get more material.

what’s the mode of my love map,


if you open my love map, you can see my love figure, is actually a resource download station, page column is clear, for the first time to let visitors know what is the material of interest in what place? And the first time to find and can be downloaded to. For each newly registered member, I love the rights of the map, which is called the "picture currency". The newly registered members will be given some graphics coins, and can download one or two of these resources. Members downloaded one, feel the benefits, will remember my this site.

, how do I like the resources of the map,


I love the map, resources are mainly a few of my partners, because they are engaged in the design, how to keep some of their own resources and buy dozens of G, is a very good resource base, the resources that rely on these, later also rely on providing resources to members. Each member released some resources, we will give a certain amount of money figure. If the resources are particularly good, we’ll add some extra coins. With chart money, members can better download other people’s own, but there are some resources in the website.

what’s my profit model,


I love maps, mainly for groups that do the design. As they say at first, many companies and individuals want to spend less money and buy more material. But there must be some, he does not have so many coins in his hand that can be downloaded. Our income is mainly to test these members recharge, recharge the RMB into a certain amount of chart currency, and then the currency will be used to download the material. In fact, equivalent to the money to buy material, like our recharge map currency is phase

Huang Xiangru four on the website naming series

recently Home Furnishing international network launched a community forum zhengminghuodong (, immediately caused the intense response, I have many thoughts on the matter, will write a series of articles and friends together to share and exchange……

never let the website lose at the starting line? "Huang Xiangru said, naming a part, is the site of the starting site therefore hasn’t formally developed before, we must start pondering the site to a" culture "and" personalized "good name, so that the net station" at the starting time occupy a good track". At present, such as the international home network, for the community forum named "big headache" of the few people.

first reviews the ancient classics: Everything begins with the nameless, the Tao gives birth to one, the life two, the two life, and the three life. This is the Taoist doctrine from the book of changes. Tai Chi said: Yin and Yang for Yin and Yang Qiankun, four images, four like gossip, derived from eighty-eight hexagrams. The so-called big phase (like) the invisible, silent sound, power is not significant, still water runs deep. The East is visible early to try to determine the cause of primitive things, rather than in the life some trivial things eager to define, in words of things named is cautious and excellence. Lao Tzu contributed "Tao Te Ching" but "ten thousand words". Confucius created the Analects of Confucius and became a sample of behavior that the public could follow. Classics handed down in the name and grasp of things have a reasonable definition and show that although some of the content is difficult to understand, but can adhere to is a contribution. There is a myth in the Bible that once said, "I am the beginning, I am the end, the Almighty in the past, present and future.". It is thus clear that the Almighty Creator has his own claim to the name of things, and he can express it through man.

marks the birth of human civilization to various things named include not only all visible in the world, to express more closely related to the physical world and the invisible world, marking the beginning of human civilization has the wisdom ability cast level. Once to the sages in describing the world running rules had talked about: mysterious, all the wonderful door. You can see the close relationship between flexible life and God, and life and self consciousness has a structure similar to a world of difference, history will show differences in this great people to experience. Causes of mortals do not understand the saints and sages, they know how to try to save the lost souls, help people stop.

[naming] the determination of a variety of things, and then the use of a name symbol to be represented.

Almighty God caused people who have the ability to name things, do not have enough wisdom to complete this important task, so as the founder of civilization must be built with his will to the language system. When the "gods" was also named the human civilization and the definition, God must send his soul to spread the classic doctrine, and the spirit of God to become.

When encountered in Xinjiang Grassroots webmaster Zhaoan integration direction

December 7, 2008, Xinjiang’s first owners meeting, meeting a success, the importance of the integration of the participants profound awareness of the importance of mutual exchange of needed products and learning, the establishment of Xinjiang stationmaster alliance, imperative.

the evening of December 13th, stationmaster Congress convener and part of the webmaster party, to discuss how to establish the alliance and the development direction and mode, as Xinjiang station I (Western culture, because the website and the urgency of time, I did not attend, but photos and experience, also the share of intense interest soon Canon released online party here, want to insert a few words of mouth, integration of our Xinjiang grassroots webmaster said.

party according to the feedback logs, know in a special invitation to the official representative of the Xinjiang Internet association, some webmaster and Xinjiang Association of honest and careful communication, everyone’s ideas are pure, is nothing more than the official management department under the leadership of the official organization as the platform is able to make the grassroots webmaster the integration of resources and the government can provide policy support for us. But, unfortunately, things did not talk together, representatives of the association of ideas and the grassroots webmaster not only at the party we draw further apart, in support of the association, but association to the grassroots webmaster set a branch and Zhaoan "inhibition".

is the head of the individual, but as a grassroots I deeply know the importance of freedom, the importance of open, if the Internet is not free, it would be the real winter! First of all, the vast majority are owners would not violate the law, not to engage in edge ball, website will record in the first time, the audit information website etc. all job. So, I think the association should play the role of supervision and guidance on this basis, to upload the channel between the government and the grassroots, harmonious platform construction site in Xinjiang development, the establishment of long-term webmaster towards integration and resource optimization mechanism. According to my understanding and lack of, Xinjiang Internet association in Xinjiang station before the meeting organizer and guide role, when Xinjiang play their influence towards the integration of grassroots webmaster, but hurriedly ran out, to regulate, to be included in the leadership, I think, as do stand to have a basic positioning, positioning us the Internet society is not good, what are the age, is still talking about leadership? Still airs? All the station will go to profit, to the business model, the Internet society’s role should be like the government treat the enterprise as "separation", the role of the government should not be the leader, but more should be management Xinjiang, as the site development to provide resources, provide policy, providing a platform to provide channels, rather than blindly emphasis on leadership, management and competition Is the boss’s core position.

In the information age of

, the renewal of ideas is as important as the positioning of roles, but also the unit of the first webmaster conference of the government organization in Xinjiang, Mr. Ding Xiaoliang, and also the grassroots of Xinjiang