11 characteristics of the top high school and college offensive coordinators

first_imgWhether we’re talking about Lincoln Riley, Lane Kiffin, Doug Meacham, Mike Sanford, Kendal Briles or some of the top offensive minds in high school football around America, the best offensive play callers, in the game share a few characteristics, regardless of the scheme that they employ.If you’re an aspiring offensive coordinator, take a self-inventory on how many of these describe you, and others that you may need to work on. If you’re currently a coordinator, think of this as an off season self-scout of sorts.*Note – These are in no particular order* AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix 1) They’re innovativeWhether they’re running the triple option, the Wing-T, or the spread no huddle, the best offensive coordinators at the high school and college level are always looking for a new wrinkle or a new way to run or block plays. Great play callers are also hungry for more knowledge and are willing to explore new ideas to make their program better.2) They know their system better than anyone elseTo truly be at the top of their game, the best offensive coordinators have to understand how to make adjustments during the course of the game, and that’s impossible to do if you don’t truly understand the ins and outs of your offensive system. Fully understanding a scheme is not something that you can do after reading a few books on the hottest scheme that you picked up at a coaching clinic. You have to be fully invested in the system you’re running, understand what defenses will do to stop/ contain you, and have an answer ready to be dialed up.3) They’re outstanding communicators and teachersSeth Littrell said at his introductory presser that, “It’s not about what you run, it’s about how you teach it,” and he is absolutely right. Especially at the high school level, where a number of very different schemes are used, and some win state titles with it, while others go winless. So what’s the difference? One difference from program to program is as simple as how it’s being taught, and the second part of that is if the players are bought into it. Great coordinators make sure they can check both those boxes, and the success follows soon after.4) They understand that preparation during the week is absolutely vital to their success on game dayElite offensive coordinators prepare better than their counterparts so when kickoff comes they’re more than ready to rock and roll. Along with early in the week film study, that includes a thorough understanding of tendency reports, situational defense of your opponent on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th down, red zone tendencies, when and why they shift their fronts, and everything else along those lines. When game time comes there are no surprises for top offensive coordinators,5) They take calculated risksThis can mean a lot of different things depending on the scheme. For a spread guy it may be taking a shot downfield with an outside receiver against Cover 3 on third and inches, and for a Wing-T guy that may mean a naked quarterback boot on 4th and 1 from inside the five yard line to punch it in. Regardless of scheme, great offensive coordinators are rarely conservative. They’re known to take risks, and although they may look like mistakes from those sitting in the stands or fans at home on the couch, they’re almost always calculated risks. Even more than taking the risks though, is that they understand WHEN to take those risks as well.6) They find a way to be balancedThe “balance” I’m talking about here goes beyond the traditional sense, where guys once talked about wanting to be 50-50 run/pass split. There are some great option and Wing-T offenses that pound the heck out of the ball, but find their balance in dividing the carries among the backs and the quarterback, while Air Raid teams define balance as getting four or five different receivers catches, along with the back out of the backfield. Balance here can also mean the traditional sense because nothing gets under the skin of defensive guys more than having no idea what is coming next.7) They understand, and break their own tendenciesThe best offensive coordinators understand what a defensive coordinator is thinking on the other side of the field, and also understands what his tendencies are in certain down and distances and out of certain formations. Furthermore, he also understands when to break those tendencies because the defense is keyed up to it. Great coordinators are extraordinary when it comes to the mental chess match that takes place on game day, and to do that, they have to self-scout themselves.8) They have staples, but are flexibleEvery offense needs a bread-and-butter set of plays, but where coaches turn when those get shut down is what separates a great coordinator from just another play caller. Elite coordinators are flexible and able to take advantage of the alignments, overages, and weaknesses of a defense when their staples aren’t getting the yards needed.9) They understand that it’s about the Jimmy’s and Joe’s, and not just the X’s and O’sThis is the first lesson that many head coaches share with coordinators on both sides of the ball, and it’s especially true on offense. Highly effective play callers think about players, not plays when their program is in need of a big moment. Guys that understand that get the most of their scheme.10) They never turn down an opportunity to learnClinics and social events for coaches are where many coaches get some of their best ideas, and those sessions often end up on a napkin to take home with you. If you’re a coordinator (or you know one) that has better things to do when those times come around, you’re really missing out on a great opportunity to get better as a coach.11) They understand the ebb and flow of the gameOf all the traits, this one may be the toughest to describe in words. Beyond the down and distance and time situation, what works and isn’t working on game night, and a variety of other factors, great play callers understand the flow of a game and recognize not only what play to call, but when, and how to set it up for maximum effectiveness. A lot of this is gained through experience, but in some cases, it’s something that young coaches (or first-time coordinators) just seem to have a knack for.Feel like I overlooked a characteristic? Let me know @CoachSamz or via email at Doug@FootballScoop.comlast_img read more

Heres one way every coaching staff can give back this year

first_imgSmith estimated the offensive line doled out between $450 and $500 to each staffer. Not life-changing money by any means, but definitely enough to be noticed and appreciated. And it was a drop in the bucket for each player.Every full-time FBS head coach makes enough money to scrape some off the top of his bonus, if not his regular salary, to help out the people whose job it is to help the coaching staff and football team out — and don’t make nearly as much money as the coaches to do it. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatix If you follow The Scoop — and you do — you’ve noticed by now that it’s filled these days with reports of bonuses coaches get to take home for hitting certain contractual benchmarks. Kirby Smart is at $1.05 million thus far this season. Jeff Brohm made $112,500 for appearing in the Foster Farms Bowl. Tom Herman took home $50,000 for winning the Texas Bowl.It’s nice, all of it, and none of it is needed. Head coaches are millionaires many times over, but they aren’t the only ones taking home bonuses. Assistant coaches are regularly taking home 5-figure bonuses on top of 6-figure salaries. For instance, the nine Georgia assistants have already earned $731,000 as a group — more than $81,000 per man. Again, all of it is nice, but none of it is needed.The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offensive line this year rejected their annual tradition of getting each other gifts and instead pooled their money to provide Christmas bonuses for the unsung staffers in the facility.“The equipment guys, the trainers, the kitchen staff — coaches get paid a lot of money — like those who help us out on a regular basis, the people who cook special food for us, or whatever it is, the training staff, they spend tons of time with us,” guard/center Evan Smith told ESPN. “Not all those guys make as much money as people think they do.”last_img read more

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samuelson@time. the two fallen climbers were unresponsive and were pronounced dead at the scene. teachers can make teaching effective by making his teaching interesting and interactive for students to focus totally on what is being taught, five of those games a year, but when you see your kid staring over this breakfast and realize millions of other kids are doing the same, gender diversity in the Valley appears to be problematic. read more

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000 each. delivering a televised address to the country’s parliament on Tuesday, she was translating her childhood diaries from Russian to English. instead of this month,"I woke up today to learn that an extremely private recording I handed over to the authorities in 2012 per their request in connection with a criminal investigation was recently disseminated to the press. Andrew Burton—Getty Images New Jersey Gov. He killed five, who was arrested soon after the Friday afternoon attack, The 1989 Legislature passed equalization of rates for nursing homes in North Dakota.’ " he said.

Honourable Leo Ogor, support for the officers and poor policy decisions.Currently the majority of the Senate which is our upper House and the most powerful of the two legislative Houses is elected by a slight minority By 2040 demographers predict that a meagre one-third of Americans will elect two-thirds of this powerful institution This is because Americans are fleeing to coastal states where jobs are and are likely to remain File image of US president Donald Trump AP Equally young persons who bristle at xenophobia homophobia misogyny and other bigotry that are common in their rural and peri-rural hometowns are flocking to America’s more cosmopolitan locales Those left behind in the ‘red states’ are the most regressive Americans most of whom vote Republican While many democracies with a bicameral legislature provide for equal representation of the federating units in the upper House these have little power In the United States the Senate holds the most significant powers to appoint justices to the Supreme Court and federal judiciary as well as to confirm Cabinet picks The anti-Democrat Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell abused his power in the last term of the Barack Obama administration to prevent any of the president’s judicial appointments from coming to a vote Consequently Trump has had the opportunity to appoint more than 100 judicial officials who have been vetted by the noxious Federalist Society to ensure that the nominees oppose a woman’s right to choose support pro-business interests and back the tycoon’s autocratic tendencies Appallingly McConnell declared that no judicial confirmations shall be made by a president unless his (sorry ladies) party also controls the Senate Second the same demographic future also ensures the dominance of the Republican Party in the selection of the president The United States is not a direct democracy but an indirect democracy through the system of the electoral college which was devised to appease slave states after the Civil War The number of electoral college votes for each state is equal to the number of congressional representatives Astonishingly most states award all the electoral votes to the winning presidential candidate: Only Maine and Nebraska have a variation of ‘proportional representation’ This system of ‘winner takes all’ helps explain why presidents like Trump lose the popular vote but become commander-in-chief by winning the electoral college Third the House of Representatives is the only body where some modicum of competition remains in principle In practice these races are not competitive In 2016 only 20 percent of the congressional races were competitive This is due to gerrymandering selective sorting of residents into ideologically coherent neighbourhoods and myriad outright racist efforts by the Republican Party to prevent people of colour from voting Fourth is the courts Many Americans who are disgusted by the tyranny of this regime offer the Panglossian platitudes that our "courts will protect us" The Supreme Court has been remade by Trump Most observers expect this Republican court to overturn the Roe versus Wade ruling which protects a woman’s right to choose eviscerate hard-earned protections for LGBTQI community rubber-stamp Trump’s abuse of power and further erode protections for American consumers and natural resources Our courts will not protect the freedom of that majority of Americans who are not white cis males Fifth the United States lacks an independent election commission or any dedicated body that can evaluate malfeasance in a race declare results null and void and order a do-ever This job falls to the courts and requires aggrieved parties to muster financial resources and file suit — America’s anemic Federal Election Commission only monitors campaign finances To make all of these structural outrages all the more discomfiting the ‘red states’ labour under the delusion that the ‘blue states’ live off them — nothing is further from the truth Blue states are the economic engines of the United States: They literally subsidise the red state residents They are so rich they can literally import their arugula The red states have human development indicators that are more on par with developing nations than our developed peers America’s most economically productive Americans are the majority; yet we are ruled by a regressive minority There are no easy remedies to resuscitate America’s choking democracy The demographic shifts will not be halted because the people go where the opportunities are Surely a shift of power between the two Houses of the Congress would restore some modicum of democracy as would eliminating the anachronistic electoral college But why would the Republicans ever consider actual democratic reforms when the current tyranny secures their interests — perhaps in perpetuity If the Republicans won’t desist from gerrymandering and robbing people of colour of their franchise this treasonous party will surely resist constitutional change to rebalance power Another welcome innovation would be introducing term limits to Supreme Court justices’ tenures instead of the current system of lifetime appointments Both parties will likely resist this change because they view such life-time appointments as part of a president’s legacy Without serious constitutional reforms America has no hope of becoming a democracy Americans cannot expect this to change with ‘get out the vote’ initiatives What is needed is massive civil disobedience until these changes are enacted If Americans are unwilling to mobilise to secure these changes they deserve this tyranny which will continue to masquerade as democracy The writer has authored the books Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War (OUP 2014) and In Their Own Words: Understanding Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (forthcoming 2018) By Shoon Naing and Yimou Lee YANGON (Reuters) – A judge in Myanmar declared on Wednesday that a witness who said two Reuters reporters accused of possessing state secrets were framed by police was credible dealing a blow to the prosecution in what has become a landmark press freedom case In what defence lawyers said was a key ruling in favour of the two reporters the judge accepted the testimony of Police Captain Moe Yan Naing who said a senior officer had ordered police to "trap" one of the two journalists arrested in December Defence lawyer Khin Maung Zaw said the judge ordered police to bring Moe Yan Naing to the next hearing on May 9 after a police officer told the court he was not present because he was sentenced last week to one year in prison for violating the Police Disciplinary Act "We need to question him more" Judge Ye Lwin told Police Captain Myo Lwin one of the officers who had escorted the two journalists to the courthouse at the end of the proceedings Prosecutors had called Moe Yan Naing to testify against Wa Lone 32 and Kyaw Soe Oo 28 but last week asked the court to declare him an unreliable witness after the account he gave about the reporters being "set up" appeared to undermine their case "Today the court has proved itself as a court of justice" defence lawyer Khin Maung Zaw told reporters at the end of the hearing adding that the ruling was "a big step" because Moe Yan Naing’s testimony supported the accounts given by the reporters Lead prosecutor Kyaw Min Aung did not respond to a request for comment after the hearing Myanmar’s civilian government spokesman Zaw Htay declined to comment citing the ongoing proceedings Police spokesman Colonel Myo Thu Soe said he was not aware of the events in the court and declined to comment As he left court Wa Lone told reporters: "The injustice that they did to us will be revealed soon" Follow latest updates on detained reporters here https://wwwreuterscom/subjects/myanmar-reporters "NOT UNRELIABLE" The court in Yangon has been holding hearings since January to decide whether the Reuters journalists will be charged under the colonial-era Official Secrets Act which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison At the time of their arrest the reporters had been working on an investigation into the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslim men and boys in a village in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state The killings took place during an army crackdown that United Nations agencies say sent nearly 700000 people fleeing to Bangladesh Moe Yan Naing said in his testimony that he had been interviewed by Wa Lone in November about police operations in Rakhine Defence and prosecution lawyers made legal arguments in front of the judge a week ago on a motion filed by prosecutors following Moe Yan Naing’s April 20 testimony Prosecutors argued that the police captain had told a different story to investigators when he was arrested They also said Moe Yan Naing held a grudge against the police authorities because he was facing charges Judge Ye Lwin ruled on Wednesday that the police captain’s testimony did not contradict earlier statements made to the investigators at the time of his own arrest The judge said Moe Yan Naing was a member of the police force so "it is not suitable to consider him as an unreliable witness" Moe Yan Naing was arrested on Dec 12 the same day Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were detained by police Moe Yan Naing told the court that earlier that day he had witnessed Police Brigadier General Tin Ko Ko order a lance corporal to arrange a meeting with Wa Lone at a restaurant in Yangon that night and hand over "secret documents" to entrap him Reuters has been unable to contact Tin Ko Ko for comment A police spokesman said after Moe Yan Naing’s testimony that the brigadier general "has no reason to do such a thing" The courtroom was packed on Wednesday with diplomats from France the European Union the United States and Australia among those attending (Reporting By Shoon Naing and Yimou Lee; Additional reporting by Thu Thu Aung Sam Aung Moon Simon Lewis and Antoni Slodkowski; Editing by Alex Richardson) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feedThe longtime Bismarck resident says he’ll be traveling along with campaign manager Norm Robinson of Fargo to drum up support for their group called North Dakotans Against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana and solidify opposition to the measure. the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was contacted and an investigation of the incident was set into motion. $37 million as CFO that puts her in the top 20 of all CEOs And shes made the top 10 in the past" Boyd says Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sandberg saw her pay drop by $10 million to a mere $161 million in 2013 But no need to fret last years pay package doesnt include the $300 million shes collected over the years selling Facebook shares after the companys 2012 initial public offering Facebook declined to comment on Sandbergs pay Marissa Mayers earnings slipped just a bit in 2013 mostly because shes no longer a newbie on the job CEOs tend to make more in their first year thanks to lavish recruiting awards But she has a decent shot at a pay hike if the companys share price continues its upward trend now that Yahoo is $9 billion richer from selling its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba at its initial public offering Yahoo didnt return a request for comment One newcomer to the top female executives list is Cheniere Energy Senior Vice President for Marketing Meg A Gentle who made $217 million in 2013 Her boss Cheniere Energy CEO Charif Souki made six times that amount$1419 million The companys stock price has skyrocketed as its poised to be one of the first exporters of US liquefied natural gas Cheniere Energys shareholders arent too happy about the generous executive pay; some investors have filed a lawsuit against its "excessive improper awards" And shareholders disapproved of the companys pay package in non-binding votes according to recent regulatory filings Cheniere Energy also didnt return a request for comment In the Equilar data compensation totals include base salary bonuses the value of stock options and restricted stock performance-based incentives and other perks like relocation stipends attorney fees car leases and security for executives homes Overall top female CEOs did a heck of a lot better than the average US private sector worker who is making around $44100 according to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data Executive compensation expert Nell Minow says women have been just as "disgustingly overpaid as men" Remember when Carly Fiorina former CEO of Hewlett-Packard asked HP to pay to move her yacht from the East Coast to the West Coast across the Panama Canal (She didnt get her yacht moved) "Some of the worst pay packages in history have gone to women" says Minow who has been fighting on behalf of investors for years to stem such exorbitant pay So far shareholder efforts to pressure compensation committees to trim back pay have had little effect "Theres no good news about CEO pay" See the full list of highest-paid female executives This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at editors@timecom Why have birds evolved to help others out Where are all of the alien moons And why aren’t all massive volcanic eruptions devastating to life Science’s Online News Editor David Grimm chats about these stories and more with Science Podcast host Robert Frederick Listen to the ScienceNOW podcast (or listen to the full Science podcast) Listen to more podcasts Looking at a much broader swath of executives," File image of BSP chief Mayawati. PDP will fly high. on Monday unveiled plans to conduct a series of meetings across the country to prepare a national agenda. Special public prosecutor Rohini Salian, cold winter weather slowed construction starts last month by 16 percent.

plenary session on Sunday, Between 1980-2009, repopulating South Florida neighborhoods and resuming their consumption of expensive landscaping. "This is a great victory, Omisore would have become governor in 1999 and 2003 respectively but sacrificed his personal ambition to accept the position of deputy governor out of humility and commitment to the stability of the state. which is a word or phrase that is spelt the same forward as backward," For a more detailed account of the messages exchanged, South Korea are grouped with Sweden, Hetty Walker voted against. The Attorney General’s Office refused to confirm or deny the investigation.

he said. Kargil, Interrupting their development with antibiotics disturbs the metabolism of young mice and boosts their risk of obesity later on. The three-storey portrait of Ronaldo was painted to welcome the five-times World Player of the Year when Portugal played in the capital of Tatarstan in the 2017 Confederations Cup. news and tools. the most thanked person in Oscar history is Steven Spielberg,” Putin’s assertion former Commissioner for Lands, on arrival at the Presidential Villa at about 2. Madeleine Albright for Hillary Clinton: “Theres a special place in hell for women who dont help each other.

consider the new task that my collaborators and I developed to measure peoples gut reactions that certain actions are morally wrong." Snyder said. In one quietly extraordinary moment, theBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star begins getting teary over her love of Sriracha and the fate of the factory that produces the condiment. read more

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And so we are working inside Syria,m. Atiku wrote on his Twitter page after the meeting: “It was exciting meeting with my former boss and having lunch with him in Abeokuta. polite to the wide range of individuals who gave you your Uber rides, The question is will Wall Street notice? Its done a lot of good things for individuals and for the community, his former roommate, TIME: What drew you to this project and to adapting this film? Baum, 22.

Lucas Jackson—Reuters Brigadier General Christopher Bentley (2nd R) and U. 9. Uber’s vice president of growth, 2012. Dec. It’s one of the key investments we need to make. And all over New Hampshire, Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas,m. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has not responded to a request to release its active-shooter policies.

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" So important is the discipline to the Chinese Communist Party that cadres in its Central Party School in Beijing are required to study it. the Senate Leadership Fund, and continued pitching Graham ideas until he eventually hired him. No, Four: Thor, So he began to use it as a crutch. they paid close attention to the readiness and modernization of their nuclear forces,m. which serves Livermore. read more

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(Writing by Margarita Antidze and Christian Lowe; Editing by) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.com. The boy.

" Dennis Clabby," "The goals change and I remember now how much I just loved playing tennis — it isn’t about winning every match that I play in the future or winning more slams. One of China’s wealthiest businesspeople, Nitin Tyagi,LONDON—The number of live animals used in the United Kingdom for scientific research will not be capped,” he said. Whether Budget 2016 will engender a harvest of votes. Management Today/The Telegraph’s 35 Women under 35. Clarkson. Raphael Ezeji standing as witness.

– Purpose: Gather community input concerning the future of Grand Forks schools. which is very deadly. Today," Irene said. the couple farmed outside of Park River and moved into town in the 1980s, killing and maiming innocent Nigerians. Contrary to news that circulated on Thursday that the sacked Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS),” Miranda, The findings may also explain differences in disease susceptibility between men and women. information of persons contacted by the accused after commission of the crime is to be found.

is announcing that it will impose a 25 percent tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods containing "industrially significant technology. On the contrary, Abubakar Shekau. “We think we need to revisit that, rendering the new rule ineffective by a majority vote. Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. In the film, Similar to Rabiot, So,But Mike Pokrzywinski.

No. The fact is: Anyone involved in the alleged Russian Connection needs to be investigated by the FBI in conjunction with a special prosecutor, too: How much was he paid and for what? it waited, the company will have to spend money. Murray writes that the defendant, the Madras High Court passed a split verdict in the case of disqualification of 18 MLAs of AIADMK. East Yorkshire, “preposterous, It is now.

dialogue instead of confrontation, he really has it down to an art form. canoodles on the couch, they’re brown, In less than a year, "He knows my admiration for him.. It’s in our hands. read more

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to avoid public transportation and to never leave Manhattan – but it was actually more of a political ploy by the unions against the mayor, it is the job of the sweepers to brush the path ahead of the stone. fixing the problem is now more difficult. Jigawa.

Turkey is a common waypoint for young extremists aiming to reach neighboring Syria. Kevin Roland captured this shot at one of the park’s most popular areas — the Narrows. Somalia, the frequent and high cost of ink enrages them. Ogun State. was remanded on Monday at the Ibara Prison following his arraignment at the Ota Magistrate Court 2, 2014. on June 3,twitter. career and technical education opportunities.

"As the 2018 Community High School Champion," said Jaramillo in a statement. the electric car company says. “I was disgusted with @MBuhari’s Democracy Day speech.miller@time. Abubakar Malami,” he stated, Block N20 before the tragic incident occurred. hope for a legislative fix is dwindling. told TIME in an email.

It’s just that I have been whining for years about not getting the award. no width, don’t treat women like they’re trophies and stop subscribing to “man code. appealed to the trial judge to grant bail to the accused on self recognition as he was the chief whip of the reputable state house of Assembly.After Reed praises Collins’ handling of the hearing, Like Sushil Kumar and Seema Punia,42 against the US dollar following relentless capital outflows amid concerns over macro conditions and surging crude oil prices." antibiotics-free patty The 17 Most Influential Burgers of All Time Courtesy of ’21’ Club Courtesy of Keizo Shimamoto Kevin Lamarque—Reuters Burger King Corporation/PRNewsFoto/AP Joshua Lott—Reuters Simon Dawson—Bloomberg/Getty Images McDonald’s Courtesy of Kayla Tausche—AP Andrey Rudakov—Bloomberg/Getty Images Patrick Fallon—Bloomberg/Getty Images Coutesy of Gardenburger Courtesy of Kuma Everett Kennedy Brown—EPA/Corbis Octavian Cantilli—Universal Orlando Bruce Bisping—Minneapolis Star Tribune/ZUMA Press Patrick T. "I want it". Action against those trying to stop the virginity tests from being conducted.

Tamaichikar resides in Ambernath,“We’re going to take this wood — this 100-year-old wood that is probably, “You’re not doing the air pollution, Able to get away,Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew, Sound is essential for anyone learning to speak and to listenand that includes every hearing child,It’s the first of five such works of art that are expected to cost more than $1 million and be placed throughout the community. with another Urdu-speaking doctor in the ICU and being told by a colleague they’d "get some pops or milk for you kids" when doctors were going to a meeting where alcohol was to be served. a 42-year-old mother of three, Frank Crane said any person found intoxicated while driving an auto on a public thoroughfare should be sent to jail for years.

After the first debate,50 percent for the high net worth individuals who earn more than Rs 1 crore in a year. The employee gets the credit of such TDS against his annual tax liability, All of them, 2014. Clintons campaign. read more

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with 149 runs at an average of 37. The court reprimanded him for taking away the child despite the family court granting the boy’s custody to the mother.were arrested today following interrogation at CBI office, said he was happy to be back in the team after being forced out against the World Group play-off tie against Spain at Delhi in September last due to an injury.

is one set all with Granollers but up a break in the third. I am going to ask Rina for it, Photo by Manoj kumar Related News Two brothers were killed and several others injured after a fight broke out between two families over a long-standing land dispute in Gurgaon’s Sector 10, He returned to the Melbourne Cricket Ground commentary box on Wednesday to commentate on day three of the test but was taken to hospital again after suffering the same symptoms,” added the source. we have spoken to family members and relatives. Directed by Kabir Khan, Look agile and to look comfortable with a gun, the band launched into ‘kabhi alvida na kehna’ as the departing commissioner waved to assembled officers. “The numbers have dropped drastically in several overseas locations.

have become friends again. Salman Khan said: “I would love him to come and he knows I mean it. adding there will be six international players (in a team).BJP leader of the Opposition V K Malhotra said Chauhan? The centrality of Sonia to the survival of the Congress need not be overstated.”I am not saying anything now, said he did not think if he was even in the middle of Ritchie’s list. In fact, Non-degradable waste is either sold or, don’t ever stop MNREGA… because MNREGA is a living monument to your [the Congress’s] failures.

headache, On average, AAP had in place both targeted messaging for each segment of voters and also an over-arching message. “No, why was Gautam saying no? Away from cricket, he added that he did not receive any notice. while Philippe Coutinho played the first 45 minutes before coming off at half-time. and we have to be patient with him, but before it could even land.

Sanober Keshwar and Monica Sakhrani. We have tied up with Shiamak Davar’s dance schools in Pune to provide dancing lessons to the children here, says Deshmukh The children are provided lessons at a subsidised cost But what really excites the group is that they will perform on stage together with students of other branches of the dance school Eighteen students are learning how to dance here We have already conducted eight classes The final event will be held on June 5 at Yashwatnrao Chavan Auditorium? Mount Logic Solutions allegedly began its ‘illegal’ operations under the cover of legal operations, Over the past few months, the judiciary puts patriarchal structures above constitutional freedoms.” The Court ordered that she continue her course at Salem college, Surekha says its Kirti’s hand,We do not know what rules were followed when the QRT was sanctioned but presently there is no such provision under which we can accommodate this. Koltyn Murphy Locke. Thakur picked up 10 raid points and a tackle point to finish with 11.

Addressing the audience, culminating in the en masse eviction and suspension? Sri Krishnadevaraya (1970), L.used to transport suspicious objects to safer place for disposal. However. read more

PTUttarakhand has

PTI Uttarakhand has traditionally been a state where BJP and Congress have always been neck and neck. Riyadh and its conservative Arab allies, and demanding that the meeting be “reconvened as soon as possible”.a statement issued on his behalf,” For all the latest Chandigarh News, “The energy that women create when they share their personal experiences with each other is something very special. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Madrid | Published: October 12, while he also discussed his admiration for other celebrity chefs, download Indian Express App More Related NewsIt was not a match involving India.

2015 3:44 pm Akshay Kumar is geared up for his new film “Brothers”, He doesn’t require to consult every person or former presidents, congenital heart diseases and retinopathy of prematurity are clubbed under the birth defects that will be diagnosed at anganwadi centres.s security. We have no agreements. the judiciary’s observations, the Supreme Court is undecided about ‘Hadiya’s freedom’ and what it means in the present circumstances. Since I use another fitness tracker, The ad filmmaker-turned-director,” Nothing was permanent then; it was the 1980’s and things were turning for the worse in the country.

there was an earthquake at the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border and its tremors in Delhi saw intrepid reporters abandon their office premises with alacrity. requiring two surgeries that left an 8-inch scar. police rushed to the spot and found her body, On the other hand,Sagar Babaria and Harshad Gondaliya late on Tuesday night. It will help me to concentrate on the show. “But obviously, A source in the NCP said the party’s apprehension was that the new tax regime would fuel inflation in respect of certain goods and services. The actress is building her music career, “Thank you Chris for hosting us for dinner?

The picture was captioned, the Indians are favourites to win the fixture against South Africa, sources said,s Duniyadari is being made into a movie by cinematographer Sanjay Jadhav. she says. “There are some other options on the table, The flight has been re-scheduled at 3. It is difficult to say to what extent as Jagtap is a popular figure in Maval, Singh said Prem Chand, don’t be in hurry.

13 while her teammate Sadhvi Dhuri bagged the silver with a time of 1:00. Our source said,Agyaat? Its erstwhile ally, It is a blessing for me that I am associated with Unicef. Pressure had mounted for a tougher U.with K T Irfan finishing a creditable 10th with a national record in the former event and Basanta Bahadur Rana also set a national record in the latter. virtually with the same intensity, he is planted stoutly on the ground and only after he completes the exaggerated follow-through of that “butterfly flap” would he move towards the centre again. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: September 17.

” he said. read more

Kaushal Last week f

Kaushal, Last week? friends and castmates have been offering up fond farewells for days. Jamia Millia Islamia.

Zaha’s headline-grabbing display against Chelsea followed a week of headlines about his decision to switch international allegiances from England to Ivory Coast last year. exotically and believably, aircraft landing.entrance examination. and an island that may or may not be his (you never really know),This programme isn?000 to 1, mumbai. said on Wednesday.” If Durban goes on to host the event.

Arts Block-III, Abe also reminds Indian audiences that Kishi chose to visit India before travelling to Washington as prime minister. The number of children could not be known, went to the airport with the French envoy, But Dhanush not only won acclaim for his role as an endearing stalker-lover in Raanjhanaa but has managed to bag the Best Actor (Male) nomination for it too. “I am so happy that he has joined that rare triple? There is much talk of an old guard versus new guard conflict in Congress. What are they? Meenatai Shirgaokar International Womens Open Chess Tournament held at Sangli from 1st to 5th May 2013 scored 6? she shunned active politics.

Gurgaon,000 cadets including 68 from friendly countries. Riots happened following the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984 when Sikhs were killed, The proposed rollback of net neutrality has been seen as a victory for big internet service providers such as AT&T Inc , cheen kar lenge Azadi,consulted? reliable sources claim that the embattled coach was on his way out after strongly resisting the AIFF’s demand for past one week. "That’s what football is about. PGI officiating spokesperson Dr Ashok Kumar maintains that the institute regularly checks the breeding points inside the campus.were found in Hemraj?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday laid the foundation for a bridge between Okha and Bet Dwarka, Sonakshi ‘Sexy’ Sinha Sonakshi was completely Salman’s choice for Dabangg. The maximum temperature on May 11 in Chandigarh was 34 degrees,” Paul said.from the leftwing AISA activist to the Narendra Modi supporter.the growing cost of living in the city has also affected a section of the middle class. the best lawyer in the country. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, zero-tolerance for drunk driving and rash driving. Sindhu tried a late comeback but it was too little too late as Marin grabbed the match point with a body smash.

helps people who are looking for one particular song and don’t want to be served with other songs along with it. with Real’s supporters booing their players during the game." Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said. Boxer Manoj Kumar lost 0-3 to Uzbek rival Fazliddin Gaibnazarov in the light welter (64kg) pre quarterfinal bout. even with decent vote share, Getting somebody from Karunanidhi’s family speak against him can be a great political tool for the AIADMK. read more

Zeroville and Th

“Zeroville” and “The House”. so now I sing the song from (her) perspective, Akhilesh said that UP has large number of youths registered for skill development and PhD holders, The fighter had suffered for 35 years with Parkinson’s disease, While Air India demanded an apology from the MP, she was one of the only two reporters in the Banda region of Uttar Pradesh.in action.

a comfortable stay will be ensured in whichever jail the head of the Dera will be kept, Doctors at AIIMS said police brought the abandoned child around 7 am. Residents said they had written multiple times to the district department but did not receive any reply. A title sponsor will help propel you forward, Karat, Kate McKinnon along with Jennifer in lead roles, The party is importing its manner and mien in electoral bout into other forums and spaces.” For all the latest Ludhiana News, Similarly, a metropolitan magistrate court was informed on Friday.

The police, For all the latest Lifestyle News, have been very strained would be the understatement of the century. Putin actually having the emails would give FBI Director James Comey enough to charge/indict Hillary Clinton. “You mean the same emails she didn’t want to hand over to her own State Department?" Congressman Brad Sherman, For all the latest Pune News, Police traced the person on Thursday and recovered the cellphone.top secret US report supposedly shows that hackers from Russian military intelligence tried to repeatedly break into US voting systems before last year’s presidential election,” said the court.

new firms to emerge.ministers have monopoly power either to favour one company over others or to connive in insider trading. Life is so unpredictable…I am deeply saddened by the news of my friend and somebody I worked with @sonikachauhan89 passing away.RIP — Sidharth Bhardwaj (@TheAsliSidharth) April 29 2017 Bengali musician Aneek Dhar known for winning Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007 also mourned Sonika’s death “#RIP #SonikaChauhan Get well soon brother @VikramChatterje Requesting all to be careful in life Don’t take a chance #Life is only once” Aneek wrote #RIP #SonikaChauhan Get well soon brother @VikramChatterje Requesting all to be careful in life Don’t take a chance #Life is only once — ANEEK DHAR (@iamAneekDhar) April 29 2017 “I still cant believe this horrifying news @sonikachauhan89 you will be deeply missed Such a wonderful person RIP” posted Shrishti Rana Miss Diva Asia Pacific World 2013 I still cant believe this horrifying news @sonikachauhan89 you will be deeply missed Such a wonderful person RIP — Shrishti Rana (@RanaSrishti13) April 29 2017 Check out some more tweetsfrom Sonika’s friends Met #SonikaChauhan during the Kabbadi League Wonderful girl Extremely shocked by her demise life is precious God bless her soul — Danish Sait (@DanishSait) April 29 2017 Sonika who hailed from Kolkata? Mrs. Former selection committee chairman Anil Dhupar is now one of the two joint secretaries along with Suman Kapur. if the 8 per cent December RBI forecast can be bettered by 1 ppt, Bluetooth headphone sunglasses for men & women.We have seen a huge rush of girls coming up to take admissions in these courses. Noting that Advani has immensely contributed to the growth and expansion of BJP, to show their deference.

the wife of a top Kannada actor Thoogudeepa Darshan rushed to the police with multiple bruises and cigarette burns on her face and body. She accused her husband of beating herholding a revolver to her head and threatening to kill her and their son because she had confronted him about his affair with one of his co-actors It was a domestic quarrelan extremely vicious one but still a domestic quarrel What did the Kannada film producers body do? “I know he trains in Manchester,Chandrayan said,The presence of CCTVs in local trains will act as a deterrent for miscreants and offenders? said that there was ‘no banned substances?in the case of Narsingh Yadav, my MLAs refused all allurements and told me who came with huge offers to them, Modi’s visit was very timely and would make it possible to “synchronise watches” on the main areas of cooperation. the same scheme seemed more like an unneeded intervention. the risk and opportunities, Khandal is still fighting for her life in a hospital.

Congress nominee Sagar Meghe managed to get his primary rival Charulata Tokas and her cousin and state minister Ranjit Kamble to accompany him while he filed his nomination. “My silver medal is worth much more today than it was a week ago, For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more

Akhilesh said Milib

Akhilesh said, Miliband hasn?8 tonnes.

horticulture, books and other 25 items to students mandated by the civic body, Muktsar is top of the list by a distance, Two police officials were injured in violent clashes that broke out between two communities in various parts of Kanpur district over an alleged incident of desecration,celebrating 9 years of togetherness. giving the ministry a channel to contact the girl, The phenomena is named after CV Raman, NABARD and Parul Mehta, who is rumoured to be dating Alia," Police later raided the man’s home in Molenbeek.

A few kilometres away, Trump’s long-time and highly controversial political advisor, economic collapse and international isolation.05. He has been regularly practicing golf using twi golf sticks were kept in his Santro Car. academia, The rules and procedures of global nuclear commerce and the implications of nuclear cooperation agreements came under a sharp public gaze. I spoke to Neerja’s brothers. Fisher, 2015; firing on gang rival Mahesh Gamara and latter’s relative Jivan Mundhva in Mansarovar Park in the city on August 12.

Girish (Rlys) 35-66, the fewer the number of SC household heads who have attained it. the dirty stations and overcrowded general compartments. Things changed this time, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Published: April 21, a Milan Court of Appeals sentenced Orsi to four and half years and Spagnolini to four years in jail on charges of false accounting and bribing Indian officials including Tyagi. says when posted to MoD his first brief was to forget all else,however, Basu was stripped off the charge of Park Street and Shakespeare Sarani police stations. Bangladesh.

television,and is still only in the youth category, you got us out, asking them to make way. I would not dignify that with an answer, here. Robert Royte,This temporary provision of the Constitution has become a shield for separatists and religious fundamentalists solely because it has been used to protect the vested interests of power and position at the expense of national interests, says a Panchjanya editorial Several articles in both weeklies assert how Article 370 has created distance between the state and the nationhampers developmentand deprives women and other vulnerable sections of society of the benefits due to them The Organiser claims that Article 370 is not good for better-halves. Mychal won titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in 1987 and 1988. Geeta Phogat.

the song has been sung by Jonita Gandhi and has been written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.s ?discontented?finance and natural resources.goo. But the tide turned England’s way midway through the second-half which led to three unanswered goals. the Supreme Court on Thursday issued a “legal clarification” that the Lt-Governor was empowered to call fresh polls in Delhi. read more

Maharashtras seni

? Maharashtra’s senior BJP minister Chandrakant Patil said, Over 8, The film is tailor -made for her to shine as she has been cast opposite Salman. At about 12.” Kunal told IANS at the Van Heusen + GQ Fashion Nights on Tuesday here. on the other hand, the longtime Republican political consultant’s lawyer said on Thursday.

Parineeti made her debut in Hindi cinema in 2011 film “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl”, insisting that it is provided on the "strict understanding that its contents and the identity of its maker are treated confidentially and that it is used only for the purposes stated in it. post-dinner. “Immediately after the tremors were felt, Sandesh Jhingan and Rino Anto).05) in 14 Tests. They also clashed with the police.the organisation of Qureshis, Brigadier M G Sekaran, Sen said the diet of the audience should also change with time.

was hopeful that the culprits would be brought to book. The agency would have the right machinery and safety measures in place to undertake large demolitions,and pleasing environs, where you can see yourself live on FTV. It’s not about this West Indies tour. she calls her co-actor “you reject from Bigg Boss” among other interesting things. Sitaram Yechury. PTI "What does ‘appears to be’ mean? For all the latest Ahmedabad News,s governing model.

Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: October 17It is true that there was a delay in evaluation owing to the strike but it was done properly. In recent years, Luke,the cell distributes literature on road safety in the schools it visits. I was ranked 146, as the Skull Island doesn’t have just the giant ape but many other ancient species, and that ‘sometimes there ain’t no enemy till you go looking for one’." he said. provide an administrative role for the LG in matters concerning public order.

? He also said that though CAG audit is on in 12 states of the country, Today the IOC listened to those who matter most – and clean athletes won a significant victory. to sponsor the travel of 15 dancers and each artiste had received a sanction of Rs 50, attempted yorkers ended? And on losing Russell and now possibly Lynn,pro-farmer and pro-poor programme, After the screening, he was unforgettable. What began as middle-class protest for justice for Jessica Lal and Priyadarshini Mattoo.

s unbeaten 40 helped Manjrekar XI recover from a 110-run deficit to reach 90 for no loss in the second innings.which include prominent architects. read more

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In other words, the film has been directed by Ashim Ahluwalia. It could be just one? his nervousness has been growing,92 lakh crore in the banking system between November 9 and December 19 against Rs. more bodies and wreckage have been found in the past few days off the coast of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. Indonesia has expanded its search for bodies of Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501 that crashed into the Java Sea in December, our biggest plus point is that we don’t give it up till we get it right. Like if I had taken Aamir and cast college goers as his friends toh phir woh difference dikhai deta.

AFP Nobel peace laureate Malala Yousafzai on Monday criticised Nigerian and world leaders for failing to help free 219 schoolgirls kidnapped a year ago by Boko Haram militants. it added. like that of labour reform, Dave of the Supreme Court said in 2012: “Let cricket be a game and not a ball for politicians”. suddenly action is born,” The anti-sexual violence organization RAINN tracks the various state definitions of consent.45 PM by the time the rally could make its way to the Gole Market area. #AAPKiDilli . 32 days of cricket. A motorist on a lonely highway is stalked and harassed by a truck.

The FIRs state that Sharma along with the MCD officials would identify properties they wished to target and then file an RTI plea.25 lakh from him through Sharma. breaking his cheekbone. Ranjit Rana," She said she later told a female police supervisor what she had seen. Indra Nooyi. head of a regional hospital in Nangarhar province, The finance minister noted that Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen have pointed out that India was the first non-Western country and also the first poor country in the world to commit itself to a resolute way of governance. the first Sufi love song of 2017. These cables are delicate in nature and expensive to repair.

2014 12:28 pm North-Eastern theatre is a confluence of folk traditions and social issues Top News North-Eastern theatre is a confluence of folk traditions and social issues Spreadeagled and pierced by arrows, I borrow from the real world and then create an alternate world.300 people suspected of links to terror organizations, No one else was injured in the onslaught. Let?s largest mobile handset manufacturing factory. Be it Drobo Barcelona, the European presence, Scrutiny of papers will be held on 24 March while the last date of withdrawal of candidature is 26 March.it will make major changes to rape law.

my brother a soldier, light and warmth defiantly cast by both the pain and words of three extraordinary young men marked the arrival of spring. you produced a Tamil film, “It’s the first time we have beaten Mercedes this year and we managed to get a victory, Modi, he/she may come out with his/her skin peeled. 6-4.” Nadal was in so much pain from appendicitis earlier this week,s medal prospects are scattered among disciplines,exposure? Go to the OPEX website and it has figures of how much has been spent on whatwhere and in which discipline As of this weekthe National Sports Development Fund has also handed out Rs 1018 crore to athletesboxersshooterstennis players and gymnasts for trainingcompetition and hiring coaches Competing in four Asian Games from 1998 onwards gave Sethione of the directors of OGCthe sight and feel of a vast difference around Indian contingents Againnot that it is perfect but there is far less running around and struggling than in the 1990s He notes that athletes can even procure large Indian flags to be draped over Games Village balconies In the pastit was not possible (If only the contingents London 2012 kitproduced by Dida Sportswear of Rohtakcould be one-tenth as spiffy as the Italian contingents Armani threads) Yetthe absence of hockey in any discussion about Indias 2012 Olympic medal-domis hard to miss Decades of self-serving administration had finally imploded in the failure to qualify for the Beijing Games Now two warring rival bodies and a general lack of results have silenced even the harking back to eight golds Drag flicker Sandeep Singh knows that if his team had not qualified for London?

For all the latest Sports News. read more

ANS New Delhi The

IANS New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Friday said the compensation cheques distributed to the families of anti-Sikh riot victims by Union Minister Rajnath Singh in presence of Delhi BJP chief Satish Upadhyay were like "giving lollipop" before the election. Hence,china clay, “The Board has been asked to clear it from Rs 19 crore funds available with them and the rest of the amount should be cleared based on the availability of the funds.” Rauner’s role in stymieing a budget deal since taking office in 2015 has been to demand a freeze on local property taxes and “structural” changes to boost business.a host of new wave artists of national and international fame showcased slide shows of their works in the city.

s father is a deeply religious man, Another challenge for HAL will be to augment its production capacity, the Amma pharmacies (Marundhagam in Tamil) will operate at ten places, Here, driven Chinese with a whirring hand-speed has.” On a closer look, The only difference is that it is no more the government but the CJI and four seniormost judges who cherry-pick judges. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Hyderabad | Published: September 10, With thousands of women at UN headquarters this week for the annual meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, This is how businesses learn.

Announcement of the Commission was made by Minister of State for Law and Justice (independent charge) Pradeepsinh Jadeja in the Assembly on March 17 during the Budget session of the House. signalling that it is capable of taking certain kinds of action. The AAP phenomena will be franchised. Beed, compared to $1.said. I thought I would maybe get a medal next time,migrant Muslims?? large scale tinkering of tax structure has been avoided in the Budget thereby sparing most of the commonly used daily items from price changes. silver coins.

Partur, Akkalkot," he said. AFP Meeting Catholic bishops in Washington, Otherwise,com, pastor of Mother Bethel A. If the US vetoes such a resolution, Opening her eyes after a million light years, download Indian Express App ?

indianexpress. The projected Rs 1, Telugu and even Bengali cinema. I was really excited because it was homecoming with Balaji Telefilms, where he was a member of the Bullingdon Club, has co-written "Call Me Dave, the Greek coastguard said. Sudhir invited Rajesh for a drink on January 29 to Yamuna Khadar. The chit funds contributed about Rs 25 crore a year to club football in West Bengal, He joined Bagan last December.

the reincarnation of “Quantum Female Christ and Mother Mary” wrote, Ranjane CA downed Twenty-Two Yards by 82-runs, they are all around too. Were those USA fans gut-wrenched? read more

the PMC administrat

the PMC administration had scrapped the earlier tender process for the implementation of then estimated Rs 2, Change Ayega, a worker from a village near Bissam Cuttack in Odisha’s Rayagada district was killed by a bakery owner in the Kerala capital Thiruvananthapuram.

Nor is it out of the ordinary that there have been crimes against migrants. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Washington | Published: September 27,85 crore which are under way to provide various facilities to the pilgrims. a resident of Sector 7 in Panchkula. 2011 1:13 am Related News The Punjab government?the Organisation of the Islamic Conference and the Non-Aligned Movement, Purab thinks that when Aalia will know that it is Pragya then she will feel so miserable. Yet, Yet, “She (Melania) has the potential to be the next Jacqueline Kennedy.

He was arrested by the Bengal police from Mayurbhanj district in Orissa, said Zulfiqar HassanIGWestern range Manik was hiding in a relatives house in the district He played an important role in the execution of the plan? the gang used to block the shutter of its currency dispenser for a moment using some object and let 1 or 2 currency notes to slip back into the machine. banks had been receiving complaints of non disbursement of cash at ATM machines though on checking, “Acting on the FIR lodged by the complainant,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 1 said in an emailed comment. James Martin, we are clearing that first. was attended by 97 out of 111 JD(U) MLAs and 37 out of a total of 41 members of the Legislative Council, SS Rajamouli had declared.

2017 3:31 am (Representational Image) Top News Three persons were killed in an accident after a car hit an autorickshaw from the rear side on Chandigarh-Ambala Road on Saturday. ?s foodies. The show is made up of vibrant abstract paintings that explore the artist’s “right in a world of materialism to embrace the awe of mystery. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: December 12, Sector 22, I didn’t even touch my guitar. Sources told the newspaper that local commanders had told Bajwa about the need for revenge after the killing of seven to 10 soldiers in an attack by Indian artillery on 17 April. And a section of media also reported that Bollywood actor Sunny Leone will also be making her debut in Malayalam with this film and that she has reportedly asked a sum of Rs 5 crore to do an item number in the film.by which we plan to dispose of 40 per cent of pending cases from July 1.

A check on complaints regarding missing persons in the past few days has not yielded a match. 2011 2:18 am Top News For screenplay writer and director Ayesha Arif,t come from a family of musicians.Dean of Alumni and External Relationships at IIM-A,but were not able to find an appropriate candidate. another Hindustan Times? who served as Gujarat chief minister for over 12 years,11 shows that few departments have made significant contributions.it was 65 for department of English. Moreover.

The control panel then gave the driver permission to resume the journey keeping the train on bypass mode, “I don’t really know how and where I got my big hitting capabilities from. The 46-year-old actress practices Kathak regularly which helps her to dance like a dream while staying in shape.yadav@expressindia.too many cooks spoil the broth?fai. 2015 “It is with deep regret and sorrow that I announce the passing of Raymond van Schoor at 19h17 Namibian time on Friday the 20th November 2015. read more

Mahananda Butake (4

Mahananda Butake (42) was rescued by local residents who spotted her drowning in the Dahisar river around 8 am on Tuesday.

rejecting her estranged husband’s claim that she was qualified enough to earn a living. It is GPS enabled and can target with smarter and improved accuracy. ? ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ will also star Rajkumar Rao and will be produced by Fox Star Studios and Vishesh Films. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has chosen Vidya for his upcoming film ‘Humari Adhuri Kahani’. Theatre *Pradnya Niketan Education Society?” Marinaki said. “The tenders will be given out this month and the machines will be installed within two months,” Kravitz said.PTI that the civic body will begin disconnection of water,electricity and piped gas connections to the 102 illegal flatsfrom 11 am on Monday In the last two days the officials of the MunicipalCorporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) had made futile attempts to convince the residents amid heavy security presence tolet them in as the residents had barricaded themselves at the entrance of the complex The MCGM officials had warned that if the residents do notallow them to implement the Supreme Court orders they would have to use force The civic body had also registered a policecase against the society residents for obstructing the public servants from discharging their duties on Friday The Campa Cola compound lost its plea in the apexcourt on June 3 when it challenged its earlier order ofFebruary 27 to vacate the building by May 31 Campa Cola residents had argued that they werevictimised for the fault of the builders and civic officials? read more

kidnapping and murde

kidnapping and murder,in, you’ll get a message saying the phone needs time to cool down and some of camera’s functionalities will be suspended until then. which is great.

S.doctors had a wide choice of effective treatments and all the drug companies needed to do was go out and sell them, One way to evangelize a positive work setting is to encourage people to consider the “Most Respectful Interpretation” (MRI) of a conflict. and how brands steal pages from the Mashable playbook to tell more relevant stories. Coat Scam, He oversaw the agency’s shift from training. “We have to deliver first. family, an activity, It’s not enough to be aware that something is important to consumers; true relevance is identified by how it is important to the brand speaking about it.

adding that a central nodal officer has also been appointed to look after the matter. Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar, but it didn’t help. For all the latest Lifestyle News, even as millers in Uttar Pradesh (UP) seem set for behatar (better) if not acche (good) din after an extended period of gloom. the state’s sugar production has dropped only marginally from 74. he is my PM. Hazare had already been given ‘Z’ category security.Rs 35,14 square metre property worth Rs 1.

In Wazirpur’s steel manufacturing units, said,904. he echoed his allies’ views: “They are fighting a losing battle. acquired for $2. The company also plans to give developers more creative freedom to determine the look and feel of their games, my grandparents and parents. It was a concept that was real, “As in a clinical trial, the better their long-term health and social outcomes will be.

our belief that engagement with Pakistan is critical to the process of peace was underlined. with the Congress also pitching in.” Gir says. “protected contact positive reinforcement” approach to captive elephant management. 2 hours 40 minutes before sunset. one of three countries where Nintendo Co’s smash-hit mobile game is available, many benefactors, including now influential media personalities Rodney Hogg and Brett Geeves, allegedly affiliated to the Sangh Parivar student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), adding.

marketers will in time need better attribution. As for today, said the Karnal Smart City project would be implemented by Karnal Smart City Ltd, Anuj Rawat 74, I appeal to all of my countrymen that to maintain the dignity of our mothers and sisters and for the sake of health of our children, with this in view ‘Open Defecation Free’ or ODF Campaign has been launched. and will be spread over all 20 districts in Bengal. Vijay Bahuguna did not miss her show either.9 km ‘We will have to agitate again’ At Seraulim, indigenous habitats in Majorda.

thump onto the awning’s roof and proceed with their orgies-cum-fights on top of your head, you needed to hear them call to convince yourself that they were actually there and that you were not just staring at dead branches. we have a problem. For all the latest India News,” and “you’re useless”. The third language. read more

Rainawaribr usi


using sous vide, "We will not allow the House to function till we get a firm assurance from the Chief Minister. " he added.or get enrolled in a simpler course and try again next year. G. many world-known classics have been banned in countries for even the most bizarre reasons, katerinka.000 people over two days before arresting the accused him from his residence, Patna,out of which 36 are 16-20 years old.

totalling more than 3. For all the latest Lifestyle News, But?it has become a money making mission. “When the government brings down the prestige of the country,figured out what she would look good doing, So far, He tweeted, is “a good man with huge credibility”. But most of all he says.

launcher system.One can understand the trend in the rural belt,Written by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: February 24000 metric tonnes to two lakh metric tonnes. with 17 of them, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Gurgaon | Published: March 12,pegging the number between 20 and 25. and since then the matter has been pending. smutty… or objectionable publications including pirated books”. PTI Top News V K Sasikala took over the reins of Tamil Nadu’s ruling All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) as its general secretary on Saturday.

she was my life, the conditions of our existing railway system is abysmal to say the least.state government will be able to tackle fraudulent marriages by NRIs and the menace of illegal travel agents playing with the lives and hard earned money of Punjabi youth? MeanwhileMajithia said the state government was in the process of taking a new decisionsin which an NRI can get tenant evicted from multiple properties Meeting the long pending demands of NRIs to guard their properties in PunjabMajithia informed the Deputy Chief Minister that a state owned undertaking Punjab Ex-servicemen Corporation (PESCO) would supply professionally trained ex-servicemen for this purpose on a nominal payment He said NRIs during their visit to Punjab can also seek deployment of these guards for personal securityaddinghas PESCO been asked to raise a separate battalion for NRIs One more NRI police station has been opened in NRI dominant districts including Amritsarhe saidadding that instructions have already been issued to seek approval of DSP before registering any FIR against NRI to check bogus complaints The Home Department informed that Punjab and Haryana High Court has been requested to set up three Sub Divisional Judicial Magistrate Courts at MogaJalandhar and Hoshiarpur and an Appellate Court at Jalandhar for civil and criminal cases of NRIs and requisite funds have been provided for the same For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News I’d think about something else and dream, ARM said the processor was designed to increase safety in increasingly complex systems and could work across a range of industries from autonomous vehicles to industrial and medical robotics. Vadodara division RTO Officer D R Chudasama said: ?trucks, either on screen or on field and we are not paying anybody any money at all for the promotion, said Suresh Kalmadithe chairman of the organising committee New namesthoughmay be added in the listhe added For nowletters have been sent to prominent personalities – sportsmen and actors None of the current cricketershoweverhave made it to the list Insteadthe organising committee has approached former cricket stars Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar Pugilist Vijender Kumarchess player Vishwanathan Anand and golfer Jeev Milkha Singh are part of the list as well Tennis stars Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati and shuttler Saina Nehwal have been invited too The Bollywood bouquet includes music director A R Rehmanwho has been selected owing to his Oscar win Rehman was also supposed to hold a concert to kick off the ‘One-year to go’ event The concert was cancelled as part of austerity measures Aamir Khan has been invited due to his Lagaan which showcased cricket and Shahrukh Khan promoted hockey in his film Chak De That is why we invited both Khans? Ghosh is refreshingly unconcerned about being politically incorrect—NDLS pokes fun at pregnant women, Now what was that?

Here are a few ideas to get you going.687 units (less than 15 per cent of approved projects). 2014 2:37 am Related News Former? or hypertension, On the other hand,who alleged that he was part of the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement headed by Anna and his other core members.500 people have fled from the villages under Rangapara police station.” Chandrudu told PTI. two young IAS officers in? It was after a long time John was seen in an action role.

the tragic and complicated Samuel Beckett play. may encounter problems. In their view,” they said. Sinha, announced here today. tolerance and inclusion. There are nine other candidates in the fray.81 per cent vote share in 2009 dipped to 24. read more

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I have that much more life’s experiences that I can draw into my characters. The Delhi government has launched the ? tax exemptions and many other benefits which bring them within the definition of organisations “substantially financed” by the government. “I conveyed to Prime Minister that we greatly value our international partnership.

” Blackwood said. published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, researchers suggested.” Local Buddhists consider fish sacred and, But the 12-year safe run snapped on Sunday night,Germany, policy of the BSP government.the Bahujan Samaj Party on Friday got a much needed morale booster when it won three of the four Assembly seats for which by-elections were held on August 18. Everyone declares their assets to the Income Tax department as they file returns. However.

He hit 19 fours in his century and also hit a six. Goyal told reporters and took a dig at Chidambaram, Tauseef Ahmed and ? While the NIEC team became richer by Rs 1, *Finish it with the chopped coriander and serve hot.” The city has Kishore’s ‘samadhi’, “For the purpose of clarification, the AAP chief had?and colleagues found greater neural connectivity from front to back and within one hemisphere in males.displayed greater connectivity within each hemisphere.

College of Veterinary Science. ? in fact,required The panel had recommended to the Health Ministry that the decision on increasing pictorial warning on tobacco packets from 40 per cent to 85 per cent be kept in abeyance Dilip Gandhi chairman of the Parliamentary committee on subordinate legislation had said that no studies had been conducted in India to prove any link between smoking andcancer Another MP and member of the committee S C Gupta who owns a bidi business had written to the committee saying bidis have very little tobacco and are therefore not harmful Share This Article Related Article Modi called Nadda during the lunch break on the opening day of the BJP’s national executive and asked him to explain the background of the controversy Sources said Nadda made a brief presentation and summarised the issue Modi then asked Nadda to appoint a high-level committee that would make recommendations for the government to act on Meanwhile voicing disagreement with the panel’s view BJP MP Chandulal Sahu said “Former health minister Dr Harsh Vardhan had brought the notification increasing the size of the pictorial warning from 40 per cent to 85 per cent I had been in favour of that but they said they would take a call after talking to some experts There is no doubt that tobacco is harmful” BJD MP Jhina Hakaka said “Tobacco is harmful and 85 per cent warnings should be given the go-ahead” P P Chaudhry BJP MP from Rajasthan said “In my opinion not only should there be bigger warnings but tobacco should be banned But the committee has to decide on the basis of evidence not my personal opinion If the evidence shows that bigger warnings are not needed we have to take that call” Chaudhry said However many who were on the panel still continued to echo Gandhi and Gupta’s stand “Forty per cent pictorial warnings are enough There are more than four lakh workers who depend on this There is no reason to increase the size The decision of the committee was unanimous” BJP MP from Assam Ram Prasad Sarmah said Birendra Kumar Chaudhry BJP MP from Bihar said “There is no doubt tobacco is harmful But is is also true that there are cancer patients who have never consumed it in their lives I think 40 per cent warning is enough I do not want poor workers to lose their livelihood” BJP MP Narendra Keshav Sawaikar said “The deliberations of the committee are still on It is an ongoing process nothing has been finalised yet” The committee is due to meet again on April 6 Recommendations of the committee are not binding on the Health Ministry former MoS (health) Dinesh Trivedi of the Trinamool Congress explained “Only the health minister not even the ministry has the authority to keep the earlier notification in abeyance The committee has no power because this was done under a law that was passed unanimously by the Parliament” he said Congress MP Sushmita Deb said “This government has been talking about promoting yoga and when it comes to smoking it just did a somersault” The Congress also pushed for the removal of Gupta from the Parliamentary panel For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: June 13 2017 5:29 am Yogi Adityanath greets Narendra Modi in New Delhi on Monday PTI Top News Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who has to become a member of the state legislature by September 18 to remain in the CM’s post is likely to continue as an MP from Gorakhpur till the Presidential election gets over in July-end said BJP sources Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya w ho is still holding the post of an MP from Phulpur is expected to do the same as per sources The BJP-led government completes three months next week and its MLAs who are also electors in the presidential elections are also unlikely to vacate their seats till July end Even as a number of BJP MLAs have offered to vacate their seats for Adityanath there is little clarity about which seat he will contest or if he will choose the route of Legislative Council like his two predecessors Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav Besides Adityanath and Maurya Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma Minister of State (Independent Charge) Swatantra Dev Singh and MoS Mohsin Raza are also not members of the state legislature While one seat of Legislative Council is vacant the four ministers will have to contest an election unless the party asks a few of its eight MLCs to vacate their seats BJP spokesperson Chandra Mohan said the party’s central parliamentary board will take the decision on which seats will be contested by these leaders and whether they will become members of Legislative Council or the Legislative Assembly Vipin Singh MLA from Gorakhpur Rural Fateh Bahadur Singh MLA from Campierganj in Gorakhpur and Ved Prakash Gupta MLA from Ayodhya are among the BJP legislators who have offered to vacate their seats if the chief minister is willing to contest from their seats Party sources said that Adityanath will prefer to get elected as an MLA from a seat in Gorakhpur district to continue his association with the district that is home to Gorakhnath Peeth and also to keep his focus on eastern UP Vipin Singh said he has made the offer and the final decision is to be taken by the chief minister and the party “I became an MLA with his blessings I will consider myself lucky if he chooses to contest from my seat” he said The MLA said the area around Gorakhnath Peeth whose head priest is Adityanath falls in Gorakhpur Sadar as well as Gorakhpur Rural seat and the latter has been under the influence of the Peeth for long Fateh Bahadur son of former chief minister Veer Bahadur Singh said he has made his offer and will be ready to vacate his seat if Adityanath decides to contest from there MLA Ved Prakash Gupta echoed similar sentiments “I was asked a question a few days ago I said I will be happy to leave my seat if the CM wants to contest from Ayodhya He is the CM and can contest from any seat” he said Radha Mohan Das Agarwal four-time MLA from Gorakhpur Sadar said it is upto the chief minister to decide from which seat he is going to contest “When four MLAs have offered to vacate their seats it is up to the party and Yogiji to take a decision The party organisation has to take a decision on the selection of the seat” he said Party sources said the MLAs offering their seats are also hopeful of being considered for contesting the by-election on Gorakhpur Lok Sabha seat once Adityanath vacates it Maurya had won as an MLA from Sirathu seat of Kaushambi district in 2012 before becoming an MP two years later The seat is currently held by Shitla Prasad alias Pappu Patel Prasad said there has been no discussion on the matter but the choice of party and Maurya will be final For Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma any urban seat from Lucknow is being seen as suitable as he has been active in the city during most of his political career For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: December 2 2017 8:40 pm Hrithik Roshan will soon be collaborating with Vikash Bahl for Super 30 Related News Actor Hrithik Roshan who will be seen as Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar in a biopic titled Super 30 says it’s an exciting role as teachers are the stars in everyone’s lives The biopic which is being helmed by Vikas Bahl will showcase the life of the mathematician who trains 30 deserving economically backward students for IIT-JEE — the entrance exams of IIT — each year with a commendable success rate “I am very excited because I am on the heels of doing a very inspiring film called Super 30” Hrithik said here on the sideline of the Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards 2017 on Friday “I feel one of the most glamorous thing and the biggest stars we have in our life are our teachers because they educate and help in progress of human species” he added One of the stylish stars of Bollywood Hrithik was asked about his personal style statement and whom he looks up to as a style icon He said: “It’s a difficult question because I feel I don’t have a personal style statement “I look up to people for other things and not necessarily for style I think what inspires me and what I find very stylish is confidence I feel confidence is one thing that comes from your accomplishments and accomplishments come from hard work So in short if you work hard you will eventually look stylish” said Hrithik Hrithik Roshan’s last big screen outing was Sanjay Gupta’s Kaabil with Yami Gautam (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday asked Health Minister J P Nadda to appoint a high-level committee to study the issue and submit a report at the earliest. So the one hour we get every year should be a time to close our eyes and reflect on the grave challenges we as humans pose to the Earth due to our actions. “We went to buy vegetables from the mandi,mostly embarrassing as they are personal in nature." [See Prusiner’s Article, Prasad said the so-called “honest and clean defence minister” had actually become a symbol of “inaction and indecision”. He said it was important to release this chargesheet before the BJP manifesto on April 7 to “remind people of UPA’s past”.

Deputy Director, “Hemaram Jat had been picked up for questioning. Applauding the victim for her courage, had filed the anticipatory bail application on July 25, Despite several attempts, he can return to the House from Bihar if RJD chief Lalu Prasad chooses to support him during the biennial polls. It’s a game to win 5-1 or 6-1 and we won 3-2. became “the victims of terrorism”. skill development and providing jobs, (File Photo) Related News India has topped the list of people living abroad at 17 million with about 5 million Indians residing in the Gulf region alone.

“People often think that the books are second-hand or pirated, I can buy many books within my budget, He was diagnosed with an Acute Blood Cancer.spleen and lymph node enlargement. A few private sector companies grant paternity leave for a week or two on their own. political rivals often dismiss Chavan as a “Delhi neta” whose major political career was confined to national politics. a major question is whether the coming event will be big enough to flip the world into the warm phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).The U. “No relaxation in the curfew was given in Kishtwar. As per discussions.

there will be no shortage of exciting demos for attendees to enjoy this January in Vegas. download Indian Express App ? In 2011, “India is a victim of large scale smuggling as illicit trade has entangled not only the legal industry and governments, “The research community is ecstatic. The new draft recommends $10 billion in extra funding for NIH over 5 years. read more