Keywords on the four principles of positioning, promotion

let me first to understand the relationship between localization and keyword search engine ranking. Usually there will be hundreds of pages of words, then the search engine how to identify what is important words to describe your site search engine statistics? You every page of words. Those who repeated the word or phrase is considered to be more important to some. The degree of importance of search engines use their algorithm to statistics every word you page. Key words and the words of the page proportion is called keyword density, this is a search engine optimization strategy is one of the most important factors.

keyword density many webmaster understand, but it is difficult to grasp this, including myself in the lottery website site keywords optimization program, it is difficult to grasp the number of suitable website keyword density. Read a lot about web site optimization article, many suggestion is that the website keyword density control in 2%-8% more appropriate. If the keyword density is too high will be regarded as keyword stuffing.

keyword promotion we should pay attention to:

The importance of the The four principle is the location of the


3, thinking on the user’s point of viewThis is to be distinguished from the

website optimization, keyword positioning analysis is very important, a keyword is the soul of the website. Keywords positioning accuracy determines the website can be profitable and future prospects. What is the location of key words? Actually very good understanding is related with the content of the website to determine the promotion of keywords. Many novice in the study of Shanghai dragon, the keyword selection will not know what to do, do not know how to determine the site keywords.

and site theme related words

have what use?Keywords

keyword determines the keywords competition degree, competition is too large, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, competition is too small, the optimization will be lower, but the low competitiveness, means the search term is relatively low, even if the words do fall in love with the sea first, bring the flow is very little. In the promotion of the lottery website keywords localization program site, determine the degree of competition, I love Shanghai, love Shanghai index from the auction, display the number of records and other aspects of the search to determine.

if the keywords and theme of the site does not meet, can be said to even get good rankings the significance is not large. If a lottery website program 贵族宝贝dolphinbebe贵族宝贝 software website, if the location is the net loan related keywords, as can be imagined to access your site through search engines, is also interested in net loan products, for your website itself is not helping. There is no such sales flow, flow and

1, the degree of competition is not too big nor too small

The degree of competition is largely

web site operators, because very familiar with their own industry and products, in the choice of keywords when you think users will not rule out the word search users will search. The fact.

Keywords station

3W page contains no 3W without page how to break

after the last time I wrote "the website revision measures for the three step" articles, the author want to do another to share with you the results, this is also the author after several months have a good trend.

this situation mostly occurred in the new online website, we all know that new sites of low weight, two names "in the same domain with 3W weight in the short term is difficult to go beyond the domain name weight without 3W, so don’t take the 3W page is included to love Shanghai, natural the 3W page is not easy to be included.

as a webmaster you will pay attention to the website daily pages indexed, but do not know to have a look to the site is included in the page is with 3W based, or 3W without

Figure 1

1. do 301 jump set, the domain name jump without 3W to the 3W page, tell the search engines, this website with 3W page as the home page.

is encountered such a situation, a web page without 3W page was collected, and 3W had not been included, resulting in the ranking of words is mainly without 3W.


for new sites generally do not recommend two domain names are analyzed, the best is after the 3W website weight stable, in this way, analysis of opening, can well avoid the above situation.

so, for a hand, has analyzed the situation of domain names, how to handle in order to minimize the damage of

2. adhere to the high quality of the chain with the quality of the article, to the construction site, the weight of


but in fact, contrary to what we think of it, XXX贵族宝贝 is the main domain name real, and WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 is a XXX贵族宝贝 two domain, is only a special two level domain name. In addition, not 3W. Born with 3W. The weight ratio to be high, love Shanghai nature is first recorded without a 3W page.

lifting WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 domain

one thing to note here is that the 301 jump and canon>

actually, we have a big misunderstanding on the website domain name, we have always thought that WWW.XXX贵族宝贝 is the main domain name, is the official web site, we take WWW (hereafter referred to as 3W) or without 3W website only feeling is the biggest difference in input website more or less character input.

after analysis found that the client site has another name in history for a long time, the weight is high, included a good web site in the optimization, and the new site in the production of no in a timely manner after the completion of the corresponding processing, various factors together, resulting in 3W without the right of domain name domain name with 3W weight ratio is higher then, this happens, as shown in Figure 1:

Shanghai dragon er must have its own position and direction

Shanghai dragon in foreign countries has developed for a long time, but in the country has just begun a few years. This talent is not a lot, but also are other industries to jump over, many of them are never touched the Shanghai dragon, and now the school is not related to professional learning, changing are confused, do not know what this industry development, I was graduated from the computer, very many years at the beginning, go this way, because the other work for my taste, exchange, think this is OK, with professional edge, and I have 1 relatives are doing related work, 4,5 opened a studio, each person every month can earn 6000-10000, do not feel at it is too difficult to choose this path to a company to a supervisor in this business for 9 months, has begun to earn extra money, the company allows employees to go out after a month in addition to the basic business Wages, less $2000, more than 20000, I was shocked, feeling it is really promising, 9 months will be out of their own, so more motivated to learn relevant knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, once the goals are dynamic. To the back of the 1 and 2 months before I learned that my relatives there is connected with web design, and my supervisor is connected with many kinds of business on the Internet, such as voting, QQ business, and Shanghai has very little dragon.. I suddenly ignorant, do stand in the process without much enthusiasm, go home at night to play at 1,2, the second day class tired half dead, not the spirit. In that period there is a station for me to do. After a period of time for yourself to think of a way out, but did not come up with a clear way, mixing time work for half a year is the main chain, there is little contact with something deeper, I think the director may charge, people don’t promise much, things to do several other people. Behind what because no effort in doing it, quit. While I was on the rise of another company at the beginning of the training company, a Shanghai dragon explains to us the way, and I have some foundation, so fast track.

some Shanghai dragon specialized research search engine rules, the research of optimization techniques, such as Zac, Cardiff, Guoping et al., they focus on technology, but the lack of operational thinking, not very proficient in how to apply to the actual profit of Shanghai dragon. When you say when technology or knowledge reaches a certain level, you can start to teach others how to do Shanghai dragon.

to write so many personal experiences just want to let everyone know to locate a person and the direction is very important, no direction and position is very difficult to do in Shanghai Longfeng, especially in the promotion are generally the chain Commissioner, with boring to describe this work estimated that no one would oppose, day in and day out. Moreover, large quantity of foreign trade stalls Shanghai Longfeng it all English tragedy, or foreign language, look awful, not to mention what interest, here I will talk about the location and outlet of Shanghai longfeng.

, a

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization 5 to improve the search engine ranking method

website is a process of manufacturing chain, the same is a time-consuming process, but it is absolutely necessary. The number of inbound links is important, but the quality of the chain link is more important. You need to ensure that there is a high correlation between the link on the website and your website. Dofollow search engine weighs more than nofollow links, but they can help achieve traffic.

4, reducing the page load time

1, view the keyword density

keyword density is the number compared with the general page keywords are used on the web. When you publish your website, ensure the content not keyword density of more than 15%, because it is generally recommended the highest standards of keyword density. If you overuse keywords, it actually will damage your website ranking, and not as imagined as long as you can stack keywords.


(Rookie Webmaster Station original program, please indicate the source)


sometimes bold new Adsense their headlines, and increase their size, so the website users will pay attention to them, it is very common. However, there is a better way, make your headlines, titles and subtitles for visitors to your web site visible. It is the use of headers.

3, on your page 2, the establishment of related links

if your site loading speed is very slow, this is likely to cause the viewer to leave before they need to find the content on your site. You may think that the use of a large number of images on your website, video and Flash, it can help the interesting and attractive. However, all of these can greatly reduce your site loading speed. You should take this into consideration, and try to avoid using too much drag the image and video of your website loading speed.

method to copy and paste the contents of the most simple to update your website. However, it is bad practice, will end up hurting your website. If your website has a duplicate content too much, they will be punished, in the search engine ranking fell.

, a website search engine optimization, is a time-consuming work, but it is definitely worth it, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing what can bring great benefits. Here are 5 search engine optimization techniques can help improve your search engine ranking.

Relationship between

5, write their own original content

The use of

Talk about love from the Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide rational link the harm


in accordance with the white hat love Shanghai mentioned in the Shanghai dragon inside the Shanghai dragon is suggested to play the role of improving and standardizing the website design, make it more friendly to search engine and user, and get a reasonable flow, and for the black hat Shanghai dragon refers to the use of strategy and enlarge defect search engine (actually a perfect system there is no) get more user traffic, and these more traffic, this operation is to hurt at the expense of the user experience. You can have a hypothesis: if the use is reasonable means, give the user a high value content, not the user search experience damage, so this link is desirable, will be recognized by search engine.

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area of an article is to talk about "harm" trading links, link behavior for Shanghai dragon, is easy to threaten the fairness of the search engine, so as to search engine needs a severe blow to this. Personal understanding of the link has two kinds, one is that the link at the bottom of the site, which we often speak of Links, this kind of link, because of the large weight high website or website Links are difficult to obtain, so its scarcity and importance is evident, and the sale of this kind of link, can pass link voting let site quickly improve weight. Another page appears in the website content, usually with love for Shanghai news source recognition and ranking industry to get home, love Shanghai traffic. The two link behavior is the mainstream method for this kind of love, Shanghai link behavior is recommended to use the nofollow attribute, although the site owners need to do an obligatory, but love of Shanghai is to improve the algorithm more. Here are a few examples to give you a look at search engine for link judgment behavior is not so sensitive.

if you love the Shanghai Webmaster Platform data area, we will know love Shanghai offers a lot of website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization operation guide for our webmaster inside, in particular to a lot of what we should do and can do some operation suggestions, this is a very valuable advice for every worker in Shanghai dragon as a white hat, Shanghai dragon insisted, I also very much agree with this report some algorithms and rules, also hope to love Shanghai can give more suggestions, make Shanghai Longfeng more healthy development.

love Shanghai as Chinese mainstream search engines, the daily traffic is huge, and the love of Shanghai according to their own internal Aladdin rule, will be more of its own product page to the home page, want to search engine to improve the user experience, the idea is really for the search engine experience more effective way, but sometimes it is is this operation for some better algorithm by the enemy from the inside break.

For example,

you search for "Shanghai"


news source soft link

One year old fox Wangzhuan some experienceA half Tianye you haven’t venture ran out of this vicious

said the Internet traffic bonus has been clean up, the chance is not in, in fact, the popularity of mobile Internet in recent years, there is a wide range of people far from being touched by entrepreneurs, the market is still not very good open.

is involved in the first three months of Wangzhuan you will do it very time-consuming, cumbersome income is very little, you may even doubt confused antipathy, concluded that it is a lie; if you earn a little money, may be pleased with oneself to go through it to make a lot of money, lofty sentiments and aspirations to do business. In fact, the broad and profound knowledge Wangzhuan and other industries, it is a complex and lengthy process, not a short period of time can be cooked light driving, eat hot tofu, must be steady, you have only to put people to lay the foundation, can be completed within half a year is generally high Wangzhuan! Preparation period, to 6 12 months is a period of development, within a year to earn money or earn money rarely, only a year after entering the harvest period, and continue to think and pay. If you don’t have to do all kinds of combination of Wangzhuan, if you are not recommended to many offline, if you haven’t build a personal website, not only do full-time part-time, learn good at thinking hard work, after unremittingly for a year, Alipay, AP, PP and other network bank accounts can be gradually how much money online increases, and personal ability, time, experience, perseverance is proportional to, as long as you will diligently diligent hands and adhere to the monthly income will be tens of thousands of

has created several years of industry, products that should have been aimed at the general public, the target crowd, or the entrepreneur, and all the Games haven’t left the circle yet.

capital winter was repeatedly media and entrepreneurs mentioned, entrepreneurship into the cooling period, take out and travel down the heat, but also the normal phenomenon of the cycle. Some entrepreneurs who have worked in the pioneering circle and developed markets with a large amount of subsidies have been frozen out in the process of cooling down".


for adding money online users, especially the novice make friends, facing various kinds of money online, handle the complicated Wangzhuan procedures, I do not know where to start, find a good reputation and stable Wangzhuan station is not an easy thing, this is a year old fox Wangzhuan one of the biggest experience, spent a lot of time and energy to find good sites for me just contact Wangzhuan, or credit, or disappear soon, in order to avoid the painful lessons to make friends! I repeat the lesson, I fully committed to make network business, build credibility long net Wangzhuan own, the biggest the characteristics are the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and information together, suitable for all kinds of Wangzhuan people participate to facilitate the money to do the task, a comprehensive understanding of the latest information Wangzhuan at the same time, learning. L Wangzhuan skills, strive to become your master. When some blue collar busy when living tired, make some friends have some white collar washing, make friends have gold collar. My friend, Mr. Qian is one of them, he was 2003>


is a phenomenal product difficult to continue suction eye, but if the total in the business circle of fancy business circles earn money, and finally it is confused by the circle of cold and warm scene, limited living eyes, lost opportunities ran out of profit model.

year old fox net income online experience will Wangzhuan, higher summary into five levels:

has a network of fourth levels: the boss of the company, the manager income is several times, the third level is equivalent to California

"phenomenon grade product" retrogression

first stage: click, surfing, registration and investigation 0.5-5 yuan / hour

has two signals to prompt entrepreneurs, and in 2017, it’s time to get ready to run out of business circles.

!According to

whenever a phenomenal product refresh circle of friends, many more people are secretly a contemptuous disregard, envy. "Refresh my circle of friends", "maxed server" is the founder of the many "dream", but those good luck was suddenly smashing down the phenomenal product, seems to have escaped but only in the circle of friends brush a screen fate.

third: personal websites, e-commerce, special technology, creative ideas income is several times, the equivalent of second white-collar workers

can reap value and reward from the average consumer is a serious matter for entrepreneurs to think about right now.

one, the investment institutions generally, continue to tend to "rich but cautious" state. Relevant data show that as of September 2016, politics

second: the development of offline 1n yuan / hour, N line number and activity

fifth: Master Wangzhuan money is not their main pursuit

Carnival ended, virtual hot ebb tide. In early 2016, frequently seen in various groups of red rice point takeout scraper; taxi and car orders are less and less, even like the back of a taxi on the eve of World War II, a taxi about cars faster than the net……

face sprouting, magic man and foot notes have been popular in the circle of friends, and now almost no shadow left. God carved sirloin, Huang Taiji pancakes, West master hamburger, also did not escape a deserted house, closed shop again and again. More obvious performance, knowledge, electricity providers, fast answer, quick answer and other models, in the past six months in the entrepreneurial circle was touted as "treasure", "venture circle" or very few people interested.

Abstract: the capital winter has been repeatedly brought up by the media and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship into the cooling period, take away and travel down the heat, but also the normal phenomenon of the cycle. Some entrepreneurs who have worked in the pioneering circle and developed markets with a large amount of subsidies have been frozen out in the process of cooling down".


, it’s time to run out of business circles,

Listen to the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi to talk about the future trend of the website

2009 fourth years will please many webmaster Internet celebrities to speak, speak very good, today the Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi’s speech and the webmaster to share, very exciting, it is worthy of our reference.

Qihoo’s products and believe that many webmaster have heard, some are in use, 360 security guards, 360 stubborn Trojan killing, 360 safe, 360 security browser, believe that they are familiar with. But for the 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and we may not so familiar, I saw him in the station’s annual meeting, felt he was very witty, his speech is very exciting, finishing several reference points worth the webmaster, for reference.


the Internet is not an industry, it’s a way of working. With the popularity of the Internet people gradually after falling out of work, such as handwritten manuscript, reading newspapers, reading writing computer browsing news has become a trend, more and more people become Indoorsman Indoorswoman, on the Internet will be able to complete the work, study, life and entertainment. In other words, the Internet has great potential and market demand space, the station owners in the future for a long period of time, there will be the market, because people in this regard more and more demand. Do a good job standing, do people need website.

The popularity of

social networking sites is due to the demand of Internet users, and this type of website will be very popular in the future. Over the years, many sns social networking sites have good exposure, and more and more Internet users revel in the virtual life of social networking sites. Happy network, 51, campus network and so on, are well-known social networking sites. Social networking sites to meet people demand in certain areas, has been in hot pursuit of people, Zhou Hongyi for example, such as parking looting, stealing watermelons, slaves and other games, to meet the people "dark" demand, but in real life can not be achieved. Social networking sites just do this, and social networking sites are growing, and more and more people are joining the game, creating stickiness. Throughout the many social networking sites are not to win, but to satisfy a demand as the focus, such as QQ technology, basically is to imitate others, but it can meet the needs of people, communication between strangers, now almost all Q. Although social networking sites are already vast, Zhou Hongyi believes social networking is still in demand. Because people are not only to a social networking site, called Like attracts like., people will demand Birds of a feather flock together., more and more refined, the industry will become more and more popular social networking sites.

local community website forum is the direction and trend of Internet development in the future. The local community is regional, which meets the needs of interaction between people, understands something and participates in it. Such as local community forums, organize gatherings, outings or parties and other activities, members can participate in it, because it is the city, there are positive and interactive. Local community users are localized locally

Discuss the future trends of the site navigation station

sat next to the computer in a daze, do not know what to do, remember to go on the road to see a lot of leaflets and clerks, the popularity of home computer memories, how fast, how fast the update speed of Internet cafes? Some people say that with the Internet network technology in China is improving, pouring a lot of computer training the number of classes, the school website is also increasing, it can be said on the web site of the oral innumerable, asked a lot of friends, you are the most on the Internet is what? But, Baidu, Google, 123, etc., wherein the site navigation station with no necessity of survival, is it? I do not think that is.

when the shuttle in the District, street, see everywhere is advertising, everywhere is the business opportunities, the money is never earned, so do the site navigation network, a friend is too many to count, now the site navigation station for the development of important Internet tools, not only will not disappear, but also will be more and more can now be said to grow. More and more information can be found on the Internet, looking for what will be online to search to see, can be said that people are increasingly dependent on the network, visible, Baidu, Google is the best example, some will use search engines to search target, but it is not necessarily a panacea, because some site navigation station, as a supplement to the search engine, the Internet will still be another essential partner.

With the increasing number of Internet

, some users will not be confined to always use the same website like hao123 and the whole site navigation may now be netizens leave, you can look back and think, since Baidu hao123, Baidu home page more than a hao123 connection, that is to what is likely to reduce the number of visits, there may be a drop in rank and so on all sorts of reasons! Now the Internet has emerged like we used search engine for a hao123110 (Baidu, Google, YAHOO set, dogs, search, Baidu MP3, Baidu pictures, pictures of a new website Valley brother) on the body, but also increase the function of the site navigation, allowing users to a web site that can transport all fix! Not in many. Lose trivial. For the user experience a complete picture mark.


website in order to survive and develop, it must be profitable, in contrast, site navigation profit model is relatively simple, but also in PPC, text, image ads, its effect is far bigger than the PPC and the site navigation station, then, with PPC, animateur classification network navigation station enough to beat Baidu, Google PPC? The answer is yes,

one. Because the charge for the first person is low,

two. The former position is limited, there is a word called """; "things to dilute your ""; and spend the same money, as in the hao123110 navigation station promotion effect may be better,.

sometimes, perhaps, there are friends who laugh and think it’s too simple, but in fact, the simpler things are, the harder it is to operate, of course

My grassroots Road because adhere to, so get

in my grandfather and many friends and fellow Dong Dong’s concern and support, Dong style network now has 31293 themes: posts: 429831, 10625, the daily independent member: IP rate of 1500, the average daily hits more than 15000. I have a fate with the Dong nationality, and the biggest wish is to devote myself to the dissemination of national culture and be understood by other people and be recognized by the society.

I come from Guizhou Liping, where is the Dong culture, has a population of Dong county most, and grandpa is Dong famous singers, is currently living the most famous Dong Pipa song master, he brought the apprentice dozens of everyone, the creation of the song is thousands of very small. It is often my grandpa, love on Dong culture, can be said with the customs of the Dong origin in my hometown.

and I can get out of the mountains, rely on their own efforts and government support, local government policy support for outstanding minority students at junior high school and senior high school is in the minority class life and study, 92 years started to have the monthly living allowance 35 yuan, you know, his father a month of pure income is only 100 yuan, finished high school in the national policy support, from that time began to appreciate minority policy, at the same time to oneself is proud of the Dong people. College of computer and network contact, and of course the students around the Dong people know that he is always curious and strange to ask: "Dong? What characteristics?", he whim, why not be a Dong style website? This through the Internet to promote their own people. In 1998 the first grade began university computer courses, I use Win95 under the frontpage software established the first ", was placed in the free space, then if there is no special introduction of Dong site, the hometown festival picture scanning, find free space, also very proud to tell friends, classmates and fellow, please ", " Dong style network; at that time I felt that something really have a sense of achievement.

through the Dong nationality amorous feelings network, has the predestined relationship to know many friends, through the Dong nationality amorous feelings net lets more friends have known Dong nationality.

2000 winter, two of Iceland’s "foreigner" through my website to contact me, and I go back to hometown in our hometown 7 years once the bull Tibet Festival, with their excellent foreign language is not the style of Dong propaganda, a sense of achievement. Although he did not continue to do much of the site with new and maintenance, but he has been growing up this.

in 2002, I began to work with their own computer, plus in the state-owned enterprises, have their conditions to do something well, so my first version of a regular point station launched, the first is to buy virtual host, with the establishment of BBSXP forum, the host, the quality is not very good, is not stable, with 3 years of registered members to more than 1000 people, it is a shame —

opens in 2006

Talking about the operation and profit way of game websites

With the rapid development of the Internet,

has gradually formed a huge gold mine. Many people begin to join the Internet. And the game industry as a breakthrough in profits has been favored by many people. Because the vast majority of people in the Internet is to achieve the purpose of profit, the reasons is different; some may just for living to feed their families, some may be in order to better the quality of life of their own, some may be in order to make their own reputation. The game is undoubtedly a big profit point, we can in today’s Internet, as long as it is a large Internet Co, seems to have a game component; Tencent games, 360 games, the NetEase more! According to well-known consulting firm Ai Rui report, in 2012 the domestic game industry exceeded 60 billion, and is expected to 2015 will exceed 100 billion.


game in the industry is a money losing industry, the traditional development of a game the cost is huge, not a small team can do, like a big big company like many products are foreign agents in some production company. Before, small teams do the game industry, or to help big companies do outsourcing services, or is to do private servers and other illegal activities. But now it is different, with the incoming wave of mobile Internet, has brought new opportunities to many grassroots entrepreneurs, many popular games is the creation of a small team, and we can achieve a win-win situation through an open platform with many companies. And for such small groups, profitability seems to be their priority because they have to have the money to keep the team running. In the mobile game industry, we all know that a common profit model is: the development of a game, released to the Internet for users to download, install, play, but after playing a few times after the beginning of the user charges. And this is just a kind of common profit model, with the development of the Internet, we can think of some new things?. I think we can consider the following ways, of course, only the author’s personal views.

first, concentration and innovation. In this society, no matter what things update too fast, and for the game, in addition to some classic game can long-term release energy, ordinary game will soon become the past. So while thinking about how to make money, we must consider preparing new things so that our earnings will last. Of course, the focus and innovation here is not necessarily our own development of game products, because the game site is not necessarily their own to create the game, and many are with a lot of game producers for integration and cooperation.

second, focus on the masses. Now the Internet has a very popular word is "get cock silk, the world."". Game player in the general public still accounted for most of the game player of all, after all of the rich and powerful "nouveau riche" or very few; perhaps those wealthy people are willing to spend money, as long as you happy on the line, but after all those people less, so the total amount is less, and the general team is difficult to attract such people over consumption. And ordinary players though >